One hopes that the people of India are not blind to the utter cynicism of some of its politicians. The way they have efficiently and ruthlessly killing the whole Lokpal movement with the help of deceit and slander is frightening. The way they have campaigned in UP, further deepening the religious divide there, is appalling. All the while, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, whose party is not only the main recipient of corruption, but actually institutionalized it, throw decoys at us with declarations of ‘zero tolerance of corruption’.

It’s funny how this Government is hell bent in preserving what is corrupt, untruthful, inefficient – as symbolized by the alliance they still have with the Karunanidhi, in spite of the numerous proofs that a great chunk of the 2G scam went to the DMK family – and fanatic, about destroying what is free of corruption and is prosperous.

Sonia Gandhi has been on a personal vendetta against Shri Narendra Modi for a long time. She had found a useful tool in the person of Teesta Setalvad, who, it has now be discovered, has bribed witnesses, filed false affidavits and committed repeated perjuries in court. Teesta’s usefulness has thus come near an end as she may soon land in jail, so now the Congress Government has found another willing tool in Gujarat police officer Sanjiv Bhatt to implicate Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the post-Godhra riots.

The Government has unfortunately subverted its investigative instruments such as the SIT or the CBI, once upon a time a highly respected institution, who is on the one hand going after the Chief Minister of Gujarat, while it closes its eyes to the wrongs that other CM’s of the Congress or allied to the Congress, such as the DMK, have been openly doing.

For example, in nearly the same breath, the CBI requested a few months back the judiciary to drop the case against Jagdish Tytler, who was seen by innumerable witnesses leading mobs to murder Sikhs, while it is going all guns blazing against Narendra Modi, who at the best was caught off guard when the riots in Gujarat broke in 2002, or at the worst delayed in calling the army. But did not Rajiv Gandhi do the same thing (“When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”, he said), after his mother was ruthlessly murdered, by her own bodyguards, whom she had trusted in spite of repeated warnings? A defenseless woman machine-gunned while lying on the ground. Rajiv also delayed calling in security forces: is not the anger of men always the same, whichever their ideology?

It is logical that the hallowed legal instruments of Indian democracy are blatantly used to pin down the Chief Minister of the most lawful state in India, the least corrupt, the most prosperous, which impresses with its efficiency even non BJP tycoons, such Ratan Tata, when a Lalu Prasad was allowed to loot Bihar and keep it in the most desolate state, because he was an ally? It is illogical that, if they manage to indict Mr. Modi, the opposition in Gujarat will probably bring back the State to its earlier condition of corruption, disorganization and inefficiency? As usual, it will be the common man who will suffer.

Is it logical today that the Indian media only highlight the 2002 Gujarat riots, carefully omitting the fact that they were triggered by the horrifying murder of 57 Hindus, 36 of them innocent women and children, burnt like animals in the Sabarmati Express? Riots of that intensity, like in Gujarat, do not happen in a day, they are a result of long term pent-up angers and a spark like the killing of Hindu brothers and sisters, whose only crime was that they believed that Ram was born in Ayodhya, is enough the ignite the smouldering fire.

Is it logical that only Mr Modi is targeted? But who went down in the streets in fury in 2002? Hundreds, if not thousands of Gujratis, not only from the lower strata of society, not only Dalits, but also middle class, and sometimes even upper middle class! Should they also not be judged and condemned? But then it would be the whole of Gujarat who should be hauled to court, an ancient and noble race, who gave so much to India, including Mahatma Gandhi, and today is still exporting all over the world its upright and successful businessmen, to the US, for instance, where they own most of the motels. Nobody dares do that; it’s much each easier to target Mr. Modi.

It is widely known that the dreaded Khalistan movement in Punjab was quelled in the 80’s by super cop KPS Gill in a ruthless manner by a number of ‘fake encounters’ which killed top Sikh separatists. This was done under a Congress Government, both at the Center and in Punjab. Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister then. Why was he never indicted? Because terrorists have no law and they kill, burn, bomb, innocent people. And sometimes ruthless methods have to be used against them.

Why is Mrs Sonia Gandhi going so single mindedly against Narendra Modi, using brazenly the Government’s legal appendages? Because, at the moment he seems to be the only alternative to her son, Rahul Gandhi becoming Prime Minister in the next general elections. That is pure logics, and we should give credit to Mrs Gandhi for her cunning and ruthlessness.

It’s also no good to be a Hindu in Sonia Gandhi’s India. No, it is better to be a Quattrochi at the moment, who was exonerated by the CBI, which went to the extent to let him get away with the thousands of crores he had looted from India. Or even a terrorist, a murderer and a smuggler, like Sohrabuddin, from whose house in M.P., 40 AK-47 Rifles, as well as number of live Hand Grenades and Bullets were confiscated, who was declared ” Wanted” in Five States of India and against whom 40 crime cases were registered. Then you stand a chance to be protected by the Government of India, while those who have at heart their country’s integrity go to jail.

Mrs Gandhi has achieved such terrifying power, a glance of her, a silence, just being there, is enough for her inner circle to act; she has subverted so much of the instruments of Indian democracy and she controls such huge amounts of unlisted money, that sooner or later this karma may come back to her under one form or the other.

23 responses to “CYNICISM AND POLITICS

  1. Why has the top BJP brass not opposed Sonia openly? Are they afraid too? We as common Indian see that India had only One chance of regaining it’s glorious past that is Narendra Modi being at the helm of the affairs. We want the whole of Country to progress like Gujarat. BJP should declare him as PM in waiting as early as possible.

  2. Allez Francois! Verite, Egalite et Fraternite!

  3. We the people of India don’t have much choice. Congress is corrupt, so is BJP. (Karnataka??????????). We need a revolution.

  4. To Aarti:
    You have fallen victim to the mass propaganda unleashed by the evil Sonia Gandhi using the ill-gotten money to buy almost 80% of the media.
    If a media house resists, they are subject to torture by Govt agencies.
    BJP govt in Karnataka is anything but corrupt. You have to travel to the state to see the amazing development that is happening there.

  5. No,No,No. The BJP is not able to take any action against its own ministers. What their ministers (Women and child development minister ) did in the Assembly was shocking. Now don’t call it a media made thing.

    Though Mr. Modi is a good administrator. But I doubt if his party men with aspirations at the national level will ever let him move ahead of them.

  6. Well… Superb article. The prostitute ruling @ the centre with Manmohan Lamb as her protege shall be brought to justice.

  7. Karnataka BJP is the only govt that took quick action and sacked half a dozen incumbent ministers. Its neighbor Andhra didnt punish a single minister that after the reelection and running state uninterrupted for 8nyears. . Any explanations? As a Telugu i can say Andhra was equal if not worse than DMKs TN or Mayas UP. Congress has institutionalized corruption in the nation. Now UP taught a lesson to congress but SP is no better, it is as bad as BSP. I think Gujjus and Biharis are getting better and now Punjab and Goa are falling in line. Karnatakas BJP is hit with vehgeful Officials and Judiciary, if only otherstates emulate the example…Great article as always by Gautierji.

  8. I liked the last sentence the karma part

  9. It is really frustrating to have leaders like Sushma Swaraj and Nitin Gadkari ruling the top brass of the BJP. It is really a well known fact that Sushma Swaraj is known to have prime ministerial ambitions and Mr.Gadkari although seems to be humble about his PM ambitions, tries to keep Mr.Modi’s influence to Gujarat alone…This was again a major cause of debacle for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh where Mr.Modi refused to campaign for the party. It is quite evident that the BJP is not even going a gain an inch out of the present divisions inside their own camp and the results in UP is a reflection of just that…

    It is really time to put their house in order and declare Narendra Modi as the man for the top post for 2014 else the prospect of a third front gaining power looms large.

  10. Only BJP can Move india forward towards progress,
    AB VAJPAYEE & ABDUL KALAM gave india nuclear weapon.
    Vote for progress.

  11. In my opinion, BJP is ‘not good’ but congress is evil, it uses same stick to correct political instability as well as social, I support killing of extremists in punjab in 80’s as well as in kashmir during its last tenure. Which eventually decreased extremism in these places. But on other hand I condemn using same technique and killing of protesters in gurgaon who were protesting to save their lands. But this cunning lady killed them using her pimps in administration and sent her son to solemnize or may be to know if they are planning to protest further in counter attack..After all she had to take every step to take that handsome money from the developers.

  12. Dhanannjay Beura

    Dear Mr Gautier first of all i must appreciate the kind of journalism u r doing.We in india badly need journalists like you.Unfortunately we have traitors like rajdeep sardesai, brakha dutt, vindo sharma etc… as great journalists.As far as this article concern i must say that we the people of this country have made this italian lady so powerful that now she is ready to kill rest of the great people like Mr Narendra Modi.In our mythology there was a devil called Bhasmasur who tried to kill the god who blessed him all the power.BJP is no doubt a great alternative if Mr Narendra Modi will become PM.We have seen golden period of Mr Vajpayee.But more than BJP one man who can actually kill this Bhasmasur is Swami Ramdev Baba.Who is single handedly fighting against all these devils.But sometime our country people believe Sonia more than Swami Ramdev.

  13. François Gautier

    Dear Dhanannjay,

    Thiis is so true
    Thanks for your support
    Please see this small film on Utube:

  14. Dhanannjay Beura

    Thanks Mr Gautier
    There are so many clips in that fact india site which one you are talking about

  15. François Gautier

    the inauguration film

  16. Worth giving time to this article. Thnx.

  17. Chetan Pavdighada

    It is extremely difficult to comprehend that a highly qualified and experienced bureaucrat and a politician like Mr. Manmohansingh- who has received such a huge mandate(just after Pandit Nehru) is utterly spineless to stand against Sonia Gandhi!!!Why can’t he overthrow her authority and take tough decisions which are highly imperative for the Nation-like hitting hard on the issue of black money being transferred to foreign banks-Sonia Gandhi most probably being the biggest culprit!!!!!!-he doesn’t have to worry about the vote bank-if he can bring to task the persons like Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Yadav, Mayawati, Karunanidhi(koruptionnidhi), Jaylalitha, Kapil Sibal and many more-the public of India will again elect him as the PM

  18. We don’t have choice if we have to pick up some one.
    We need to make our country form corruption

  19. Mr gautier, we love our country as much we love our guests like you.We are hindus and can boast of our culture and sanatan dharma.But we have never expected that we would be betrayed by a guest like sonia gandhi who become a bahu of this great nation by virtue of her marriage to rajivgandhi.we have loved her like a bahu of india as bhabhi but instead of loving the people of this country as her home she started looting india and blackmailing all with all types of atrocities and suppressions.during bofors case when the then ambassador to sweden was telling truth her one look to him trembled him and he was dismissed thereafter.she is not only crooked but also highly dangerous vindictive to her enemies.she can take any types of revenge on her detractors.BJP leaders fear him much so they are silent and not waging a war on her.What you have wrote is truth and absloutely true about her nature and actions.

  20. Sargam Madhvan

    Dear Mr. Gautier, I hadn’t heard of you until yesterday when a kind friend from India forwarded me an excerpt from Empress of India. Like Sonia Gandhi, you are a guest in this great country too and I am glad you have such nice things to say about this nation. However, I feel your views are not only selective but also quite inflammatory. Perhaps you are driven by a deep rooted hatred for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi or perhaps you have chosen to be blind to the facts of what really goes on in India. You mention Gujarat but I do wonder how much research you have conducted when drawing such simplistic conclusions ot is it just an effort on your part to appease your followers.
    For the record, I have never been a fan of any political parties of India or of any other country come to think of it. Good leaders never come to rule any nation and corruption is rife across the Globe – France included. I don’t think I need to remind you of how Colonel Gaddafi funded Mr. Sarkozy’s 2007 campaign. But then of course, you may still be planning to write a book on that some day.
    Sp while we all want to take the moral high ground and knock the people at the top, let us just look at ourselves, before calling others pimps, prostitues and getting all judgemental, and see that we are all part of the system. racism exists because we allow it to exist. Corruption exists because we choose to bribe the porters at the raiway stations for a seat or give a tenner to the traffic police to evade a fine. It is easy to point fingers at others Mr. Gautier so go point somewhere else. Marrying an Indian does not make you any more Indian than Humayun or Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

  21. Fully agree with you.

  22. @ Sangram Madhavan ….
    Mr . madhavan .. well we saw many moral stories from you .. My simple Questions to you . Where are u located currently , If you are outside india then . I think its better u not comment . U asked “Marrying an Indian does not make you any more Indian than Humayun or Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.” Atleast he is better than u . A french national talking about ‘ Sanathana Dhrama’ Better than ‘Secular , idiotic intellectuals like u ‘ .. ALeast he has the Guts to talk about the status of this country … If u fell urself better than him then come work at the ground level , If you are outside OUR country then ur a beggar working for few bits of bread piece . So I feel ‘ SHUT UP!!’ ur mouth and get lost

  23. @sangram Madhavan .. PPL like u will not do anything and will not let others to do also .. U have a habit of pulling others legs .. Alas this is the status in this country . So Mr MAaddy madhavan . When u cant do anything better u not talk ” it should be always ‘ WALK THE TALK ‘ and ‘ TALK THE WALK ‘ We dont need your history lessons about ur likes and un likes or any nonsense and we not here for ur ” Intellectual Debates ‘ so keep off

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