Taliban, Hindu Kush and Hindu Genocide

Taliban, Hindu Kush and Hindu Genocide
Author: Mr Francois Gautier
Date: April 16, 2001

The West seems to have suddenly woken-up to Muslim fundamentalism in South Asia when the Taliban broke down the Bamyan statues, in spite of frantic appeals from all over the world. But there is a bit of hypocrisy in the outrage triggered by this destruction.

Firstly, Islam is very clear about statues: didn’t the Prophet Mohamed break down himself the first stone Gods ? Thereafter, it became a holy duty for all good Muslims. Firuz Shah Tughlak (1351-1388) who has an avenue named after him in New Delhi, wrote: “on the day of a Hindu festival, I went there myself, ordered the executions of all the leaders and practitioners of this abomination; I destroyed their idols and temples to build mosques in their places”.

As Belgium historian Konraad Elst points out, “Muslim fanatics are merely faithful executors of Quranic injunctions. It is not the Muslims who are guilty, but Islam”. Thus, the Taliban, who want to restore the early purity of Islam, really thought they were performing a righteous act by destroying the “heathen” Buddhist statues.

Secondly, does the West ever protest when Hindu temples are destroyed periodically in Bangladesh and Pakistan? The HRCBM, a Santa Clara-based organisation that investigates and exposes human rights violations in Bangladesh, has recorded a few of the outrages against Hindus in Bangladesh during the year 2000: On March 29, 2000, Malarani Roy of Karagola village was abducted by Muslims. She was brutally beaten up and gang-raped. The local police found her, but refused to register a case.

On June 26, a group of Muslims directed Smriti Rani Saha of Sirajganj town to migrate to India. When she refused, she was abducted, gang-raped and brutally murdered. On May 28, Debasish Saha of Poradaha was fatally shot by a Muslim gang. On June 4, Mayaram Tripura of Balipara was shot dead by local Muslims. On October 6, 2000, Muslim devotees, after offering namaaz at the Gajipur Jama Masjid, strolled across to the Hindu Kali temple, destroyed the puja pandal, smashed the idols, and looted nearby Hindu-owned shops.

Take a look at the figures of the Hindu population of India’s Muslims neighbours: in 1941, there were approximately 25% Hindus in Pakistan and 30% in Bangladesh; in 1948, only 17% in Pakistan and 25% in Bangladesh; in 1991, a bare 1.5% remained in Pakistan and less than 10% in Bangladesh.

==============added by LSK begin==================
| year  ||  % of hindus in Pakistan  ||      % of hindus in Bangladesh    ||
|_____||____________________ ||___________________________||
| 1941 ||             25                     ||                 30                             ||
| 1948 ||            17                      ||                 25                             ||
| 1991 ||            1.5                     ||                 <10                           ||     |________________________________________________________ ||

=============added by LSK end  ===================

Thirdly, the West has not yet realized that for the Muslims of South Asia , Hindus are the Kafirs by excellence: the Buddhists adore only Buddha, the Christians only Jesus, but Hindus worship a million Gods and Goddesses; and that makes them – even today – the number one enemy of Islam. This is why Kashmir is so important: it is not about territory, it is about a Holy war against Hindu India that has been going on for fifteen centuries and it is only the first step of the encirclement of India by hostile Muslim neighbours: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, with soft nations, like Nepal, often lending them a helping hand.

Nothing symbolizes more the absoluteness of Muslim belligerence towards Hindus than the Hindu Kush. Historically, the passes across the Hindu Kush have been of great military significance, providing access to the northern plains of India to foreign invaders, starting from Alexander the Great in 327 BC, to Timur Lane in 1398 AD, and from Mahmud of Ghazni, in 1001 AD, to Nader Shah in 1739 AD. As noted by Srinandan Vyas in the Hindu.net website: ” In Persian, the word ‘Kush’ is derived from the verb Kushtar – to slaughter or carnage, because all Hindus living there were slaughtered.

Encyclopaedia Americana says of Hindu Kush: The name means literally ‘Kills the Hindu’, a reminder of the days when Hindu slaves from Indian subcontinent died in harsh Afghan mountains while being transported to Moslem courts of Central Asia. While Encyclopaedia Britannica mentions “that the name Hindu Kush first appears in 1333 AD in the writings of Ibn Battutah, the medireview Berber traveller, who said the name meant ‘Hindu Killer’, a meaning still given by Afghan mountain dwellers who are traditional enemies of Hindus”.

“Unlike the Jewish holocaust, writes again Vyas, the exact toll of the Hindu genocide suggested by the name Hindu Kush is not available. However the number is easily likely to be in millions”. A few known historical figures can be used to justify this estimate. Encyclopaedia Britannica recalls that in December 1398 AD, Timur Lane ordered the execution of at least 50,000 captives before the battle for Delhi; likewise, the number of captives butchered by Timur Lane’s army was about 100,000 .

Encyclopaedia Britannica again mentions that Mughal emperor Akbar ‘ordered the massacre of about 30,000 captured Rajput Hindus on February 24, 1568 AD, after the battle for Chitod, a number confirmed by Abul Fazl, Akbar’s court historian. Afghan historian Khondamir records that during one of the many repeated invasions on the city of Herat in western Afghanistan, which used to be part of the Hindu Shahiya kingdoms “1,500,000 residents perished”.

Why does not the Government of India tell Indian children about the Hindu Kush genocide? The horrors of the Jewish holocaust are taught not only in schools in Israel and USA, but also in Germany. Because both Germany and Israel consider the Jewish holocaust a ‘dark chapter’ in the history. Yet, in 1982, the National Council of Educational Research and Training issued a directive for the rewriting of school texts.

Among other things it stipulated that: ‘Characterization of the medireview period as a time of conflict between Hindus and Moslems is forbidden’. Thus denial of history, or Negationism, has become India’s official ‘educational’ policy.

It is high time that the West realizes that India is fighting a lonely battle against Muslim fundamentalism in Asia. The French for one, who have a definite problem with Muslim terrorism, should support India more openly.

NOTE: The Indian Express refused to carry this column by Gautier, clearly indicating a policy of censorship being applied by the publication.

7 responses to “Taliban, Hindu Kush and Hindu Genocide

  1. Needless to say, things were quieter and slower when we were young. Information [news, in those days] travelled slowly, if at all. ‘Shocking’ events and ‘startling’ developments were unknown. Life was more peaceful; but then, others have made that observation about those times, earlier. The annual Bihar floods used to be seen at the cinema theatre in the nearby town, many months after the event; and often, after drought had replaced the floods. Now, it is second by second beaming. Remember the Mullaperiyar coverage in Malayalam channels.
    Though those great times of blissful tranquillity are gone, we of those times are still around, in our late fifties or later. We have been tackling the changes around us in lifestyles and attitudes by laboriously transforming and painfully adapting ourselves. Some of us are still in paid employment and have to perforce learn new things to survive.
    But the TV, Mobile phone and Net revolutions of the past decade or so are emotionally too much even for veterans-in-submission like us. We do not get to read newspapers [because we have to watch the TV News as if performing a pious vow], to receive letters through the post [it is all either Emails or SMS], to meet our relatives at their homes at any time [all are busy meeting job targets or watching TV serials] or to talk to our children and grandchildren except through the phones. We face all these bravely and in wordless anguish. But there are certain things yet that hurt us very badly indeed. Call them value-systems modifications or whatever. Humane-ness’ leaving humanity is sad at any age or time.
    Do good to all everywhere – used to be taught to us as children. You see someone hurt or in trouble in your neighbourhood, school, or on the way; you were supposed to stop, enquire and help. No longer so, it seems.
    You try to help any child or teenaged girl at home or on the streets now; chances are that your name and face might later be flashed at the world as a suspected or accused in a sex scandal. You listen as a good neighbour or colleague to some wife in marital trouble; you are accorded the same treatment by the current society as a home-wrecker. You cannot even a crack an impotent’s middle-aged joke in your office, if there is some woman in the vicinity. The Harassment Committee might get a new Case. Count yourself doomed for disgrace if you feel like helping to train some raw female recruit of your daughter’s age, in the office.
    And daughters in law! In our days, it was okay for the husband to once in a while, lift his hand against the shrewish wife. Women were like children, to be protected; and disciplined for being mischievous or obstreperous. You used to make up for it subsequently in ways passionate. Today however, if your son is infuriated into so much as shouting at his wife, he goes to jail; and you accompany him into the cells as the cruel in laws and conspirators or abettors.
    Out on the streets, women police constables dress up [as loose women?] and wait at the bus stops. Smile at them in an elderly way – if you see someone without a smile, you give him/her one of yours – and the police whistle blares out. Your family and neighbours then get to watch from their drawing rooms, your being produced in Court the next day for indecent behaviour in public.
    An old friend from the village rings you up and asks you to put up his grandchild [on some short Course in town], with you for a few weeks. You are only honoured to be asked and agree immediately. Son comes home in the evening and you tell him about it. Both son and daughter in law emit unspoken resentment. Son asks you to first check if the boy takes drugs or is involved in some militancy. Daughter in law hints at possibilities of the boy’s being in some rape case and being wanted by the police. You meekly ask them whether nobody can be good anymore, and whether everyone in the world has to be so necessarily evil. Is black the only hue in the universe now?
    These might be an old man’s irritating whining about modern things. Yet, one cannot but help feeling that this generation of our boys and girls have turned into inhuman machines after imbibing the fighting spirit of their computer games. If anyone or anything is not quick enough to deliver for them, they go into paroxysms of rage. Cynicism is the normal outlook; trust and compassion is suspect and deviant. Only their computers, mobile phones and TV screens are to be trusted. Siblings and parents are aliens. It is almost as if they do not have humans at all in their closed world.
    It is not a free-er world that they create with their individuality, though. It is a world of exploitation. Look at the new-gen businesses. Employment is exploitation and management is bullying there.
    It might be that the sins of the fathers are being visited upon the sons! Fortunately, we do not have much longer to live.

  2. capt ajit vadakayil


    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. T.K.Sunil - Chennai, INDIA

    The genocide and holocaust of Hindus in Afghanistan Pakistan and Bangladesh must be researched and documented by Hindu historians of India. But, I am confident that the Saudi Arabia, Middle East and Vatican backed Congress govt in New Delhi led by a stooge PM and Italian waitress turned empress will never permit to do it.

  4. thank you francois Gautier.this is the reason why i always love french and hate british

  5. vijay jadhav

    Thank you Francois,for giving out true information of genocides of hindus.Today in india it has become a fashion to speak against hindus be secular and being a panelist on TV channels.

  6. Justice will come all the wrongs the elites have done to all regardless of race, language or religion – Santana Dharma is actually screwed by Paid Idiots to maligned create confusion to us Hindus, Thank sir for giving us a good perspective

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