Media school

Dear friends,

As you know one of the biggest problems today is that Indian journalists are not always proud of their own culture and roots and as result tend to have a very negative outlook on India, which in turn influences western correspondents posted in India. It is therefore very important that we train a new generation of Indian journalists. It is for this purpose that we have started a new school of journalism in Bangalore called the Sri Sri Center for Media studies. There, we teach the best of journalistic knowledge, both print and electronic, along with classes (which I take myself) on Indian history, the ideal of true journalism and a little bit coaching in pranayama and meditation these two ancient Indian sciences which impart a good and intuitive mind.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition both within India as well as Bangalore, and schools such as the Asian school of journalism, sponsored by the newspaper the Hindu and the BBC, which form journalists in the old secular/Marxist mould, have much more students and funds than we do. Now what we need is students – both from India as well as from the US – and this is where you can help. We see today that US correspondents based in India are often very hostile to our ideals. If you could send some of your children, whether they are first, second or third generation Americans, to our school, we would coach them and when they go back to the States they can enter mainstream newspapers and after acquired some experience, they could ask to be posted to India, having a natural advantage over White Americans, by being of an Indian origin and hopefully speaking Indian languages. In a few years time, the entire India coverage in the States could see a very important shift. At the moment we only offer a one year post graduation course, but eventually we will have a three years complete graduate course. Next session is end of September and we need 50 students. I must emphasize that a journalistic career is very rewarding not only in view that you get to travel a lot, meet interesting people, but also that it is one of the highest seva you can do for India, as journalists today are the most important people in the world – even the politicians are afraid of them ! It is time that all of you start thinking about other careers for your children than doctors or software engineers for being exported to the US and being lost to India forever!

For further information please go to

We are also looking for donors to sponsor deserving students in India, whose parents do not have the means to pay the 100.000 rupees fees. Each sponsor will be put in touch with the students they sponsor and can monitor their progresses. cheques should be made in the name of FACT and sent to Francois Gautier, Auromodel, Auroville, 605101, Tamil Nadu (by Pondichery). Tel (91) 413 2622255. We have income tax exemption and you will all get a certificate. For those wishing to contribute in foreign exchange, please contact me.

Thanks to all and let’s keep up the good work

François Gautier
Convener FACT

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