Each nation, like the human soul, packs karma in each of its lives or cycles. Good karma or bad karma have one unique characteristics: they are like a tiny seed, bearing their fruits ages or cycles later, often giving the impression to the ignorant mind of total injustice done to innocent souls. Thus the individual who seems to suffer unfair circumstances in this life, may be paying for a bad karma done dozens of lives ago. In the same manner, a nation which appears to suffer inexplicable hardships: persecution, earthquakes, great natural catastrophes, dictatorships, may be amending for a karma accomplished centuries ago. The Tibetan people’s plight seems to be a good example of this phenomenon. Here is one of the most harmless, peaceful, adorable culture on earth, spiritualised on top of that, who suffered and is still suffering the worst ignominies at the hands of the Chinese communists, who have eradicated their culture, razed to the ground hundreds of ancient and marvelous temples, killed either directly or indirectly – concentration camps, torture, famine – more than one million of this adorable people! Why? The Dalai-Lama, himself, one of the last great spiritual figures of this era, admits that it was because of an ancient “black karma”, bad deeds. Was it feudalism? Was it not opening itself to the world for so long? Or misuse of Tantrism? Who knows and who can judge? But it’s a good bet to say that there is probably no total injustice in this world. Everything springs from a mathematical, ultra-logical system, where one gets the exact reward one deserves, which bears no moral connotation like in Christianity. That, is called Karma.

There is also another wonderful concept in India, that of Dharma, which is the path of righteousness and living one’s life according to the codes of conduct as described by all ancient scriptures. It means “that which holds” the people of this world and the whole creation. On the other side, a-dharma is what makes people stray from the path of compassion, love, togetherness and that which creates hate, corruption and selfishness. As in a human being, a nation can choose a dharmic path or an a-dharmic one. The dharmic path, whatever the pitfalls, ensures the survival of the soul of a nation – which has been India’s story so far; and the a-dharmic one, the fall of even the greatest of civilisations, whether Rome, Greece or Egypt. Today for Indians, dharma is choosing between forces that are attacking India’s spiritual legacy and forces which will help preserve it.

Then we have the notion of the Avatar and the Asura in ancient India. As the avatar or the Vibhuti is direct incarnation of the Divine forces, the asura works against Dharma and ushers an era of a-dharma. It should also be emphasized that there is no such thing as the utter evil and absolute good of Christianity or American films in human beings: often the asuric beings seem to embody some good, whether it is charity or even secularism.

At this very moment, Indians have been asked to decide their future by electing a new Government. Sometimes, it is said that people act out of ignorance. But this time it is not so: Indians have been warned repeatedly in the forms of monstrous terrorist attacks, one after the other, that something is terribly wrong. They have also seen how the whole system is deteriorating, that cynicism in politics is the rule of the day, that their own Media is terribly biased and can be bought, that ancient values are being lost quickly by the way of Christian conversions, wildcat westernization and the sprout of Islamic fundamentalism. So, ultimately Indians are being given the choice to vote decisively for their future. If they do opt for the repeat of the same government which has ushered all these forces, out of regional, caste or religious pettiness, selfishness, or plain indifference, it can be said safely that somewhere they will do it consciously. They will have then to bear the consequences of their choice. That is called Karma

Then Sir Aurobindo’s words will echo down the ages:
“There are moments when the Spirit moves among men and the breath of the Lord is abroad upon the waters of our being; there are others when it retires and men are left to act in the strength or the weakness of their own egoism. The first are the periods when even a little effort produces great results and changes destiny; the second are spaces of time when much labour goes to the making of a little result. It is true that the latter may prepare the former, may be the little smoke of sacrifice going up to heaven which calls down the rain of God’s bounty.

Unhappy is the man or the nation which, when the divine moment arrives, is found sleeping or unprepared to use it, because the lamp has not been kept trimmed for the welcome and the ears are sealed to the call. But thrice woe to them who are strong and ready, yet waste the force or misuse the moment; for them is irreparable loss or a great destruction.”



  1. Wonderful read. They have a saying that people deserve the govt they get. Congress’s victory epitomizes that. A sad but true fact.

    We also have a saying that, Raja Vyapari toh Praja Bhikari…in English it means where king is trader, masses become beggars.

  2. May be all those stupid ppl who voted for the return of the Eunuch government haven’t had their kin killed in terrorist attacks/converted to christianity …. God save all those stupid ppl …. this election is the clear indication of a great nations ppl voting on the basis of caste/religion rather than the important causes … Jai HO!!

  3. Its really sad day in history of india..that people of india have chosen to sleep over hard hitting reality..even after something as big as 26/11 still the same incapable gov coming to power shows that Indians still have lot of bad karma to pay for their actions or inactions in past..

  4. Dangerous times ahead.

  5. I am glad Congress won. They gave the Hindus the opportunity to either self-destruct or unite.
    Aum Namah Shivaya

  6. The ‘foreign rule’ continues…Oh my India I am sad for you.

  7. I was thinking today, we Hindus are a spine less breed. We will be happy serving others as we have been doing for past 700 years. In last 200 years weh have been systematically broken. And now we have lost all self repect, and choose govt based on pity intrests rather than larger national intrest. May God help Bharat

  8. at times in destruction there are seeds of resurgence.in 1984 bjp got only 2 seats then it expanded so again we should hope this happens & keep working like a karmyogi & victory of india .If people of india want dynasty then be it but they should be ready to pay for it.

  9. Sourav Sengupta

    M. Gautier,

    Now that your patrons in the Hindu fundamentalist party, the BJP, have been comprehensively routed from the face of Indian politics, it is high time you cut down on your hateful articles, since they seem to have no effect on the people of India. As Sonia Gandhi says, we know what is good for us, and people like you and your patrons (in the BJP) do not figure amongst that ‘good’. One is glad that Hindus and Muslims alike have had the wisdom to bring India back on the track of secularism, inclusivism and liberal-minded progress. Good riddance BJP! Good riddance Hindutva fanstics, and hopefully good riddance Francois Gautier!

  10. Great article. I don’t believe in the Karma getting back after many lives, but yes, what we do now impacts the future of ours and our generations, and what our ancestors did too is going to impact the future of our and our generations. We Indians, tragically, have this habit of siding with the ones who eventually backstab them, and we never learn. And mostly, moronically, we feel proud if that. I worry for my kid.

  11. @Sourav Sengupta

    Fracois is not patroned by BJP. Nor BJP has been rejected. Only certain states have rejected BJP while some other states have overwhelmingly supported BJP.

    I dont think the articles are hateful, I find them truthful and logical. As far as Sonia Gandhi is concerned the only time she speaks is when she is reading a speech written by someone else. I am yet to see any original thought from her. Nor she is any atuhority is saying who is good and who is bad in this country. Ideally its none of her business.

    India has faced many attacks on it identity. Most of the time with domestic help. This time that help wears blue turban.

    Let me remind you that inclusiveness, plurality is ideally practiced only by the Hindu race and not by Islamist or Missionaries. Hinduism gives them space and will always give but that doesn’t mean they abuse it.

  12. BJP’s situation is very similar to that of indians today.

    That party is accused of an ideology of hate, equating ‘Hindutva’ as an ideology of hate.

    Indians are also taught that their ancient culture was full of divisiveness in the form of caste and primitive as represented by sati, child marriage, female infanticide etc.
    They are also taught that their ancestors worshipped 33,000 Gods.

    Ground reality ?

    The resurgence of Hindu nationalist feeling towards end of 1980 and early 1990 was used by BJP to increase its base. It coined an inclusive nationalist ideology ‘Hindutva’ for electoral purposes.

    But the marxists controlling the academia in india, who are the followers of Macaulay as far as outloook towards ancient india goes, found the resurgence of nationalistic sentiments among indians a threat to their established fiefdoms and outlook.

    They, in association with muslim bodies and christian evangelics equated Hindutva as a divisive ideology instead of the inclusive one it is.

    Just as the present day indians have been duped into believing that their ancient culture was primitive, regresive and divisive, so too the BJP of today has been led to believe that the ideolgy of Hindutva is divisive, regressive, and primitive and should be dropped if they want to progress in the political field.

    And as the present day indians tend to dissociate themselves from their ancient indian culture, some of them taking pride to call themselves atheists, so too, the BJP today is trying to dissociate themselves from the ideology that gave it mass support.

    This tendency to be swayed by external influences is the hallmark of Sudra characteristic, which is what is dominant in world today, a hallmark of the Kali Yuga.

  13. Francois Gautier.
    Please accept my gratitute for caring for mother India.We need more of you.

  14. Narada was once asked why he went and instigated those who were on the parth of a-dharma to do further a-dharma.

    He said that is only when their cup of evil is filled to the brim that the wicked attract punishment.

    2009 election result is one such push by the people of India. Hindsight will show that this was a pro-Hindu result.

  15. It finally boils down to your Karma theory. But I really feel that it is the money power due to several vested interests in having this government installed led to this result. Talking of Karma, I believe that India is a workshop of the Almighty where is sends souls to evolve faster. This is after reading books like ‘Destiney of Souls’ by Dr. Michale Newton and Uddhava Geeta. Your article on ‘Hinu Fundamentalism was very interesting and you are absolutely right at the conclusioin that it is the backlash of the Hindu psyche.

  16. Milind Kulkarni

    Mr. Gautier,
    Indians have limited options… no party is capable of development, stopping terrorism, Attacks on India…
    Within available options, they (Voters – not general public which is just 60%) chose what they think right..

  17. Sourav Sengupta


    I have nothing to say to people who think that India belongs to Hindus and no one else. And as far as right to comment is concerned, Francois Gautier has lesser right than Sonia Gandhi, as the latter is at least an ELECTED representative of the people of India.

    Of course Francois is sponsored by BJP. Even the BJP website lists his name as recommended reading!

  18. Sourav Sengupta.
    Francois has not taken anything from India. He has pointed out the great past of Indian civilization and the blight of Islamic invaders.He doesn’t promote expulsion of 170 million muslims from India.He is calling upon the Indians to be proud of their culture and not barter it away for a few cheap trinclets.Can you say the same about SG.Please checkout http://www.janataparty.org/sonia.

  19. Wonderful read!
    To Sourav
    Its easy to wake up the one who is sleeping.But u can’t wake up who has decided NOT TO WAKE UP.

  20. As a side issue,those who want to learn to recognize the new(actually 1400 year old)face of fascism ,check out http://www.jihadwatch.org

  21. @Sourav Sengupta,

    If India does not belong to Hindus, then to whom it belong ? Muslims ? Why the hell Pakistan was created for ? Hindus ?

    Francois Gautier has lived India more than Sonia. He knows much more about India than Sonia, and if you have any doubt in that, please read the above links by HH.

    Oh please. Don’t give that shit like Sonia is ELECTED representative, even Foolan Devi was an elected MP…

  22. Sourav Sengupta has fled without rationalizing his comments. He is in all likelihood a’Closet Commie’whose loyalties are in Beijing.I have lived overseas for the last 40 years but my heart is still in India.

  23. Sourav Sengupta

    Whom have I to flee from, HH? 🙂 It pains me to see people talking of Hindu nation where the prime minister and the last president are both non-Hindus. Please, let not Francois Gautier teach you what your country is all about. You should know better than that.

  24. The candid eye

    Sourav Senguta,
    I repeat this country is a country of the Hindus. People who cant respect the hindus here have no place here. Dont show your damn fucking secularism here. Get lost you communist bitch

  25. Christianisation of Europe was motivated by political and elitist agendas of the rulers. Persecution of Heathens who refused to get baptised is a chapter of history which neither the left nor the center-right finds any interest in to dig.
    Likewise in India, Islamic conquest is explained in the most profane and deceptive of thw diatribes. Afghanistan was the first country to go Islamic, in a South Asian context, look at its state today. The region spanning Pakistan was the next one, we know what is happening to it today.
    The culture of India suffered because of the stifling of the human intellect by grotesque indulgences, the past beauty and depth of thought and tradition notwithstanding. BJP embodies a decadent approach to reassert the native identity, tainted by corporate corruption and lack of an ethical vision. Mr Gautier has correctly pointed to that in many of his essays. He is not a BJP bloke. He is someone who speaks with an experience spanning multiple continents. He speaks with the wisdom of thousands of years, contrary to what late modern Judaeo-Christian or Islamic propaganda wants to enforce, and their crusade-jehad wars are still on.
    I do not hate Muslims and Christians, however I do understand the extent of subjugation which the minds of Muslims and Christians have yielded to an extremely self-righteous theology. In Europe, religion had its influenced waned as society secularised, though Christian institutions still continue of hold much power. In societies which are majorly of Islamic confession, the idea of secular humanism is essentially profane, in the face of mohammedan theology.
    In India, secular humanism is part or the native world-conception and values. Not that decadence has hurt it much. We probably need to hear our native tradition speak to us once, that which agrees to rational humanism as well as the old Dharmic way of being.
    Apologies, Sourav, folks who are hurling abuses at you do not even realise what it means to be a human, let alone know what Dharma is.

  26. Correction:
    In India, secular humanism is part or the native world-conception and values. Not that decadence hasn’t hurt it much. We probably need to hear our native tradition speak to us once, that which agrees to rational humanism as well as the old Dharmic way of being.

  27. Candid eye
    Just a suggestion.Calling Sourav Sengupta a ‘Communist bitch’ or lashing out at secularism with a fornicating adjective will not get any sense in his or her head.I suggest the use of logic is likely to bring better results,unless S Sengupta is really a rabid leftist(India’s fifth column)or ‘moon worshipper’,a cult tracing its origin to Arabian peninsula.

  28. Rahul.
    Re your comments numbered 25 and 26
    Can you kindly tell us in simple and plain English what exactly your insights are pertaining to Francois Gautier’s article.I think it is too much self righteousness on your part to claim exlusive ownership of ‘Dharma’ and ‘humanism’.Dharma is the essence of Indian civilization and it is being bartered away in the name of progress and that’s Francois’agony.Humanism is cheap western nonsense,mere empty words.India’s Dharma lives and breathes.

  29. Neeraj Dwivedi

    What I want to say after reading the article and all the comments that WE as a HINDU community is still confused and NOT ready to face the truth. We have given power to those who are digging the roots of our nation/culture..

  30. Dear François:

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  31. Dear Francois:

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    Jitega Bharat

  32. We, indians have yet to come out of “raj” mentality … We have shown that white skin & european looks are paramount rather than security of the country. Even, the press is guilty of this.Sycophancy rules supreme. We have had such gruesome terror attacks in last 5 years & yet people choose congress !

    i believe that the choice of candidates by BJP was wrong. i support BJP & yet i would not want to vote for Advani. Had Vajpayeeji or some other dynamic leader had been the PM candidate, the mandate, at least, would not have been so brutally anti BJP !

  33. Rahul Gandhi said during an election campaign that only 1 Rs out of every 100 Rs spent by the government reaches the poor, and he was smart enough to make this statement in a rundown village which I am sure he wont visit for a long time unless some media is not following him.

    My question is that, its his family which has been running this country for a long time, then why has nothing been done about it.

    There are a plenty of problems facing this country, nutcase terrorists claiming to represent islam is just one of them.

    The first thing we Indians should do is to build a strong leadership which is proud of its history and heritage and also broad minded enough to accep the diversity of religion and culture of this country.

    And the second thing we should do is to get rid of the bunch GUTLESS MONKEYS called the Congress party and the Brainless thing which we call BJP (I am including BJP here because those idiots cant even win an election)

    And lastly we should overhaul the entire Indian bureaucracy which still harbours the You First Sahib mentality and is always happy to bend over for anyone, right from Pakistan to China and America.

  34. Our Education system and media is doing a gr8 job in taking us as far as possible from our roots, culture, heritage, spirituality. The kind of misguided opinions which majority of our youth has doesnt surprise me anymore, though it is really painful.
    Otherwise how can you explain the fascination of such a huge nation with a ‘sirname’ – Gandhi. One lady who has done nothing throughout her life is now actually ruling the country.

    Things are unlikely to change untill and unless the right ppl get into politics. Most of us dont want to get into this so called shit. Untill then, it will be really difficult to bring changes.

  35. Hi, I found these links from google. Its about Subhas Chandra Boses daughter and the Indian Legion that fought alongside the germans in france against the brits. Read it if you have time, its definitely an eye opener.


  36. @sourav sengupta

    either ur a convetred christian , like others or ur so much obsessed by sonia gandhi a.k.a marino or some torino that even ur readyto lick her boots like ur fore fathers. FOOL!!! wake up we have already lost out identity for one millennium and we dont want to lose it again. we dont want to be ruled by a dim witted 2 grade failed foreign lady who even doesnot know hindi . SHAME ON U FOOL

  37. I had written before the elections were held to my friends in our blog that when they were sure that people would vote out MORON Singh and a pro- India/Hindu party would come to power. I told them then ( and shall inform others now) the very long duration July Solar Eclipse portends untold misery for India in the next 18 months (from May) and that untold havoc would be caused by the government in power and hence sincerely wished BJP did not win. I expect this government will allow two more 26/11 type attacks, unimaginable loot, murder and mayhem and this seemingly strong government will go by Nov 2010 and new elections would bring forth a Govt led by Narendrabhai Modi with absolute majority and thus will begin the golden age of free India. We have to bear the consequences of our karma for having repeatedly voted for the party of looters

  38. Venkat
    I too wish for the end of rule by the foreign dynasty.However, counting on stars won’t do it. Indians must get back to their indigenous cultural roots.

  39. Dear Francois,

    I am truly shocked that you use religious scripture to justify the misfortunes of people and nations. According to your twisted logic, one can justify the holocaust and Israel’s troubles because of the some ancient misdeeds of the jewish people. This piece would have made Goebbels proud 🙂
    Since you claim to be a friend of India, please respect the verdict of its people, instead of condemning them. Doomsayers of your ilk have been predicting the downfall of Indian democracy for many decades, only to end up with egg on their face.

  40. “sonia gandhi a.k.a marino”

    “Sonia” is not her real first name. She was born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. She got the name Sonia from Indira Gandhi.

    She should be
    “Edvige Antonia Albina Maino Gandhi.”

  41. I have voted only once or twice in my life (probably 4-5 elections). BJP and ABVP were the parties that I voted for. These votes were cast when BJP was a promise. BJP has since become a tried and tested party and was just as good and just as bad as any other.
    BJP needs to introspect, No real economic agenda, no social agenda, half dead leaders, most leaders simply cannot stand up without RSS crutches. Loss ABV as the leader left the whole movement in shambles.

    As FG says some place else that people just return back to there ordinary lives.
    To which I may add something by Peter Drucker, something to the effect that a company that needs extraordinary leaders to survive doesnt deserve to.
    Once again our Kshtriya class has lost the plot. But still do keep trying……and for gods sake, at least give us something to work with.

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