Where’s India’s holocaust museum? – Francois Gautier

Where’s India’s holocaust museum? – Francois Gautier

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December 26, 2006

It has not been done with a spirit of revenge look at Israel and Germany today they are on the best of terms; yet, facts are facts and contemporary Germany had to come to terms with its terrible actions during World War II.

Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists have also suffered a terrible holocaust, probably without parallel in human history. Take the Hindu Kush for instance, probably one of the biggest genocides of Hindus. There is practically no serious research ever done about it and no mention in history books. Yet the name Hindu Kush appears many times in the writings of Muslim chroniclers in 1333 AD

Ibn Battutah, the medieval Berber traveller, said the name meant ‘Hindu Killer,’ a meaning still given by Afghan mountain dwellers. Unlike the Jewish holocaust, the exact toll of the Hindu genocide suggested by the name Hindu Kush is not available. ‘However,’ writes Hindu Kush specialist Srinandan Vyas, ‘the number is easily likely to be in millions.’

A few known historical figures can be used to justify this estimate. The Encyclopaedia Britannica recalls that in December 1398 AD, Taimurlane ordered the execution of at least 50,000 captives before the battle for Delhi; likewise, the number of captives butchered by Taimurlane’s army was about 100,000.

The Britannica again mentions that Mughal emperor Akbar ordered the massacre of about 30,000 captured Rajput Hindus on February 24, 1568 AD, after the battle for Chitod, a number confirmed by Abul Fazl, Akbar’s court historian. Afghan historian Khondamir notes that during one of the many repeated invasions on the city of Herat in western Afghanistan, which used to be part of the Hindu Shahiya kingdoms ‘1,500,000 residents perished.’ ‘Thus,’ writes Vyas, ‘it is evident that the mountain range was named as Hindu Kush as a reminder to the future Hindu generations of the slaughter and slavery of Hindus during the Moslem conquests.’

Or take the recent plight of the Kashmiri Pandits. Over 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits have been forced to flee their homeland. Many Pandit men, women and children have been brutally murdered. About 70,000 still languish in makeshift refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi. Scores of temples in Kashmir have been desecrated, destroyed, looted, more than 900 educational institutions have been attacked by terrorists. Properties of Pandits have been vandalised, businesses destroyed or taken over, even hospitals have not been spared.

Did you know that this huge human tragedy is taking place in Free India? Burning books, looting culture is a very important part of the plan as we have seen during early Muslim invasions, where Buddhist centres of learning were ruthlessly burnt and razed to the ground.

Kashmir was also the crucible of knowledge, spirituality, a hallowed centre of learning and the cradle of Shivaism. It was known as Sharda Peeth, the abode of learning. Kashmiri Pandits excelled in philosophy, aesthetics, poetics, sculpture, architecture, mathematics, astronomy and astrology. Sanskrit was studied, propagated and spoken by women and men. Scholars like Kalhan, Jonraj, Srivar, Abhinavgupta, Somanand, Utpaldev, Somdev and Kshemendra created an intellectual centre of unrivalled repute.

Fundamentalism and terrorism have been ruthless in their assault on Sharda Peeth, zealous in ravaging its heritage, and consistent only in bloodthirsty intolerance. The destruction of Hindu places of worship, forced conversions of Pandits and death and ignominy to those who resisted, were accompanied by a savage assault on literary activity. This process has been going on since centuries.

As a correspondent covering India for more than 20 years, I have witnessed the terrible damage terrorism in Kashmir has inflicted upon people’s lives, their families, their culture, the very fabric of society, not only of the Kashmiri Pandits, but also Muslims in the valley, who after all, are victims too of Pakistan’s bloody designs. Hence, with two journalist friends, we started a Foundation: FACT Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism.

The first task of FACT has been to mount an exhibition on terrorism, focussing on the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits, so that the people of India, who do not suffer directly from terrorism understand, what it does to others. This exhibition, which opened at the Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on July 18, was a great success. More than 25,000 people visited the exhibition till its closing day, on July 23. Among them were Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani, Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Justice A S Anand, Rajya Sabha MP Dr Karan Singh, Union Minister Murli Manohar Joshi… It was covered by most English and Hindi national newspapers and reported on the television channels.

Our aim is manifold: we would like to take the present exhibition all around India and all over the world, particularly the United States, where most symposiums on Kashmir, including some organized by the US State Department, are peopled mostly by Pakistanis, Muslims and US-based Indians who are anti-Hindu.

We would also like to start another exhibition on forced Christian conversions in the Northeast. Ultimately, we would like to build a Hindu/ Sikh/Buddhist Indian Holocaust Museum based in New Delhi, or in Bangalore. It will record not only the genocide of Hindus Sikhs and Buddhists at the hands of Muslim invaders, but also the terrible persecution of the Portuguese (hardly mentioned in Indian history books) and British nobody knows for instance that 20 million Indians died of famine between 1815 and 1920, because the English broke the agricultural backbone of India to get raw materials like cotton, jute etc. We need your support for this Indian Holocaust Museum.


3 responses to “Where’s India’s holocaust museum? – Francois Gautier

  1. Siddharth Barua

    Hi I am Siddharth. I am an Indian architect working in Studio Daniel Libeskind, the designer of the Jewish Holocaust Museum. Out of personal curiosity, I would like to know what the latest status of the Holocaust Museum for India is. I would like to contribute professionally if found worthy of it.
    I would also like to talk about the above to Mr. Francois Gautier. So if possible can I have his email please?

  2. Vedasri Siddamsetty

    Mr Francois Gautier, I am a student of architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi currently pursuing my thesis. A colleague of mine is working on an Indian Holocaust Museum at the Wagah Border. There is a hypothetical proposal being genenrated in the studio in this regard.

  3. Hindu Holocaust Museum vs Indian Holocaust Museum

    I pity all those Hindus who need a Communal French Madman Francois Goutier to learn Hinduism and history of Bharat, the first Democracy in the history of mankind with equality, liberty, freedom of free speech for every one from major and minor religions as well as to those who do not believe in any religion.

    Then I pity those Hindus who need foreigners (Jews) to solve their domestic disputes with fellow Muslim citizens. Gautier and his supporters mainly living outside India in Europe, USA and Canada have no intentions of going back to India and moreover has failed big time to give Hindu values to their own next generation. Their insane dreams of their Bharat without Muslims and Christians are nothing but a recipe for communal violence to destabilize India .

    Proposed Hindu Holocaust Museum accusing Muslims only is the most insane idea by Francois Gautier who has been earning his bread and butter for last 30 years by flaming hatred for Indian Muslims. He is another Sir Henry Elliott a Jew, Lord Curzon, George Francois Hamilton, Lord Dufferin, M. A McAuliffe, Ernest Trumpp those who wrote Indian history from 1876-1925 to pursue the policy of division of religious feelings between Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Sikhs for the advantage of British Empire to maintain their power in India.

    British Christian and Jew rulers rewrote the history of India by taking advantage that Indians were too lazy to write their own history. Present day Hindu leaders for their blind hate for Indian Muslims are forgetting that East India Company who laid the foundations of British Rule also has Jew stock holders and merchants with a history of trading in slaves as early as 1668. Indian Jews openly supported the East India Company & British. Jews were also in British Army and occupying important post in government who brutally crushed the first Indian Independence War of 1857. Then it was a Jew Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who advised in 1877 Queen Victoria to take the title of Empress of India. Disraeli was twice Prime Minister of UK between 1868 to 1880.

    It is an irony no one including the Indians themselves has ever talked about the 40-50 million Indians starved to death from 1876-1943 during 25 major famines by the British colonizers of India . Under the Jew Prime Minister Disraeli in 1876-1879 famine 20 million Indians died of starvation and neglect by their Jew & Christian rulers. In the last famine of 1943 alone more than 4 million Indian Bengali victims including new born children perished alive under the British occupants. British Christian and Jew Rulers inhuman attitude towards human disaster & sufferings of Indians became more visible in 1943 when in a response to an urgent request by the secretary of State for India, Leo Amery and Wavell to release food stocks for India, Prime Minister Winston Churchill responded with a telegram to Wavell asking, “If food was so scare, “why Gandhi hadn’t died yet.” Another Christian Democrat Franklin D Roosevelt President of the world’s Food Basket America refused to release food stocks for dying Indians.

    1857 the First War of Indian Independence was the world’s first known holocaust, resulting in the loss of an estimated 10 million Indians under East India Company’s Christian and Jew owners. The Revolt was not confined to just North India . There were widespread risings in Gujarat, the modern-day Pakistan & Bangladesh , North Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bengal , Assam . From Gilgit to Madurai , from Manipur to Maharashtra , not one area was unaffected. It was amazingly well coordinated Indian Independence War popularly known as Indian Mutiny spreading to the length and breadth of India. 100,000 Indian soldiers were slaughtered in savage reprisals, but no one bothered to tally the number of rebels and civilians killed by East India Company forces desperate to impose order.

    If any Holocaust Museum is to be built in India it must reflect Indian Identity and history. It should be dedicated to almost 10 million Indians; Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists who were slaughtered by the Britishers to quell the First Freedom War of India, which was the First Holocaust in the world. Then it must be dedicated to over 40 million Indians who were starved to death by Britishers during various famines in India and all those millions who gave up their lives for the Freedom of India from British Christian and Jew rulers after 1857 to 1947.

    I have been trying to find out what solution the communal Brigade of Francois Gautier has for India with 800 million poor including 85 mil Child labor Army the biggest in the world. It looks like Communal Brigade of Gautier is proud of it that 700 mil out of this 800 mil poor are Hindus and then they are doubly proud to say that 665 million Indians defecate in the open. Above all they are ignoring the present population mix in India ; over 76% Hindus, about 20% Muslims and in rest 5% Christians, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains and others. I don’t think to create a Hindu nation they are stupid enough to say kill all non-Hindus. Hitler tried that with Jews. Look what happened to him and to Germany after the Second World War. Surely they are not wishing that on their India or Bharat. Are they planning to convert India into another Israel to live in a culture of Guns and Bombs with state sponsored terrorism against the non Hindu population in barricaded territories under the control of Communal Hindu Brigade led by Francois Goutier?

    Anyway, there is not much we can do to change the thinking of Communal Hindu Brigade led by French Madman Francois Gautier. But it has been revealing for all the sane people to see that there are Hindus in this world that can be as fanatic and dangerous as Islamic Jihadis and Jews who support state funded terrorism for keeping control on a foreign country Palestine. This communal Brigade is proposing to make a Hindu Holocaust Museum, a monument to hate their fellow Muslim citizens who happen to be around 20% of the Indian population. Then they are forgetting majority of these Muslims are the decedents of Hindus who converted to Islam some because of fear and those who were considered “Dalits and Untouchables” by the upper caste Hindus.

    I know this Communal Hindu Brigade is opposed to the idea of constructing a Holocaust Museum dedicated to more than 80 million Indians; Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist who got slaughtered by British Christians and Jews during the Independence War of India and starved to death during varius famines from 1857 to 1947. Francois Gautier’s Communal Brigade who are supporting a museum of Hindu Holocaust by Muslims; can they build a Holocaust Museum to portray the atrocities of upper cast Hindus against Dalits and Untouchables which continue to exist even today?

    Communal Hindu Brigade majority members living outside India in Secular Countries must stop promoting their early 19th century policies based on caste, religion and backwardness for India. They must listen to the sane and rational India with majority of its citizens with their hopes for better future; looking for progress, prosperity along with peace and harmony among all citizens as Indians.

    Dave Makkar
    Oct 12, 2009

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