When CPI leader Brinda Karad attacks Swami Ramdev, she is not attacking Ramdev in particular, she is attacking Hinduism in general. This guru or that guru, makes no difference to her, she is against all gurus. Other gurus might think that they are safe, that Ramdev committed some sin, for which he is paying. But one of them will be next in the line of fire! Hindu gurus are all vulnerable in today’s India: the Shankacharya has already been hit, so has Satya Sai Baba, with accusations of paedophilia, Amrita Anandamayi has to live under the constant shadow of an hostile Kerala communist-dominated government, Dhirendra Brahmachari has been obliterated and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is periodically targeted as the ‘Guru of the rich’, the ‘glib Godman’ etc…

May I be forgiven my arrogance, but what Indian gurus have to understand is that for Indian communists, Hinduism is the N°1 enemy. Mao called religion ‘the opium of the people’. But for Indian communists, as for Britishers and Muslim invaders before them, what stands between their ambition for absolute power in India (and eventually a triumphant return of communism in the world – as Indian communists believe) is the hold that Hinduism has in the hearts of the rural people of India, who constitute 80% of this country. And still today, the humble farmer, from Uttar Pradesh to Tamil Nadu, has a natural understanding of the universality of God, who takes many names throughout the ages and can be Buddha, Jesus Christ, Ram or Mohamed and this humble farmer possesses the knowledge that there is something deeper than the skin and the mind, and a life beyond death. This knowledge is inbred, it is not in his head, not even in his heart, but in his or her genes transmitted from generation to generation.

Of course, the English speaking media is too happy to oblige Brinda Karat and come down hard on gurus with all kind of accusations, ranging from superstition to conman ship. There is of course a strong communist streak in most Indian newspapers, whether it is Frontline’s and the Hindu’s open allegiance to Communist China, or Brinda Karat being the sister of Prannoy Roy’s wife (not many people know that). Before Ramdev, they condemned the Shankacharya, before him Osho, before him Dhirendra Brahmachari. You can even go back to Sri Aurobindo, who was accused in the early 1900’s by the moderate Congress-controlled press to be a ‘fanatic’, when he was only demanding total independence from the British, long before Gandhi took it up. Accusation against Hinduism of superstition, brainwashing, ritualistic ignorance, date back from British missionaries and have been taken up today by communists. Yet, Hinduism, at least the Hinduism which goes beyond the rituals and becomes universal spirituality, has nothing to do with superstition and conman ship: it is all about science, knowledge and light. Look at pranayama, a science that has known for thousands of years how to harness breath and use it for controlling the mind, for a better, more healthy, more spititualized life. If you read Osho’s books today, you find a lot of solid common sense and wisdom. Sai Baba cannot have millions of disciples from the most humble to the presidents of India, without ‘something’ which is beyond superstition. So it goes for Amrita Anandmai, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Ramdev, or Guruma of Ganeshpuri.

And why should Brinda Karat target Ayurveda, the most ancient medical system in the world still in practice, the first medecine to realize 3000 years ago that plants and minerals offer the best cure, that many illnesses have a psychosomatic origin, the first to practice plastic surgery on patients? In India today, every third shop is an allopathic medical shop, whose profits go to western multinationals (hello Mrs Karad!) at a time when ayurvedic medicine is becoming increasingly popular in western countries, disillusioned by antibiotics and other heavy-handed medicines.

We are witnessing an interesting phenomenon in India today. Communists, Christians, Muslims and some of the Congress leadership (notice that Brinda Karat has written to Uttaranchal Chief Minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari to close down Swami Ramdev’s pharmacy), all of whom have nothing in common and often hate each other, are all united against Hinduism and Hindu leaders. Each one of course, have their own reasons for doing so. The Christians, under the leadership of people like John Dayal, want to convert the maximum of ‘heathens’ Hindus, as Jesus Christ is the only ‘true’ God that can save India; some of the Muslim leadership, here, in Pakistan, or even in today’s Bangladesh, still dream of ‘Dar-ul-Islam’, the House of Islam in South Asia; and Sonia Gandhi, maybe in a true spirit of secularism, maybe out of personal conviction, has chosen to ally her party with anti-Hindu forces. Whatever it is, their unity makes them a powerful enemy.

In contrast, look at Hindus: Swami Ramdev himself criticized Sri Sri Ravi Shankar live on TV, advising his followers not to practise the Art of Living breathing techniques. During the Tsunami relief operations in Nagapatinam, disciples of Amrita Anand Mayi and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar nearly came to blows over who would give relief to whom, instead of networking and uniting their efforts. And who came to the rescue Osho when he was maligned to death, or Brahmachari, when the entire press came down on him, of Sai Baba, when he was slandered, of the Shankacharya when he was thrown into jail, or of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, when Javed Akhtar accused him of coming ‘from a cave to live in a palace’ (and not from a palace to a cave, like the Buddha) ? None of the previously mentioned. Yet, Indian politicians can commit any crime, have any number of court cases against them, and they still end up as Union ministers and get positive press coverage .

The greatest curse of Hinduism throughout the ages has been its disunity – and more than that – its betraying each other. The British did not conquer India, it was given to them by its warring Hindu princes, jealous of each other. The same is true of Islam: the last great Hindu empire, that of Vijaynagar, was betrayed to the Muslims by the Lingayats. Today, if the combined forces of communists, Muslims, Christian fundamentalists and the Congress win, it will not be because of their strength and valour, but rather because of the disunity of Hindu leaders.

I know that there is something mysterious and unfathomable in the manifestation of the Divine upon earth, that each guru has a defined task to fulfil and that the combined task of all the gurus may solve the great puzzle that is this ignorant and suffering earth. Thus it may not be necessary for each guru to communicate with each other. But nevertheless, it is of the greatest urgency today that Hindu leaders unite to save Hinduism, rather than the ‘each one for his own’ that we see today. The Catholics have their Pope – and his word is binding to most catholics, whatever the resistance of some progressive leaders. Muslims have Mohamed’s words written 1400 years ago – and that binds all of Islam together, whatever the relevance of these words in the 21st century; India Communists have Marx and Lenin words, their opium, even if it has become irrelevant in Russia, Germany, and even in China; but the poor Hindus have nobody to refer to, so as to defend themselves.

Yet, if you take the combined people power of Satya Sai Baba, Amrita Ananda Mayi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Ramdev, Gurumayi of Ganeshpuri, the Shankacharya of Kancheepuram, and so many others I cannot mention here, it runs in hundreds of millions.

Again, in all humility and conscious of the limitation of my small mind, compared to some of these great gurus whom I have met, I propose that a Supreme Spiritual Council, composed of at least seven of the most popular Hindu leaders of India, be constituted, maybe under the leadership of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (with a yearly rotation of leadership), the most travelled of all these, the one who has disciples and teachers of all religions, both from India and the West. It would be a non-political body, and each group would keep its independence but nevertheless, it could meet two or three times a year and issue edicts, which would be binding to 850 millions Hindus in India and one billion over the world.

Then and then only, can this wonderful spirituality which is Hinduism, this eternal knowledge behind the outer forms, the wisdom to understand this mad earth and its sufferings, be preserved for the future of India, and for the future of humanity. I bow down to each of these gurus above-mentioned and to all those not mentioned, to Swami Vivekananda, the initiator of modern Hinduism, to Sri Aurobindo, the great avatar of the supramental and to all the great gurus who have graced over the ages, this wonderful and sacred land which is India and beseech them to hear my prayer: Hindus leaders, unite against the common enemy if you want the eternal Dharma to survive.

François Gautier



  1. neevedan kumar

    Dear Mr Gautier, Your understanding of Bharat its history and its needs for the 21st century are second to none. I have read many of your writings on the subject and whole hartdly agree with your conclusions. She Bharat will survive and so will all its eternal dharmas, thanks to forward looking people like your good self. A unification of the religion is iminent and I will try when I have the resources to accelerate the unification of Hindustan and its teachings for all mankind. God bless you through all of time.

  2. Dear Francois, I want to mention is that Guru’s are exploiters in India. They have rape, murder, sex exploitation, slavery, mind manipulation common in India. I have been there faced it was part of it. Educated people are now not believing in these self called GODs. Thanks to this father son duo now their crimes and history of crimes have show the real face of gurudom. Plus sadhvi pragya who is involved in blast in malegaon has shown what really happens in ashrams.

    OK, ALL IS OK,

  4. Dear Dr Kishore,
    I appreciate your interest in Yoga and Ram dev Baba. You are right in saying that for Yoga to practice for Beginners one needs Guidance. I shall communicate your feelings to the GURU.

    Veeru chowdary
    for Francois gautier

  5. Dear Francois,
    Sathya Sai Baba has so many cases against him by foreigners. Are you insisting that the UPA govt framed him. I personally know so many who have been duped by him. I dont know about other gurus,but can vouch for this one.

  6. Hallo Francois…Only a great man from Europe can feel for Hinduism….
    Actually look at it this way..unity sometimes spells weakness rather than strength….
    Organised religion with unitary churches appear so foolish and pedestrian…Just like many of one in Europe I would not touch any offical religion with a bargepole…
    Hinduism is great because it does not have a centralised office…that way it is saved from human folly of which as you know there are mountains of..
    What Hinduism needs is people like you who can champion its cause to the western world – the time spirit as of now favours the western scale…
    ….and great organised action reflecting the true spirit of the religion…that is spiritual action…
    As Sri Aurobindo said one person truly following the yoga means more that a million who are just mouthing empty words and dogmas…
    India and Hinduism have a great future not just as a nation-state and a monolithic religion but as a hope for the world…But we must also be careful that we don’t miuse nationalism or organised religion…
    The warmest regards to you sir..Vamanan

  7. Dear Francois:

    You write very well and I respect the great knowledge that you have of this country and its religion. One of the reasons Hinduism has survived many onslaughts could be that it is not a religion that has been institutionalised. There is role for a Ram Dev or a Ravi Shankar in the whole scheme of things but it should be just that and there should be no one issuing new edicts for the masses of Hindus since the Vedas are already there and those who follow what is written there can reach the ultimate that spirituality has to offer. You will notice that all the Gurus worth any mention openly delcare this fact that they are just instruments in spreading the knowledge that already reside in the Vedas. Whether it is Vivekananda or Ram Dev on Yoga, they are just saying what is contained in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

  8. Uttaranchal Chief Minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari was caught recently and is said to have fathered kid with Karat

  9. Dr.Jaideep Arya

    Our Indian conception is “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” means happiness & health for all. You have rightly detailed about the thoughts of communists about India and their gurus. I do agree as regard to your conception about Ayurveda. Pujya Swami Ramdevji stressed upon the eternal knowledge and power behind the outer forms. Yogrishi Swami Ramdev has shown the path of world peace by the way of spirituality. One my friend from slavCult.com wrongly depicted Indian guru has exploited us. I request Dr.Nava Kishore to come again to Patanjali Yogpeeth, you will be rightly guided the way of yoga.

  10. Professor Dr satchidananda

    Dear Sirs,

    Going thru these entries was heart-wrenching! The prejudices, the vituperations , the glibness and the all-knowing attitude!

    I am believer and practising Hindu and NOT a follower of any of the Gurus discussed in the blog.

    May I just share with you all that the best thing I have experienced enabled by the Hindu context of my upbringing and life is to be rooted in the inner search thru this journey of life and to avoid paining / negating any body and helping out all to the exytent it lies within my powers and situation FOR my own benefit! If this Hindu thought is of relevance to any one, you are welcome to start your selfdiscovery by “DIVING” into Hindu path!

    Elizabeth Gilbert and many many others seem to have done just that!

    With love


  11. Hello all ,

    I am an Athiest & a big follower of Advainta Philosophy . I believe in what Adi Shankaracharya said , everything is brahman. (though there is no clear definition of what brahman is , some say its an atom equivalent , minuest particle of which the whole universe is made of ).

    So I dont believe in the Religion & God concepts. But do feel it is a good thing for uniting the people & spreading love.
    However, these days, they are only used to achieve the opposite of that ,which is saddening.

    Spread of Love , virtues, good aspects, Yoga & meditation Techniques is what all our Santana Dharma (again , i’m not promoting a particular religion here ) is all about.
    I have been personally practicing yoga & meditations & do see a that i have very calm, contended & peaceful life.
    Should everyone start practicing this, the world would be very peaceful & healthy.

    But yes, Some of the Swamji’s are doing a very great job in reigniting this love & passion for caring for all , which should be welcomed by one & all.
    I have been lived abroad in both US & Europe & have observed their cultures , which also teaches us lot of good things.

    However, these days, Yoga is more widespread in abroad than in India. In India , Yoga has become more of a Money making business & a good yoga is unreachable to the common man.
    However, few people like Baba Ramdev are trying to spread the good work & knowledge around free of cost. I have visited his ashram in haridwar & plenty other places too. & i must confess his products are the best & cheapest in the market. eg. a baba ramdev ashram’s toothpaste costs just 6 inr & when u use it , u will never want to go for any synthetic toothpaste again. All his products are naturally made, hygienic, very effective, with no side effects & the cheapest in the markets . He is bringing back nature to all those urban citizens again. I have been using most of products alongwith many of friends for many years now & we all are having a healthy life with no side effects. If you compare this with the synthetic toothpastes available in the market, it costs 50inr+ & does clean your teeth visibly , but does leaves behind lot of fluoride residues & which in the long run harms your teeth.
    However it is very sad & unfortunate that , few people are targeting him unnecessarily & trying to malign his image . I am very sure these few people are none but face of the FMCG companies who want to stop all these natural products for fear of loss of business.
    This is exactly what has happened in the west , where everything including food has become synthetic & people are leaving a very unhealthy life. Europe has started recognizing these problems & started turning environment friendly. However, in US, the FMCG are gaint bulls & are still running their synthetic business. These same companies having their Tie-ups in India are also trying to india to the their routes…so that their revenues increases further.
    Again , I am not against globalization , but it has to benefit the people & not only meant for increasing the profits. A lot of companies with good virtues are still doing good with globalization , then why all do it.

    I only wish , that these good things & good people continue , happiness , good health & love spread in this world.

    HariOM TatSat.

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  16. sssatchidananda

    Yes baba rev is a genuine and respected saint and attack on him tantamount a to attack on Hindu by the pseudo secularists and anti Hindus who happen to have been born Hindus

    Thanks and regards Dr.Satchidananda S Sogala FOUNDER & CEO Srichid Technologies Private Limited II Cross, II Main, RBI Layout, Bangalore 560 078

    Sent from my iPhone


  17. Thanks for this post.I agree each and every word in this post except ur ” soft corner” for Sonia Gandhi.. She has ruined Hinduism big-time ..t hanks to her Vatican connections.

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