Funeral of Maharana Pratap

funeralFACT’s latest exhbition on Maharana Pratap, a model for modern politicians, as he was devoted to Mother India, fearless, a Rajput who did not collaborate with the invaders, but fought them, lived a simple life, respected Human Rights of even his enemies and provided for an uncorrupted and just administration. Exhibition will be inaugurated on 3rd February 2012 in Delhi’s Ramlila grounds by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.FACT, which is committed to highlight India’s ancient and magnificent heritage, without hiding the savage onslaughts it was subjected to during the centuries, is building a Museum of TRUE Indian History in Pune, dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj. You can view FACT’s work at This is a noble, but extremely difficult project, as most philanthropists today are politically correct and will donate to a hospital, a school, but not to a private Museum of Indian History. Hence we appeal to all of you to help us. Those who are willing to, can contact me at We have US, UK and Indian tax exemption above 10.000 Rs. Best. Fgautier

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