This starts as a beautiful story. Once upon a time, there was a tiny village in South Arcot’s district of Tamil Nadu, called Bampralayam. Now Bampralayam is like hundreds of villages in South Arcot: it is peopled with Hindu Vanniars, a caste slightly higher than the untouchables, poor, living off agriculture, usually a few meagre fields of cashew nuts. But then Bampralayam happened to be near Pondichery, where many westerners live.

Thus Bampralayam prospered: its inhabitants learned trades needed for Pondichery: carpenters, masons, craftsmen, a few of its children attended some of Pondichery’s schools and were educated along with western kids and in time graduated and went into white collar jobs. From a few cycles 40 years ago, Bampralayam has today motorcycles, tractors, cars, vans, cable TV, cell phones, etc. The main road of Bampralayam which used to boast only shady huts, became lined-up with fancy shops which sell everything, from vegetables to handicrafts.

And then the unavoidable happened: a Kashmiri Muslim from Chennai heard about Bampralayam and its new found prosperity, and understanding that he could make a packet with so many westerners passing though Bampralayam, he opened the usual shawls & carpets’ shop in the village. Now Bampralayam never counted a Muslim amongst its population in its 1200 years of recorded history; but in the true Hindu tradition, this one was welcomed and nobody raised an objection, although he was competition for some of the other shops. Our Kashmiri Muslim, seeing his success, called his cousin in Kolkata, who came and opened another shop; and that one phoned his friend in Mumbai, who also landed-up and opened a third shop. Still nobody found anything to say, even when it became known that they also dealt in drugs which they sold to the youth. Kashmiris are sociable fellows and they quickly made friends with Westerners, most of them blissfully unaware of the political situation in India, so business was booming, till they were twelve Kashmiri shops in Bampralayam. And again nobody complained, even when the fellows started doing their naamaz in their backyards. “Isn’t God everywhere and isn’t He Krishna, as well as Allah”, said one of the villagers?

But one day, Bhoumi, one of the young boys of Bampralayam, who had gone to study in Delhi, told his parents when he came back, about the fact that not only no Hindus were allowed to buy land or start a shop in the Valley of Kashmir, where the shopkeepers came from, but that four hundred thousand Hindus, were chased out of the Valley by terror, many of them having been murdered and that many were still living as refugees in camps in Jammu and Delhi. His parents started talking to their friends and there was the first hint of resentment against the newcomers.

Then some elders of Bampralayam heard that Muslims of Kashmir rioted when the Government allotted some land in Amarnath, one of the most sacred and ancient Hindu pilgrimages, high in the Himalayas. Bhoumi’s father went to see a group  of Bampralayam Kashmiris having tea, and told them that Hindus never complained about their government giving billion of rupees in  subsidies to Indian Muslims so that they can perform the Haj in their most Holy place, the Mecca. “But when Hindus, he continued, need shelters, toilets and basic facilities at height of 15.000 feet to worship at one of the holiest places of Hinduism, why do you Kashmiri Muslims deny it to us” ? The Kashmiris looked a bit uneasy, then replied “that anyway the Amarnath ice lingam had been discovered by a Muslim shepherd and that Muslims have always welcomed their Hindu brothers to Armanath”. But this did not convince the Bampralayam man who had heard from his son that many grenade attacks had happened over the years against the Amarnath pilgrims. And anger started mounting in Bampralayam.

So it is all a question of reciprocity. Most Hindus are peace-loving people. The average Hindu that you meet in a million Indian villages, such as Bampralayam, is easy-going and accepts you and your diversity, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Parsi or Jain, Arab, French or Chinese. He goes about his business and usually does not interfere in yours.

In fact Hindus take it a little further:  they hate trouble and go out of their way to avoid it. Have you noticed how every time there is a possibility of a strike or trouble, Hindus stay home? Or how – forget about rioting – Hindus never speak-up, complain or protest in a united manner. Not only that, but everywhere in the world, Hindus are hounded, humiliated, routed, be it in Fiji where an elected democratic government was twice deposed in an armed coup, or in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Muslims indulge in pogroms against Hindus every time they want to vent their hunger against India (read Taslima Nasreen’s book “Lalja”). In Assam, Tripura, or Nagaland, Hindus are being outnumbered by Bangladeshi illegal immigrants and terrorized some of them, while local governments often turn a blind eye. Their temples are being taken over in many states like in Kerala or Karnataka, and the donations appropriated by the state governments.

Yet, in 3500 years of known existence, Hindus have never military invaded another country, never tried to impose their religion upon others, by force or even by induced conversions. No, it has rather been through peaceful invasions that Hinduism has stormed the world, whether in the East, witness Angkor Vat, or in the West today, where the by-products of Hinduism, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, pranayama, spread by great gurus such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, have been adopted by millions.

Thus Hindus, who accept everybody, welcome all religions, allow Indians from other parts to trade next to them, as it happened in Bampralayam, do not receive in return any gratitude and the same respect. On the contrary, they get mocked at, bombs are planted in their markets, their trains; their temples, their five star hotels get attacked, they are chased out of their homelands; television and newspapers make fun of them, their own politicians ostracize them… Hindus recognize the fact that God may manifest at different times under different names, the concept of the avatar –  Krishna, Buddha, Mohamed or Jesus Christ. Indeed, Hindus gave refuge to all persecuted minorities of the world from the Parsis, to the Jews (India is the only country in the world where Jews were not persecuted, or killed bar the 26/11attack on the Nariman house in Mumbai) to the Armenians and the Tibetans today.

So recently, the elders in Bampralayam went back to confront the Kashmiris, but now in anger: “You people have been the most brutal and ruthless in our country: you razed our temples, killed our people, enslaved our women and children. But still, we accepted you – and at Partition, many Indian Muslims chose to stay here in India, for they knew that they would get the freedom of speech and religion that we Hindus are denied in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Yet today, you continue to bully us, chasing our brother and sisters from the Valley of Kashmir, rioting and burning all over India, every time you are dissatisfied, keeping silent when Islamists attack our hotels or temples. On top of that, you portray yourselves as martyrs, like Shah Rukh Khan who is idolised by millions of Hindus, yet complains that because he is a Muslim, he is discriminated against. And lately, you deny the very truth that Vishwaroopam dared to depict,: that in the name of your Holy book, your coreligionists kill and maim all over the world and have just coldly executed 39 innocent westerners in Algeria”.

This time the Kashmiris kept quiet and looked down. But Bhoomi, who was present, saw that they did not agree at all and that they would not change…

François gautier

20 responses to “RECIPROCITY and HINDUS

  1. Excellent article Sir!!
    It beautifully depicts the agony of an educated Hindu

  2. This is story of so many tourist spots in India (even the Hindu Temple complexes)

  3. you cannot reason with the Muslims, just rape and kill them straight away.

  4. Excellent Sir!!!
    You express what every Hindu feels and experiences every minute.
    Please continue..

  5. Muslims had a good opportunity do become Indians but they don’t want they want to be mulims and against indians and hindu’s. India will be safe until Hindu majority is present after that god knows waht happens. Because there was no difference between Bangladesh, Pakistan and India during partition. But look now were they are, it is just because of there Islamic ideology. India should be declared as a Hindu country, that is the only way it can survive.

  6. Thank you Sir 🙂 .. this article is proof that Hindus r secular & muslim r real communal .. and much more dangerous community

  7. It is not only the story of Bampralayam, but also of entire India. Great example is Kashmir, where all Hindus are thrown out. You can not even host Indian National Flag in Lal Chowk of Shrinagar.
    Shame no Hindu politicians who use word ‘Hinduism’ like it is a abuse. They make laws only for vote bank politics:(

  8. Excellent article……

  9. Sir, are you sure about the place name Bampralayam? Apart from your article I couldn’t find the village even in Google. Are you referring to Bommiyan(r)palayam village near Pondicherry?

  10. When all the hindus in the world die,others will celebrate and have parties because they didn’t like good and truth.They don’t want good people to live anymore.They want con men to be elected as rulers and don’t want to be open.let them celebrate on our graves,when the truth and the god come ,let them answer to his authority. feel very sorry for the FACT exihibition got mocked up in chennai,TN.
    To all people proceed till you reach god,do good,stand for truth.

  11. Comments like what Paritosh says greatly damage the cause. Defending Indian traditions doesn’t mean savage violence, in fact that will be a negative.

  12. Inspiring reading material this is. The fact that Hindus are slaves in their very own country is not just a fact but a reality. That minorities crowd, push, shove and govern the country is yet another reality. This unhealthy subservience, if not addressed by the Hindus themselves immediately, will deteriorate drastically staking the national identity of the nation and its inhabitants permanently. Hope the Hindus awaken to this reality staring at them threateningly…

  13. @ apa

    before you talk that bullshit of “defending Indian traditions”, you better get your brain out of your ass. Muslims understand and fear savagery and violence and not whatever kind of crap you stand for. defending India/Hinduism = raping and killing those bsterd Muslim cockroaches.

  14. FG, pl explain as to why a Hindu when converted to Muslim becomes so anti-Hindu n starts hating his Hindu ancestry?

  15. Excellent article and its true to every word

  16. @Ashok In some cases, a person converts to different religion because of his hate for Hinduism. However, in most cases, it’s for money. In latter situation, it’s their succeeding generations, which develop hatred because of their disconnect from Hinduism.

  17. Dear Mr. Gautier,
    I’m a Hindu and I do agree with many of your views, in general. However, I cannot miss the tone of condescension, when you say that the Village had prospered because of it’s proximity to Pondy and thereby westerners. Today’s Indian villages almost always are totally different from what they were a few years ago. The fruits of 21st century technology has changed them beyond recognition.
    Now, this article also appears to play in to the current western (US driven) theme of making the muslims an Indian problem;driving the Islamic barbarian hordes to the Indian gates and also bring down India and her civilization in the process. Let’s not forget that it’s the US driven west that currently sponsors Muslim brotherhood and all those colorful revolutions in the Islamic world. It also appears that the west is cunningly using these useful idiots as a policy of ‘calculated chaos’ in those countries that are current/potential adversaries of western hegemony (Russia-Chechnya, China-Xinxiang, Syria,etc.). So the US is using violent Islam and the Mujahideens as an instrument of it’s state policy just like how they brought down the USSR using the same tool. You can say that they are following the footsteps of Pakistan in this regard. So, it’d be naive on the parts of Indians to believe that Islamic fundamentalism is distinct from western state policy. The west is as much an adversary of Indian civilization as the Islamic hordes. And we Indians need to be cognizant of this reality.

  18. While I agree that historically Hindus have been docile, peace-loving people, I cant say the same of the likes of groups like the Ranvir Sena, Shiv Sena, Bagrang Dal, and others of their ilk. Wonder what Mr. Gautier has to say about the rise of such Hindu groups in India- that do terrorize the common folk, including their fellow hindus.

  19. being organised , strong does not mean terrorist, i think.

  20. Sachu is an excellent example of the moron Hindu. Suicidal to the crore! He feels good now that a couple Muslims will pat him on his head for insulting some fellow Hindus…probably the only Hindus with some balls left in India. Sachu, as a Muslim, I don’t respect you. I think you’re a coward. Don’t you understand we’re all laughing at you?

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