“Muslims are bullies and Hindus cowards”, the Mahatma Gandhi once said. He may be right – at least about Hindus: there has been in the past 1400 years, since the first invasions started, very few Shivaji’s and Maharana Pratap’s to fight the bloody rule of the Moghuls, or hardly any Rani of Jhansi’s to stand against the humiliating colonial yoke of the British. If a nation’s soul is measured by the courage of its children, then India is definitely doomed: without the Sikhs, whose bravery is unparalleled in the more recent history of India, Hindus would have even lost additional land to the Muslim invaders and there would have been infinitely more massacres of Hindus by Muslims during the first weeks of Partition.

Are Hindus more courageous since they have an independent nation? Not at all! Because of Nehru’s absurd and naïve “hindi-chini-bhai-bhai” policy, the Indian army was shamefully routed in 1962 by the Chinese, a humiliation which rankles even today. Beijing is still able to hoodwink Indian politicians, by pretending it has good intentions, while quietly keeping on giving nuclear know-how to Pakistan, as well as the missiles to carry their atomic warheads to Indian cities, arm separatists groups in the north-east and continuing to claim Arunachal Pradesh or Sikkim.

Today, we see that Indian politicians, instead of standing-up to Islamic militancy and Chinese bully, prefer to look the other way and speak of ‘Hindu terrorism’, an absurdity if there is one. Hindus are hounded, humiliated, routed, be it in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Muslims indulge in pogroms against Hindus every time they want to vent their hunger against India (read Taslima Nasreen’s book “Lalja”). In Kashmir, the land of yogis, where Hindu sadhus and sages have meditated for 5000 years, Hindus have been chased out of their ancestral home by death, terror and intimidation: there were 25% of Hindus at the beginning of the century in the Kashmir valley… and hardly a handful today. And look how the US is treating India, refusing to hand over Headley, responsible for the planning of the horrible Mumbai attacks and continuing to prop-up Pakistan, knowing very well that when American troops will leave Afghanistan, Islamabad will make sure that a friendly Taliban regime is reinstalled, with dire consequences for India’s security

There is no point in playing cricket against Pakistan, as long as Islamabad is sending militants to kill and maim into Indian territory. Yet, Hindus continue to think that in the name of sportsmanship, or democracy, it’s the right thing to do. We keep hearing about Hindu ‘terrorism’. But since fourteen centuries, Muslims have always struck first against Hindus, And those who live in Indian cities which have important Muslim minorities, will tell you that every time there are Hindu-Muslims, it is the Muslims who start them, either by attacking the police, or by provoking the Hindus.

The truth is that there are two standards in India: one for the Hindus; and one for the Muslims. Did the “fanatic” Hindus who brought down Ayodhya (and brought shame onto secular India, according to the Indian media) kill or even injure anyone in the process? No. But Muslims do not have such qualms. When Gandhi said they were bullies, he was being very nice or very polite. For forget about the millions of Hindus killed during the ten centuries of Muslim invasions, probably the worst Holocaust in world history; forget about the hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples razed to the ground, whose destruction – whatever our “secular” Hindus of today say – was carefully recorded by the Muslims themselves, because they were proud of it (see Aurangzeb’s own chronicles); forget about the millions of Hindus forcibly converted to Islam, and who sadly are now rallying under a banner, a language, a scripture which have nothing to do with their own ethos and culture (*). Yesterday and also today, when the Muslim world feels it has been slighted, in even a small measure by Hindus, these Infidels, who submitted meekly to Muslim rule for ten centuries, it retaliates a hundred fold – this is the only way one intimidates cowards. After Ayodhya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (at least in a passive way by giving shelter for a while to Tiger Memon) with the help of Indian Muslims, planted bombs in the heart of Bombay and killed a thousand innocent human beings, most of them, once more, Hindus.

This is no to say that all Muslims are fanatics; on the contrary, many of India’s Muslims are extremely gentle and their sense of hospitality unsurpassed. The same thing can be said about Pakistan: Pakistani politicians, for instance, are much more accessible than in India and Pakistan has its own identity, which cannot be wished away. No, the problem is not with Muslims, whether they are Indians or Pakistanis, the problem is with Islam, which teaches Indian Muslims from an early age, to look beyond their national identity to a country – the Mecca, in Saudi Arabia – which is not their country, to read a Scripture which is not written in their own language, to espouse a way of thinking, which is inimical to their own roots and indigenous culture. Indian Muslims, have to think of themselves first as Indians and secondly only as Muslims. Muslim soldiers fighting against Pakistan in Kargil, have shown the way.

One would be tempted to say in conclusion : “Arise ô Hindus, stop being cowards, remember that a nation requires Kshatriyas, warriors, to defend Knowledge, to protect one’s women and children, to guard one’s borders from the Enemy”….
And do Indians need a Narendra Modi to remind them of that simple truth ?


121 responses to “ARE HINDUS COWARDS ?

  1. I would not say Hindus are cowards . That would perhaps be oversimplifying the same . First cause lies in the nature of Hinduism . Unlike Islam it takes a world view rather than a narrow with me or against me attitude . Things would not have come to this pass if we did not start with an agnostic. Nehru and his British education and contempt for everything Hindu . Today we have foreigner who carries on the tradition not of dislike but visceral hatred toward everything Hindu .also her acolytes many converted to Christianity .pseudo secular media a big anti India Anti move …

  2. We Hindus always lament that Muslim vote bank made all these problems of rise in Muslim fundamentalism, aggression, appeasement all over india but why don’t they do it?they are in a majority country and in a minority and they worked strategically to hijack our democracy and hindu nationalism by creating a strong solid and formidable vote bank of 15 % which is unparallel in electoral politics.Hindus may be 80% of total population but they seldom vote in 80% and whenever they vote the votes divided by caste creed race and money.Hindus vote for money in rural areas where Congress succeeded in buying votes in mass of hindus by giving them saree cloth money.In Tamilnadu the parties declare before election that after they comes to power they will give TV Fridge Telephone and many goodies.In other states money played havoc with representation electoral politics.In india 70% of voters living in villages and also 20 to 30 % are still illiterate farm labours who don’t know power of votes.They simply votes on dictates of village elders leaders panchayat family members and money.Congress get votes from rural areas by paying money which BJP cant give.In Uttarakhand and Himachal Congress won the election by Paying huge money to voters.In UP it tried but cant succeed as wave was against Mayavati and Muslim vote totally polarized in support of MSY.In Gujarat Narendra Modi won by fluke.If Keshubhai Patel would not have contested by his party from funds supplied by congress to divide BJP votes

    We Hindus always lament that Muslim vote bank made all these problems of rise in Muslim fundamentalism, aggression, appeasement all over india but why don’t they do it?they are in a majority country and in a minority and they worked strategically to hijack our democracy and hindu nationalism by creating a strong solid and formidable vote bank of 15 % which is unparallel in electoral politics.Hindus may be 80% of total population but they seldom vote in 80% and whenever they vote the votes divided by caste creed race and money.Hindus vote for money in rural areas where Congress succeeded in buying votes in mass of hindus by giving them saree cloth money.In Tamilnadu the parties declare before election that after they comes to power they will give TV Fridge Telephone and many goodies.In other states money played havoc with representation electoral politics.In india 70% of voters living in villages and also 20 to 30 % are still illiterate farm labours who don’t know power of votes.They simply votes on dictates of village elders leaders panchayat family members and money.Congress get votes from rural areas by paying money which BJP cant give.In Uttarakhand and Himachal Congress won the election by Paying huge money to voters.In UP it tried but cant succeed as wave was against Mayavati and Muslim vote totally polarized in support of MSY.In Gujarat Narendra Modi won by fluke.If Keshubhai Patel would not have contested by his party from funds supplied by congress to divide BJP votes
    We Hindus always lament that Muslim vote bank made all these problems of rise in Muslim fundamentalism, aggression, appeasement all over india but why don’t they do it?they are in a majority country and in a minority and they worked strategically to hijack our democracy and hindu nationalism by creating a strong solid and formidable vote bank of 15 % which is unparallel in electoral politics.Hindus may be 80% of total population but they seldom vote in 80% and whenever they vote the votes divided by caste creed race and money.Hindus vote for money in rural areas where Congress succeeded in buying votes in mass of hindus by giving them saree cloth money.In Tamilnadu the parties declare before election that after they comes to power they will give TV Fridge Telephone and many goodies.In other states money played havoc with representation electoral politics.In india 70% of voters living in villages and also 20 to 30 % are still illiterate farm labours who don’t know power of votes.They simply votes on dictates of village elders leaders panchayat family members and money.Congress get votes from rural areas by paying money which BJP cant give.In Uttarakhand and Himachal Congress won the election by Paying huge money to voters.In UP it tried but cant succeed as wave was against Mayavati and Muslim vote totally polarized in support of MSY.In Gujarat Narendra Modi won by fluke.If Keshubhai Patel would not have contested by his party from funds supplied by congress to divide BJP votes

  3. It is a matter of regret that BJP RSS VHP is not fighting for justice to the detenus of Malegaon blast case.Samjhauta Express case still now. The case is false or true will be decided by courts and the matter is subjudice but why the case is not fast tracked and continuous hearing of the case is being done.The arrested are slapped with MOCOACA by ATS of Mumbai.But the case is not taking its steps as legal cases should have.The Charge sheet is not filed.The law prescribed for filing of charge sheet within a specific time of maximum of 6 months from date of arrest but in the case no charge sheet is filed since last 5 years.The Maharashtra Police is doing disservice to law by detention of the accused fo so long with being tried in proper court of law.CBI NIA are delaying the matter by putting nails in the case.When the case is being handled by ATS how it is not handled by CBI or NIA and if all these three agencies are investigating the case they should be amalgamated 2 one and file a broad CS on the case.The accused are denied bail by the courts although all the accused in similar cases are being granted bail as CBI NIA ATS did not objected granting of bail to the accused as they were Muslims and the accused in these cases are Hindus.So it is pure persecution witch hunt of hindus by a Muslim govts at centre and Maharashtra and all the security agencies are working like dogs of the woman accused named Sadhvi Pragyan is being humiliated targeted and ill treated by the police ATS NIA CBI and jail authorities and she is suffering from terminal illness.But Courts deny her bail.The law of land prescribed that no accused can be detained in jail as under trial prisoner if the charge sheet is not filed by the agencies concerned in due time.SC has also ordered it but lower courts working under the dictates of ruling party as if courts are under the ruling party. Now CBI arresting innocent persons by linking them in the case falsely fraudulently and give a bad name to Hindus as terrorists and fanatics. The govt is highly communal and anti Hindu by virtue of a Christian roman catholic woman as head of state being the president of AICC who is ruling by iron hands with a vindictive mindset. We urge all Hindu lawyers to fight for bails to the so called accused and also BJP RSS VP leaders to fight against brutality of Sonia Congress govt.The Congress has divided India on communal lines by acting against Hindus with a venegeance.Time coming for its death very near as Hindus are more vocal and polarized. The impossible thing has been done by Sonia by uniting, polarizing and consolidating Hindu voters to root out congress full and final.

  4. Why don’t i find harsh (and true) articles by you on Christianity forceful conversions and the killings by Christians in last 300 years. I believe they killed more Hindus than Muslims did in this time frame.

    If Muslims were so saitans, then don’t you think Christians are more saitans as they conquered Muslims plus Hindus in India.

    However, Hindus should be thankful to Christians to contain Muslims and got us rid of Muslim rulers. And ofcourse they are better killers. Question is which death is better for Hindus/Hinduism, hallal or jhatka?

    Meat eaters (Muslims and Christians) are mostly courageous and bullying, and the vegetarian are, by law of nature, down in the food/life chain.

    We can collect data of atrocities of 1000 years in a small blog in 20 minutes, but it cannot be undone in next 30 minutes. Systematically it has to be undone and that is happening….ofcourse folks like you are great motivators…
    Let’s review the situation after 200 years from now 🙂

    But at the end of day i as a Hindu don’t want to see us in same light as we were 1000 years ago, but what i wud like to see is Hindu Muslim gel together into single way of life, similar to how Aryans and Dravidians did.

    We shud try to undo the India Pakistan partition in next 50 years. But developed nations wouldn’t let it happen as then how will they earn their bread and butter ? Including you….

  5. mr gautier rocks! this objective foreigner and esteemed guest of ours has much to say what many of us non violent (to the extent of being cowards) HINDUS never mustered to say for being labelled as COMMUNAL. HATS OFF!

  6. If some folks cast votes depending on what their elders or family say and if their opinions are the mere mouthing of words of their priests, their men and their men’s parents, they are a very subjugated and unhappy people. With a group of self serving and some very uneducated people at the top (or linked to the top) that is bound to continue. I think more Hindus are fighting this status quo today than their Muslim counterparts.

  7. I’m of Muslim origin and Christian and I cannot believe how stupid Hindus are. Hindus are like the only people on earth that you can kick in the face and they’ll apologize to you for their face getting in the way of your boot. It is a truly suicidal culture. I’m sure it didn’t always use to be thus.

    I really would like to see Hindus who aren’t ashamed about being pro-Hindu. I’d like to see Hindus who believe in Indian greatness. I have to agree with Subhas Chandra Bose that India needs a nationalist dictorship for at least 20 years. Currently, India has sham elections. Only a handful of irrelevant people vote on the issues. It is the classical definition of an illiberal democracy.

    Thank you Mr, Gautier for being one of the few foreigners who resisted the temptation to pat us on the head and reinforce our false sense of cultural pride that is divorced from reality. Only someone who truly hates Indians could tell us that we’re doing just great. If you love India, then you must be prepared to be brutally honest. And the honest truth is that India is a joke. Its a miracle that it hasn’t been formally annexed by a neighboring Islamic power yet.

  8. Never mistake gentleness for weakness . Many Hindus cannot fathom the aggression so flaunted by other religions as courage . as for not responding when kicked in the face its the brute who kicks after receiving welcome and all benefits who should be faulted . Hindus have withstood aggression over centuries and still survive without causing harm to others .

  9. Then again Christianity and Islam are both Abramamic religions with a bloody history against those who did not share the same faith . If this is civilised behavior lets have none of it ….am truly happy I belong to neither .

  10. Well rexrao, I’m glad you feel that cowardice makes you a morally superior individual. However, in the English language you’re still termed a coward. In the law of nations, the principle of reciprocity prevails. And I assure you, Muslims and Christians abide by this principle. Christians in the West try very very hard not to offend Muslims because they know Muslims with react (and usually over-react). Did you see any Mohammed cartoons on CNN? No, because CNN was afraid.

    Did you well up with pride on the inside to be told that Hindus are viewed as no better than dogs to be ill treated?

    We are not speaking about victimizing innocent people as courageous. I never once said that. That’s a figment of your imagination (which you use to justify your own cowardice). We’re talking about defending yourself against bullies. Or are you too stupid to understand the difference? While the moral blame still attaches to the bully, there is also the expectation that the victim will at least attempt to put up a fight.

    Tell me, would you watch your daughter getting raped in front of you without at least attempting to use some physical force to come to her aid?…Then again I guess you’d probably just go pray about it.

  11. Ah no there is no need to pray for people who are at the bottom of all that is morally illiterate and lacking in basic tenets of civilised behavior . Any hopes of conquering through force best forgotten . Concentrate instead on raising oneself from the physical to the spiritual . Also we don’t believe in praying half s dozen times and cause harm to others .

  12. Ah yes, the Hindu coward who hides behind “spirituality.”…This is precisely why 10 Muslims can take down the millions of good spiritual Hindus in all Mumbai. Why do Hindu cowards always seem to think its admirable and “moral” to refuse to defend their lives, their honor, or their property?

    Is that what Hindu morality teaches? Why not just abolish the Indian Army then? Its just immoral to even have an Army.

    Rexrao must be a secret ISI agent or a Muslim terrorist because only Pakistan could be pleased with weak docile Hindus who won’t even pretend to defend themselves.

  13. Rexrao is the proverbial canary in the Indian coal mine. :-p

  14. So ten million Muslims can conquer India . Would.suggest you read up.your history books and see how often Pakistan won a war against India . The answer is never . For the brave people you claim to represent are cowardly bombers who sneak in to
    Kill hundreds of Indians …or claim victimhood and hang out for freebies like reservations for jobs you arnt qualified for subsidies for Haj ..cry aloud when no gives you housing …the list goes on…brave beggars …you are being tolerated ..not feared or more important respected . Now you know so put that in your hookah and smoke it …and listen to Zakir naik for absurd entertainment .

  15. Hey moron, do you realize I’m on your side? As in I’m against the bully behavior of Muslims. I’m just telling you to stand up to your bully instead of running away and donning a sari.

  16. Good to hear you’re on my side whatever that means . Personally don’t stand up to any bullying …nor hesitate to say what I feel even in Muslim forums . The Hindus are not cowards the present dispensation is bank politics and wholly amoral . Also don’t wear a sari and sit …have an interesting job of work to do …and a lot of travel …reading too ..try Ayan Hirsi Ali for starters …good night .

  17. Thank God my ancestors emigrated from “Mother India” (whatever that means)….otherwise I might be as stupid and cowardly as a typical Indian is today. God bless immigration!

  18. Thank God for emigration ..right . Take more of your ilk with you . Just cluttering up the place and a drain on mental physical resources . Just go and stay wherever …anywhere …but go .

  19. @ Rexrao
    i dont think that this guy Farouk is saying anything wrong. you better have a broad mind to perceive his opinions in the right manner. even i wont say that we are cowards, but we Hindus are a little bit cowards and much more deluded, like yourself.

  20. Depends on what you call cowardice …if it means not attacking another because he belongs to another faith …if it means not indulging in conversion ….if it means not attacking another country for territorial conquest…then maybe Hindus are cowards …I would not have it any other way .

  21. My Dear Rani Rao, in your rush to defend your sari-clad cowardice you’ve brought up points I never once made. I’ve heard that corruptly buying degrees and grades is a huge problem in India but you seem to be the worst example possible. Where in Allah’s name did I once say that Hindus must attack other people for their faith or launch wars of conquest?…I was talking about self-defense you illiterate member of the Delhi chatterati….Cowardice is not failing to attack innocent people but failing to defend yourself from aggressors. In South Asia there are principally two types of people….Aggressor Muslims and Cowardly Hindus. I don’t know but a handful of Muslims who even accept you Hindus as equal members of the brotherhood of the human race. To most Muslims you’re just a monkey with no soul who is at best a farm animal who can pay jizya or at worst a fair target for genocidal extermination.

  22. Paritosh, thank you for being so open minded. We Indians need to be open to self-criticism especially when as a society we often veer into states of delusions. We have a delusion that India is a great power. Or a respected power. To the rest of the world India is the abused woman of South Asia. Abused by three husbands, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Why aren’t Indians more ashamed at this state of affairs? The United States went to war to punish the killing of 3,000 of its ordinary citizens. Can you imagine India ever going to war to protect even 300,000 of its citizens? The nature of bullies and cowards is that cowardice breeds more bullyism. India has to learn to stand up to its bullies, both external and domestic.

  23. @ Farouk
    i really cant believe that a Muslim is being so pro-Hindu and pro-Indian

  24. Brave brave men bombing civilians in Hyderabad …really admirable ..if this is courage lets have none of it .

  25. Paritosh, I’m pro-Indian probably because I was born and grew up in the West. In the West, no white sees any difference between a Muslim or a Hindu Indian. Indians are either scorned or respected as a group and while we may often not be fully scorned by everyone I can guarantee you we are not respected by anyone. And the sad fact is that Indians will never be respected as a group in the West until India as a nation becomes a respected power. And it so happens that Hindus are the majority of Indians, so if that change is to be effected then a good portion of the change has to occur amongst Hindus. I can’t tell you how ashamed I am to have to endure the jokes of my white friends whenever 10 terrorists hold an entire Indian city hostage, or when Pakistan bitch slaps India just for fun, or when those disgraceful pictures of the Commonwealth Games construction were published. One-fifth of the human race is a cowardly joke.

    Muslims who hate Hindus (and I’m convinced that a majority of Muslims hate Hindus, some are just more verbal with their hatred) would like Hindus to remain weak and “peaceful” so they can remain strong and dominant. And the key to that are people like this woman rexrao. She is the perfect Hindu man. Effeminate and cowardly.

    These are the actions of a suicidal people.

  26. Rexrao, like a typical illiterate you once again fail to grasp the point. The people (Muslims) who carry out terrorist bombings are evil bullies bent on domination. So what are the Hindu victims going to do to solve the problem? Pray to Lord Ram and hope the Muslims stop murdering you? Or demand that your Government vigorously go after Muslims who plot and plan these atrocities like every other nation on earth does? What does India do to prevent the targeted killings of Hindus? NOTHING! Because for some reason Hindu life is cheap in India.

  27. Why don’t you stay in whichever corner of the earth you have fled to employ yourself in some gainful occupation if thats possible instead of worrying about Hindus in India . Can do without second raters .

  28. Rexrao, aside from the few oligarchs who own India, most Indians would happily accept a Western visa to emigrate including you. I bet you’ve already applied for a visa. Probably just upset that you got turned down. :-p

  29. Wrong again ….have travelled all over and go for lectures abroad . Told you to stick to wherever you are and don’t worry about India and Hindus . I belong here and don’t run from my country like some cowards who are second class citizens somewhere abroad .

  30. Here we go. Typical Indian bullshit! You have no real arguments to refute my points so you devolve into the behavior of a fish monger at the market. RaniRao, this isn’t my problem to a great a degree. You’re right about that. As a Muslim, I stand a greater chance of not getting murdered in India than you do. You like being a victim so enjoy. Its the modern Hindu defining trait. The happy abused spouse. You should be ashamed to be a second class citizen while still in India :-p

  31. Tis better to be murdered than despised ..which your ilk are.the whole civilised world over …don’t worry about my being murdered …about the abused spouse take a look at the wonder thats your womanhood also read the infidel …cannot argue with irrational elements that categorizes you .forget it . In other words get lost .silly.

  32. LMAO….”Tis better to be murdered than despised”….I have to save this for future reference. I hope your wife knows that you’d let her get gang raped rather than risk being “despised” :-p…Chatrapati Shivaji must have been a secret Muslim :-p

  33. I wonder how long before the India’s Sari Goverment apologizes to Muslims for today’s Hyderabad attacks. So far India’s Maha Rani PM has taken to twitter to cry like a woman :-p

  34. Incidentally am a woman …lets leave it you want to provoke …but actually am getting pretty bored with your line of prose that cannot be dignified by the word argument . Have better things to do and don’t want to waste time on half witted comments .

  35. Then again it would not surprise me a bit if you were not settled abroad but holed up in some corner of India . Nothing would explain more your inordinate and unnatural interest in India and it’s events and people . As I said very unnatural . Come clean if that’s possible .

  36. LMAO….”Inordinate” and “unnatural”? I don’t even know what to say. Hinglish is such a rich language. Stick with words that you actually understand. The words so out of context I wouldn’t know where to begin….If we could return for a moment to the issue at hand, today we see the fruits of Islamic terrorism once again on Indian soil and yet again we can expect a Hindu-majority government to do absolutely nothing because no one really cares about a dozen or so dead Hindus. India is “rich” in terms of nominal Hindus. They can afford to expend a few million Hindus here and there. Hindu cowardice at display for the whole world to see. Gandhi’s children are carrying on the legacy of Hindu weakness. I can almost guarantee you that India will just bitch and moan for a little while and then its back to business as usual.

    I would love to visit India someday to see the great monuments of the past but the only problem is that I’d have to encounter Indians. That’s enough to discourage anyone.

  37. Two Muslims mounted on bicycles just plunged Hindu India into a state of emergency. :-p…With 4 bicycles they could have annexed the whole of India to Pakistan :-

  38. @ rex rao

    better try to understand the point he is trying to make. i say that because i am really pissed off when i see people like you hide Hindu passivity and cowardice behind bullshit like “compassion” and “peace”.

    @ Farouk
    i’m still wondering if you really are a Muslim. in case if you really are, you are a rare kind of a Muslim.

  39. Paritosh, among my community I’m not rare at all. My ancestors left British India in the 19th century for the Caribbean so the Caribbean Indian Muslim community is not viciously anti-Hindu. On the contrary, we have very harmonious and brotherly relations. Mixed marriages are also quite common. Religion for Caribbean Indians are subordinate to our identity as “Indians” first….Granted our Hindus are still a little weak and cowardly but they’re still light years beyond the Hindus of India.

    In the Caribbean, Muslims even celebrate Diwali and other Hindu holidays as well because we have a shared identity. Just as Hindus also celebrate Christian and Muslim holidays.

    As Indians are a minority in the Caribbean, we’ve learned as a matter of survival to put aside religion.

    On a selfish note, I want Hindus to be a strong people so that together Indians can be strong. If Hindus (who are the overwhelming majority of Indians) are not strong then we’re all placed at a disadvantage. The Indian Diaspora doesn’t have the luxury of communalism.

    The Indian Diaspora longs to see a strong and respected India on the world stage. Which is why we need to beef up our Hindus! 😀

  40. And FYI Paritosh, as the grandson of an Imam, I’m more Muslim than most Muslims 😀

  41. @ Farouk

    rexrao seems to be a Telugu or a Kannadiga woman from her name, i cant tell if you share my view, but i have seen a tendency to be passive and cowardly in people of certain Indian states especially those mentioned and the Bengalis.

  42. Paritosh, I live in NYC and in my interactions with Indians from India I find the South Indian Hindus and South Indian Christians (especially Keralites) to be almost uniformly cowardly in general and slavish towards whites in particular. I completely share your view. These so-called Indians consider it the greatest blessing from the gods if their son or daughter marries a white. Even if that white is some low class rat catcher. I believe the South Indians generally experienced longer European Imperial domination and more direct foreign rule so that may factor in as well. The Indians from the North (generally though not always) tend to less cowardly though still infected by the same disease.

    Further, it may be unpopular or politically incorrect to say this but India can indeed be separated by drawing a line between the martial races and the non-martial races. The British were largely right in the way they sized up the various tribes, castes, and races of India by martial ability.

  43. dear hindu brothers,
    why feel ashame in accpting the fact that if we are not coward, then at least we are fools.
    history has proved this.
    a handful of turk, moghul invaders took all india. converted it 10% at least.
    then still a lesser no. of white people, took all india, and left it leaving their stooges behind to work for them.
    and now a single lady of that divine family is ruling hindu’s of india, calling them terrorists.

    so if they are not coward, then what are they ?????????

    god save the hindus !

  44. I agree Ashok. Either cowards or fools! Every last class country on earth can piss on India and Hindus and yet the Hindus don’t seem to mind at all. This week India got a double dose of piss. Islamic Bangladesh pissed on India and Christian Italy got in on the act….Who in this world has not pissed on India and its Hindus at least once?

  45. who the hell is this rexrao ? Most of the muslims in India should be ashamed to know about this gentleman called FAROUK. He should be a role model Muslim for these muslims.

  46. You’re right! The truth is very shameful. It’s very shameful for Hindus to behave like such cowards while everyone pisses on them…Muslims of every nationality and now Italians are administering golden showers to India and her nominal Hindus.

  47. Not worth responding to a hate monger called Farouk . None so deaf as those who won’t hear .

  48. I don’t hate Hindus rex. I hate how you people behave. I wouldn’t so much about you stupid Hindus if I wasn’t an Indian. Because occasionally I have to embarrassingly make up plausible excuses for Hindu cowardice and stupidity. And I’m out of excuses for your people.

  49. Very considerate of you but can’t imagine why you are so concerned about Hindus . You should worry about yourself and those who think like you . Despised around most civilised countries tottering regimes lies murder mayhem . General mess is what your so called bravery has brought you down to . Not bravery rather treachery . Having said that concern yourself with causes you just may be if use to .

  50. If you live in NYC I can’t see people flocking to you asking about Hindu cowardice . I can think if what they might ask you and it sure wouldn’t be about Hinduism . Or bravery . So try and be civilised and don’t take out your frustrations on those who don’t care what you think .

  51. I’m concerned about Hindus because they’re the majority of the Indian people, therefore their stupidity affects me. Also, I’m certain that my blood is 90% Hindu since I’m not an Arab, or Persian, or European. One can change their religion, but we’re still part of the same tribe and nationality. Muslims from India are simply historical converts from Hinduism. Unless of course you think India has 200 million plus Arabs….Typical non-response in attempting to attack the man, not the argument. Then again your Pandits and Swamis have spent the past few centuries since Maharaja Shivaji training Hindus to be cowards wearing saris.

  52. cowardice has bred greed and corruption

  53. Paarijaat Banerji

    Wao! that was quite entertaining. An article well written by a great man & analyzed by even greater men/women. Well as one of the ‘self proclaimed’ greatest spokes person of our religion or race whichever the reader prefers I will surely take the liberty to do a bit of analysis my self.
    1. Well of course they are. Well look at us we have been ruled by so many race for such a long time. Did we protest? of course not. we accepted them as our rulers. But due to some reason or the other they left. I do wonder why? may be they were fed-up with our cowardice.
    2. Our rulers tortured, massacred, raped, plundered, ravaged & did every evil thing possible by human to do on another human. Did we raise a finger? nope & never will. but once in a decade or so a monkey jumps out of the box and does some thing like demolish a mosque or may be start a riot and the whole world calls us anarchist, murderers even more representatives of the devil. well now I am confused if we do not resist you call us cowards & if we resist you call us anarchist.
    3. The British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish all had used India as their colony. Again the coward Hindus accepted them. And these great heart colonist “Left the goose that lays the golden eggs”. Surely these colonist we idiots.
    4. As truly stated by our learned Columnist see how US treats us. They refuse to give us Headley & Pres. Bush kneels, begs, forces the senate to approve an unprecedented nuclear deal with India that too in India’s term and don’t for get this deal was made during the lame duck session. Of-course it was a way of scaring the coward Indians. What a master stroke it was. India was surely petrified by this, though the US Senate thought differently.

    So the bottom-line is we are cowards “Struggle for existence & survival of the fittest” – all our rulers have scummed to their political injuries but we survived & our nascent democracy have just started colonizing. We just bailed out France. The estimated the value of the deal for 126 Rafales around $18 billion, is a huge boost for the French economy not to mention their sick defense industry. Not to mention the Apache Longbow deal with US worth 1.2 billion.

    Men some thing is very wrong aren’t we the people who are supposed to be scared? OR MAY BE NOT. We understood one thing way back “business & politics goes hand in hand” that is why we survived and other’s perished.

    I will we expecting heart filling abusive reaction. So please be as abusive as you can

  54. Well we cant say,,all hindus are cowards..We know the bravery Hindu people shown in protecting their dharma at different situations..But from my point of view,,i think we lack aggression..may be due to thousands of years of foreign rule and some decades of secular rule…we are too adjusting and less reactive..LOL..i think Hindus follows Newtons first law better than anyone..
    Its good to show respect to other faiths and show consideration to their matters..But like Farouk told..if somebody thinks this is for granted and starts to bully us..we have to react…And i dont know whether u are aware or not..but some Majlis party leader in Hyderabad Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi openly challenged Hindus and some mad dogs like Zakir Naik barking through out the country making fool of both Hindus and Muslims and yet we are doing nothing..Look ,,whatever religion or ism may come..But Hinduism comes first for India,,the concept of Sanathan Dharma makes the country of Bharatha,it has roots in every soil of india and the efforts by great men to protect this great culture constitute our history..

  55. hindus calls sikhs terrorist… well they all forgot, sikhism was only invented to save coward hindus who couldn’t even protect their wife and daughter… sikhs saved hindus from extinction (when mughals were turning hindus to muslims).. instead of thanking and showing some respect, they stabbed sikhs on their back… they killed thousands of sikhs in 1984… what they call it “OPERATION BLUE STAR”… if their were any terriosts at amristsar, it is understood… but burning alive every sikh they saw on street (1984), torturing sikh girls… IS THAT BLOODY FAIR…


  56. Nowdays Sikhs are being pitched against the Muslims by some mischief mongers. None of the minorities and lower caste hindus are safe in India.

  57. The British policy of divide and rule is still followed in India by upper caste Hindus to serve their own selfish interests.

  58. no indians are safe in india, except italiens.

  59. If Hindus want to survive for next two centuries, then increase your population. Or else nothing is going to work out. Stop Dowry, Stop charging too much money for education, stop eating money for all other activities as brokers. You create all businesses to eradicate the hindus yourselves.. Do not blame anyone. Do not sell your land for dowry and education, If you do so you will not get it back. You are gone. It is a silent lawful war. Wake up..

  60. I am proud to be an Indian on the fact that we had Rajputs, Shivajis, Maratha warriors, south indian warriors ( many of them), to fight against all invasions. Everyone invaded and are trying to make a mark here. I never am proud because Moguls ruled India for long. I do see a religious pressure during that time, which is not a great achievement. History has lots of colors. Do not want to recollect all. But same approach is still there.

  61. Thank you Francois for your article. But I doubt it will open the eyes of the complacent. When a Hindu is attacked, the others will not say anything. When a muslim is attacked, a crowd of muslim will come to his rescue. India is a country that cannot protect its own people- they are just a shameful lot – How would you feel if you lived in Kashmir and your family gets killed and robbed by a bunch of muslim hooligans. The Indian politicians are corrupt and wicked. They think only about their pockets. Pakistan has killed all the Hindus that were living in that country and Bangladesh is doing the same thing even though the Indians protected them against the Pakistanis during the war. Yet these stupid Indians are still playing cricket with a begger nation like Pakistan. Even a chicken will defend its offsprings when attacked although when it knows that it will be killed in the process. Indians are the worse race on this earth right now. Pakistan really needs to bomb them ….even then I doubt they will wake up. Bastards like Nehru and Gandhi and today, Congress is finishing the Hindus slowly. India needs to be ruled by a tyrant who has the temperament of Subhas Chandra Bose. I just hope he reincarnates somewhere in India to save these stupid brats.

  62. India, do not waste time buying arms from Israel only. Learn something from that tiny nation. They can defy any Arab nation. All Arabs fear them despite their small size. What’s the use of being a huge country and not being able to defend innocent hindus being killed everyday by a bunch of coward terrorists. Do you have any blood left flowing in your veins or are you like the snail. You are not even ashamed of not defending the Hindus of Kashmir and West Bengal. Congress should be ousted out as soon as possible. If they win another election, your country will be doomed.

  63. Actually, India has defeated Pakistan in 4/4 wars, and Defeated china in 1/2 wars. The one from 1967.
    Gandhi was talking about the rule, “bully rule”, “coward rule”.

  64. @FAROUK
    You are Right my friend. Hindus are cowards and they will remain the same. Do you know why? It is because we hindus dont want to do any thing by our self and always want some one else to do our dirty jobs. And as it is prophesized that there will be a kalki avatar in this era who will save the hindus from abuse So, We do nothing and wait for that messiah to come and save ourselves. Till that time we start standing for ourselves and not wait for messiah we will remain cowards and we will be bullied by everyone.

  65. Farouk, do you acknowledge that we hindus and Muslims are the same race . We have the same DNA and that your ancestors were once hindus who got Disgusted with the weak attitude shown by Hindus and converted to what they thought was a stronger and more Clearly logical faith ?

    I believe Hindus and Muslims should unite In the Indian subcontinent by giving top priority to race as the uniting factor.

    Wir sind ein Volk ! Should be the new slogan. Hum log ek hain.
    We are one people.
    If we can keep our religion to ourselves and not let it
    Interfere with our social life, then there is nothing more which is needed.
    This can only happen if the Hindu is not afraid to state the he is a Hindu
    And proud of it.

    We need to kick the secular idiots out of India who want to side with the Muslims and bully the Hindus. They mean only trouble.


  67. It is right . Indian History tells hindus are casteist , selfish , traitors & cowards.

  68. At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, afterward
    having my breakfast coming yet again to read other

  69. Vishal Jhunjhunwala

    Time for Hindus to wake up and come together to standup against the religious bigotry. At the same time Realise the wealth of knowledge in our culture, and take pride in being an Indian.

  70. India and it’s men are disgusting. I met an Indian man who is a Hindu who already had a girlfriend in America. I am in Germany. His name is “Anmol Chandon” or “Nikka Anmol”. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them. He uses them to stay with or have sex usually until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene and clogged pores all over, very short, and dirty. He is doesn’t deserve any woman and all need to beware. He preys on innocent white women, filipinos, and anything with fair skin…. spreading herpes and worse. He is a coward and swine.

  71. Firstly, I do not agree that Hindus are weakling cowards like Paki Afgi Bangi Irani Iraqi Indoni Egypti who succumbed, surrendered and converted to become islamicized people and Islamic Republics. It would also be tantamount to berating the supreme sacrifices of many brave Hindu people. Secondly, had there been a forward philosophy of religion-based unity and conversion , there was enough Hindu bravery on the subcontinent to change the colour of the map from Indonesia to the Middle East. Thirdly, lessons of history and the present set of circumstances point towards lesser requirement of pacifism , a greater degree of assertiveness of self identity and zero tolerance towards aggression.

  72. Sophie M you have generalized your conclusion based on the negative experience of one person. Such a person deserves to be condemned based on your description. However, everyone is not like that. There are many white women from US , Europe who stand up for , respect and admire Indians. My observation has been that white women keep on trying to ‘latch on’ or ‘attatch’ themselves to Indians even when they are told that they are not going to get married to them by the boy and his family .I cannot understand why this one-sided liking thing is so common. I may be frank that I feel very, very sorry when the attatchment is one-sided but sincere and faithful and does not get reciprocated by Indians who cannot stand up before their family traditional values. On that point I support you. Second point is that white colour is not the property of US or Europe , etc. You would be surprised to learn that there are many pure (original) Indians (not of mixed descent ) who are whiter and more European-looking with better features than Europeans themselves. Leaving that aside , in the ultimate analysis , it is the intrinsic worth , the human value of a person that is long lasting, be it white , colour, tall or short physique , smartness , simplicity ,etc.Regarding hygiene it is of paramount importance. I do not understand how did you land up with such company in the first place?

  73. brilliant thought man……………im a hindu and dont feel anger…………but i wud like u to suggest a solution to this problem also…..

  74. Any sudden increase in popularity because it contains the toxins
    from your teeth, let the gel itself. You oil pulling also
    need an initial impression. In such cases, wherein individuals have complained
    that their children aren’t being seen during the willful stages of tooth bleaching.

  75. FRANCOIS, looking at the comments post blog, you’re quite successful in dividing Indians, Hindus & Muslims over baseless allegations. Pouring fuel over the spark as your ancestors did in the past while applying ‘Divide and rule’ policy. No doubt, Indians are impulsive enough in reaction without analysis.
    Still, I’m hopeful that one day both, the Hindus and the Muslims will realize the truth and unite to progress the country towards a new direction. And, will no more call outside monkeys to justify the bread share of ours. Or else, those monkeys will snatch away the bread, leaving you hungry, gazing at each other.

  76. Francois was telling the truth and you’re shrieking like a pig out of your cowardice. Shame on you, “Real Indian”. It takes courage even to admit that one is a coward. Why don’t you admit. Have you ever read the novel “Avarana”. Why should be unite as “Hindus” and Muslims” you despicable scum. Why don’t we unite as “Indians”. Cowards hide their impotency with a mask of “perseverance”. There is very thin line between cowardice and perseverance. It’s a case of sour grapes, isn’t it? Also you are considering every Indian as weak like you – to be influenced by outside forces. Wake up. You are talking about “baseless allegations”. are you educated beyond 5th standard? Then you might have known about atrocities committed by the invaders and our response to it. Wake up, my friend.

  77. so according to this man peaceful people are cowards….well i agree that indians dont stand up against injustice sometimes and unlike muslims we dont form religious groups for violence….. all of u commenting here either u dont know anything about this topic or u dont live in india….i saw this farouk guy who is speaking about hindus even when he himself says that he was born in the WEST …LOL>…let me tell you why muslims are considered bullies here….IN india muslims are around 20% thus they are minority and hindus are around 70%+…..thus muslims form groups wherever they live because of the fear of getting beaten or bullied….so when a single muslim is bullied whole race comes against it…hindus doesnt do that simply because we are majority and if we do…then riots and mass killings like in gujrat in 2002 will happen…. and if u really wanna see what are hindus then stop judging on the basis of internet and articles and come to India to see….how devilish the hindu politicians and some hindu sects are in reality..

  78. Let un analyze facts and say with absolute certainty that Hindus are not cowards.

    In recorded 2600 years of Indian history, India faced no less than seven waves of major invasions. Greeks, Kushans, Scythians, Huns, Arabs, Turks and British.

    We successfully resisted Greeks, Kushans, Scythians, Huns and Arabs – due to valiant Hindu resistance they could neither conquer majority of Indian territories and population – not only that, Indians finally destroyed their presence in India.

    As for Turks – It is true that Turks under Ghori managed to become paramount power in Indian subcontinent around 1200 AD. But were they able to completely crush their Hindu subjects or were they able to destroy Hindu independent kingdoms in Western, Central and Southern India? Answer is no.

    And note that Muslim Turks could rule parts of India only because their Hindu opponents were too disunited to put up a common effort to drive out the Turks. There was no Raja Suheldev or Raja Bhoja to unite Hindus in face of Turkic threat after 12th century.

    Turks managed to bring greater part of India and her population only after arrival of Akbar – and note that he succeeded in conquest of greater part of India and her inhabitants only because he bribed Hindu princes of Western and Central India and only because he stopped persecution of his Hindu subject.

    And what happened when Aurangzeb restarted persecution of Hindus? Same Hindus who cooperated with three generations of Mughal rulers rose up in revolt across vast parts of India – and the most daring of the rebels – Marathas – destroyed Mughal rule and hoisted saffron flag in Delhi and Agra in 1772.

    Had it not been for the arrival of the accursed British, Hindu Marathas would have freed India from Islamic yoke.

    Where does origin of minority appeasement and cowardice practiced by 20th and 21st century Indian leaders and intellectuals lay? It has much to do with ideas spread by those Hindus who were indoctrinated by British. Or to put it in simple words, it was not Hindus of ‘old school’ who authored minority appeasement and cowardice but those Hindus corrupted by British education. Kindly remember that it was British who “persuaded’ Indians into thinking that they are a nation of cowards (a lie) who were always ruled by alien invaders (another lie). Hindus uncontaminated by British – ones before 19th century never thought of themselves as a nation of cowards.

    Hindus today are disorganized and hence dont have any idea as to how to respond to pseudo-secularist treachery and Islamic onslaughts and persecution. But have they given up their ancestral faith? Answer is No. Or let us say – they are not cowards.

    Have they simply kept quiet? Answer is once more No ……. if a now we have a Hindu leader ruling over whole of India as a supreme leader, it is only because a band of Hindu patriots worked for decades since 1925 – proves once more that Hindus are not cowards and that they are men of action.

    So what is the point?

    1) You can accuse Hindus of stupidity, but never of cowardice.

    If they had been cowards, they would not have fought so relentlessly in sands of Rajasthan and hills of Central India and in arid Deccan even after Ghori conquered Ganges Basin, the heartland of India. Nor is it a symptom of cowards to stick to their ancestral faith and rise up in suicidal revolts even in face of centuries long persecution (which is what Hindu people in those parts of India ruled by Sultans and Nawabs did).

    2) Contemporary cowardice of leaders and intellectuals is because they have accepted negative stereotypes (invented and propagated by British) about their country.

    To conclude, evidence prove beyond doubt Hindus are not cowards.

  79. Some interesting facts —

    Islamic supremacy in South Asia lasted from 1192 (fall of Prithviraj) to 1737 (Baji Rao sacks Delhi). 545 years (and not ‘1000 years’ as usually thought).

    There was no shortage of great Hindu military leaders who fought Islamic invaders. Pratap and Shivaji are only the most famous. There were many others less well know. Let me mention a few since to list them entirely would require a huge book.

    Lalitaditya Muktapida
    Vidyadhara Chandela
    Bhojaraja Parma
    Govindchand Gadval
    Bappa Rawal,
    Rana Kumbha,
    Rana Sanga,
    MahaRana Pratap,
    Rana Raj Singh
    Prolaya Vema
    Krshnadeva Raya,
    Venkata Devaraya
    Durgadas Rathore
    Lachit Borphukan
    Chhatrasal Raja
    Santaji Ghorpade
    Baji Rao Thorale

  80. All of you only answer me a very simple question, that if hindus are coward then why india is the only country and Hinduism is the only religion in the world which could not be converted to islam even though muslim ruled india for more than 500years???

  81. Very true, our Hindus are cowards indeed.

  82. I think the writer is racist and has hyped the issue. He is a big lier in face of all Indians. Such articles should not be circulated in media

  83. TruthTeller

    The blog writer seems to have completely forgotten his own European Christian history. The European massacred entire populations for not converting. Native Americans faced a genocide. Then during the inquisition thousands of Jews and Muslims were killed by the Christians. The Christians went around the world colonizing, raping, looting and pillaging.

    Islam on the other hand still adapted to Indian Hindu culture, much more than Christian colonizers did. Was there a Christian Akbar?

    The Sufi Islamic practices are very close to the dharmic religions. Islam contributed and enriched Indian culture through arts, music and architecture. Did Christians do this?

  84. Mr.Gauntier as always has been very objective and fiery in his observations about hindu society. But he is totally wrong about the Modern and Educated Hindu youths. The hindu society cares a tuppence for Muslim agression ,infact they make use of every given opportunity to take revenge upon muslims- Gujarat riots, Bombay riots and muzzafarnagar riots are tell tale examples of this radical change.
    The Hindu today is adaptable,believer of multiplicity but at the same time very agressive defender of hindu identity. Gone are the days of pacifism, any misadventure by miscreats is being dealt with in brutal manner.
    Hindus are not worried about the muslims and christians of our country, the real cause of concern are the psuedo secular hindus who exploit and defend Minorities. They are the Real Enemies of Hindus. Hindus have already taught a fitting lesson to such Psuedo Seculars in the recent General Election by electing BJP and Modi ji. The trend will remain the same in future too. Hindus are on upward swing through Education and IT Revolution.
    Nobody should dare to take Hindus for Granted as before.

  85. I think hindus are kind people but muslims think we are coward leader like Gandhi and nehru were coward so all Hindus are thought to be coward which is not true atal bihari made us nuclear power and now we can destroy pakistan any time we wish

  86. india need a two party democracy the smaller parties like sp bsp rjd are coward they dovote bank politics mulayam can send his daughter to any mulla for vote bank leaders like him should be hanged

  87. As a Punjabi Khatri, I say speak for yourself if you think Hindu’s are cowards. The unfortunate tragedy of partition showed we will fight to the death and quite successful in combat.

    All Sikh gurus were from Punjabi Hindu Khatri backgrounds. We are not Sanantan dharam, superstitious type of Hindus. Nor are we skinny or physically weak like Gandhi types.

    Let us also not forget Hindu Jats, Gujjars, etc. Aggressive people. I do believe there is a stark contrast between NW regional indians tolerance of Muslims and that of South and other states.

    If I am not mistaken, Rajputs are also fierce types. I think the statement is an oversimplification. Remember it was a Hindu that assassinated Gandhi, and a LOT of modern day Hindus, esp. those in Punjab, do NOT respect Gandhi.

  88. Also wanted to add, it is about time India starts permitting all Indians to buy property in Kashmir.

    We Punjabis know how to handle Kashmiris, afterall we ruled them for many years until stupid Nehru/political situations. We also ruled Afghans under Ranjit Singh. If you can handle Afghans, you can certainly handle Kashmiri Muslims. We will teach Kashmiri Muslims to behave.

    Appeal to the government of India to allow people from other states to buy land in Kashmir.


    It’s amazing how big a coward a Hindu really is.I lived in India till I was a young man and know this first hand.I am Christian and only had Muslim friends,we hated the Hindu’s especially the Bengali’s.The Bengali’s are worse than women and run at the first sight of trouble.The Muslims and Christians used to get together in school and kick the crap out of the Bengali’s.If they got hurt playing sport they would actually cry and then their mothers would come the next day protesting that their kids shouldn’t be playing sport where they can get hurt…..we Christians and Muslims used to piss ourselves laughing.The Hindu’s should be lucky that the British saved them in the 1947 riots….they were being slaughtered.My mum and dad were British army and used to tell me how the Bengali’s were nowhere to be seen as soon as they used to hear the Muslims were coming.
    Give the Hindu’s to blame the British for doing everything wrong to them,what they forget to say like the cowards they are that India was actually a clean and prosperous country.Look at India now it’s the worst place on the planet,dirty,corrupt that even has the so called Indians running away to live abroad.
    The only thing the Hindu’s and Bengali’s are good for is getting their girl children married to grown men.The men being depraved and the filthiest of human beings who know how to rape women that they can never have.They will never change,they will never every get rid of poverty.The so called Pandits and fucking Brahmins are the worst bastards.They are supposed to be men of God but will not even touch poor Indians,helping them is out of the questions.The pandits and brahmins have sex with their own children to keep their blood pure and yet they say they are men of God and of a high class.What is this class bullshit anyway,why must a certain group of people be treated like shit because the rich bastards have money and bully them.
    They say KARMA is a bitch,they bully and treat the poor people like shit and in turn get treated like shit by the Muslims and the international community.

  90. It’s strange that I came across this article today as I have been ” researching ” this topic for a while now. A little bit about my background – I am from Punjab, India. Jatt-sikh by ethnicity. I live in the U.S now and am a Physician by profession. I became interested in the topic of ” race ” and Eugenics a few months ago because the U.S is a very race conscious country. It is essentially built on the principal of ‘White supremacy ” which is a modified version of ” Nordic race ” supremacy. Therefore , being the observant person that I am , this ” vibe” of race consciousness did not escape my notice.
    Living in India , I never thought about these things as where I come from , I am the top of the food chain.
    Indians in my opinion are somewhat of anomaly. Their general temperament is quite cowardly , wimpy , docile , passive and meek. And yet , India was home to some great civilizations of the past.
    My conclusion for at-least one of the reasons for this behavior is a distinct and marked lack of Pride. I am not sure how they were in lets say the 17th century when India was not the pathetic, dirty country as it is today but as of today , Indians everywhere are the lowest of the low when it comes to having pride in themselves , their country. I don’t know the reason for this.
    But , this has caused these people a lot of trouble.
    A nation not even 1/10th the size of India was able to rule it for 200 years.
    Imagine that. They came to our land , pushed us around , said we were inferior , enforced their language and customs on us. They opened up social clubs where we not allowed to enter…!!!! On our own land…!! Land that Indian people in some form or other have occupied forever. What did we do ..??
    What a group of pathetic human beings. Is there anything more humiliating that this…??

  91. varun sharma

    apni aise taisi karao mullo ….. saalo hindu hu
    ..jaan se maar dunga or poora katuaaa bana dunga

  92. saalooo akela afghanistan tk maa chod dunga..

    muslim to gandi jagah dhoond kr bethta hai …..hindu bade dilwale hote hai tabi mulle saas le rahe h wrna jin hindu logo ka dil meri tarah chota hota hai na vo mullo ki ma bhen bi kr dete h

  93. A Gorkha’s is always their to defend Hinduism, as always Gurkha will defend when evr needed. but now the time is not of sword or gun but now its the time of pen so the RSS and all other hindu religious group should take the initiative to defend Hinduism the two main thing the RSS and other hindu group should do are to stop those Christians missionaries from converting poor uneducated rurally localated Hindus, and another important thing is to bring back all the Forcefully converted Muslims from hindu in the mughals era back to the their real righteous religion of HINDUISM…. lastly I like to end my comment by saying India and Nepal is a Hindu state or a Country we have to conserve it and ambrace it by making it a Hindu Republic and unity amongs the hindu is much needed we lack it though now its high time ⌚ to correct it…. Jaya Nepal Jaya Hindustan. (Jaya maha kali ayo Gorkhali)

  94. Nishnat Biswas

    Some bastard child (bunty or something) of British Soldier has said here that bengali brahmins are cowards. U son of a bitch, say that infront of me and i will slap ur mother infront of your eyes. Remember onething, the muslims dont treat us as shit. in bengal, most of muslims are below poverty line, and if they abuse us in group, we tend to ignore them. we dont even consider them human beings.if a poor and filthy animal hurls abuse at anyone, u dont answer him. thats normal.

    and as far as u r concerned, i think ur muslim friends were having sex with ur mother. thats why u love them so much. it must be ur family culture have have sex with ur children and parents. i dont know ur age, but if u have a daughter, u will surely have sex with her. thats what u r fit for. u children of sluts can abuse bengalis and other hindus when u r in group. in single combact, u r nothing. I can simply walk down ur house, have sex with all the women member of your family and that too infront of all the male members of ur family. challenge me singly. but my sexing with ur women will improve ur dirty bloodline.

    dare to challenge me, one to one. u bastard, u r children of sluts and european soldiers. what do u know about children and cowardice? your children grow up and their mothers have sex with them. u r not european, but a dog- a mongrel dog. yes, i appreciate european culture, but u r bastard of european soldier. hahahahahaha

  95. I am a hindu I think hindus are cowards and not forward thinkers and they are not united.They dont prepare for future.when islam spread the christians of europe launched crusades for 400 years.The brutality of crusaders towards muslims saved europe.The pope knew islam will spread to europe.even spain was reconquered.Europe was united in its response unlike the hindus who never launched a holy war inspite of their temples being destroyed.
    Even today they are unable to build a temple in their own country.They cannot save hindus in their own country in kashmir.
    Hindus are living half dead life it is better they die completely

  96. Hindus have seen it all and done it all attitude, when all the deities you see in Hinduism have a weapon it can be understood the history of violence in Hinduism and even evidence from Mohan Jo daro claims by some new records suggests of a nuclear war in the site….Even there is a tale in ancient text that a brahman named Parushram killed the entire kshytrias in the world single handed..recorded history says when Ashoka ended the Kalinga war in a single day his army killed 1 million people (contested as over said) and after it, he adopted Buddhism, like during the Mahabrharata war 100 brothers of Kauravas and their respected armies and their aliies clashed together with Pandavas…one can imagine the deaths in this war… description of the “bhrama-astra”, “krishna -chakra”, ” single arrow throwing multiple arrows once fired” “arrows throwing fire” these may sound fantasy but someone might have seen or at least comprehended what he saw, to mention on the scriptures..then we have science like “vimana-shastra” which defines even about the food and clothing of the pilots…i mean one who goes through the ancient texts understand the level of advancement reached by the ancient India. Kushana empire spread to central asia and even to today’s china. But with due course of time hinduism rose above the philosophy of world dominance and started looking for inner peace and thus isolated from worldly pleasure and disconnected…and when the invasion occurred no one was interested in helping hinduism but fought isolated battles with the invading armies..result Hinduism was subjected to cruelty by muslims and then by christains but still it survived after 800 years rule of islam and 200 years by Brits but no one was able to completely dominate hinduism, whereas on an average it took 15 years for Iran and Iraq were completely converted into islam. Hinduism is not about dominating but living in peace…together and learning from what it sees as useful for the man-kind. Be it sati – when muslims invaders invaded India..hindu girls were brave to jump on the funeral of their husband rather being a sex slave to the muslims clearly highlight the bravery of the hindu girls which i don’t think can be found in the history of the man-kind any where…but with due course of time it was abolished….thats the beauty of hindusim which keeps on developing as the time passes whereas if we look at Islam or Christanity it remains same as the 7th century. Hinduism will never perish as my understanding is that it is able to adopt and relate with any and everything. Though my grand father used to say Muhmad came to India and learned jyotish / (ancient indian astrology) and then went to middle east to create a religion just opposite to hinduism that we see today as Islam, jesus came to kashmir to learn the same from kashmiri pundits and vedic scholars (funny it sounds) but i really think that i was so stupid that i never recorded i think lot of such information died with him. But whatever people may say or think..Hindus are not like others they are not interested in anything at all today, they just want to live their life without being forced to do anything. For reference if you want to see the bravery and respect and humanity, i will encourage everyone to read about the Santhals rebellion during British rule. But one thing for sure Hindus are not coward its just they do not want to be bothered in their day to day life…they just want to live like normal people…pray and enjoy yoga in the morning, break fast made by mother, sister or wife, go to work, come back have some kamasutra action with wife in the bed at night….give good education to their children and educate them to be a better human being then they are and die while taking the name of god…that’s hindusim..but as people take this for granted..i don’t think anyone would like to watch the cruel side of hindusim for when it comes then even angles fear and jesus and allah will piss in their pants and their followers will run away like a dog with its tail between its leg.

  97. Look fake

  98. H P Roychoudhury

    Gandhi was the leader of Coward, a leader who destroyed the beautiful India by division, by the following religion and Bengal and Bengalis in particular to make the Bengalis beggar and Hawker and Nehru the PM of India to make himself the icon.It reminds me surprising that it was not only Gandhi, a coward religious clever politician to destroy Bengal and India as well but Hindus in general and Hindu Bengali in particular are no less than coward, the Bengalis were coward to prevent the Calcutta Killing of 16th August 1946, before the partition of Bengal and after the partition of Bengal to remove the Muslims from West Bengal like that of the Muslims of East Bengal who dared not to root out Hindus of East Bengal after the formation of Islamic East Pakistan reducing the percentage from 47% to less than 12%, or freed West Bengal from the tyranny of Muslims forever like that of East Punjab, the threatening of writer Taslima Nasrin in Kolkata, a place of India even after the formation of Independence of India for the fact of which the writer had to shift to Pink City of Rajasthan, is a disgrace to the Hindu youths of West Bengal who proclaimed that they were the Killers of British and never dare to go to gallows to sacrifice KhudiRam, Badal, Dinesh and much more.


    The more evolved a human being, the more he avoid violence at all costs, and the more he avoids or escapes violence , the more he is afraid/meek to face when the situation comes to a hit and a shove. In other words he becomes a coward. Since in general Hindus are more educated and learned then Muslims, they may appear to be more cowardly. Same goes for educated , intellectuals Muslims when you compare them with Jihadists. The trick is to abolish the Gandhi mindset and train each person of India to really follow the mindset as told by Krishna in BHAGVAD GITA , instead of the stupid teaching of Gandhi whom most Indians believed to be a saint. India is now i believe on that path seeing the way the leftist and Congress , ideologies are collapsing like a pack of cards.

  100. john freeman

    i think muslims are a lot of talk and little action. just look at mid east situation where just a few million jews are able to easily hold off more than 50 million muslims who want to murder them. Hindus are even more cowardly than muslims. once pakistan, bangla desh and todays india were one big country. all the peoples of these three countries came from one stock. i.e former united india. Same genes. but the muslim invader managed divide the people of india on religious lines and to break this nation in to 3 separate entities. Old hindu india and its people was not courages enough to defeat/repel the invaders and protect its people or its territory. this happened 2 times in recent history. once by the muslims and next by the british. so Mahatma Gandhi is right to say hindus are cowards. they cannot even protect their own land, own people.

  101. H P Roychoudhury

    You are very correct. Gandhi made the Hindus coward. The division of the country is due to Gandhi’s cowardice policy. A coward cannot rule a country.

  102. Yes.Hindus of India are COWARDS.COWARDS of the highest order.COWARDS that run crying and screaming like your silly quarrelsome women.COWARDS that tuck their short little tails between their thin malnourished legs and fall on their knees begging the world to pity their lack of a spine and any pride whatsoever.BIG TALKING COWARDS!!!

  103. H P Roychoudhury

    Who was the leader to make the Hindus cowards? It was no other than the man Gandhi. Do you know why? It was to make Nehru the PM of India. Why? To make name for himself to become the FATHER and an international icon, a man of peace although thousands died in rioting and millions displaced. This is the travesty of truth.

  104. motherfucker you are bais at the very fundamental level of this whole argument. you said kashmir was land of hindu yogis who meditiate their for 5000 years . and muslims came and forced all hindus to leave kashmir and they themselve settled their. give me a blowjob rather spitting this load of shit. there came a saint in kashmir called bulbul shah and invited them to islam. records tell us that he nearly burnt 100 kgs of cotton thread which hindus wear as Their sign of faith . the point is he invited them and approached them with wisdom and kindness and they reverted to islam . if i today search the roots of my ancestry i definately have decended from a vedantist hindu family . it was choice of people at that time who the load of cum you are to tell what happened and what now. people like you always demonize muslims out of nowhere it is your baisness thats why we call you people hypocrite “kuffars”

  105. Jambua kimel

    Waw… hindus, muslims, christians….what about human beings full of love and compassion ? why religions provoke so much issues ? If muslims are bully let them be as it goes against their own religion and they will be punished by their own little god….of violence and hate….

  106. Jambua kimel

    If hindus are cowards, then so be it. It is better than a muslim devil, innocent killers….. muslims have their pedophile mohamed with false islam…religion of devils. Just look at your face, you make people horribly afraid. Pusslims from pislam….

  107. Jambua kimel

    Puslims and shitians are insecure of their false religions…

  108. H P Roychoudhury

    The facts are not untrue, only the analysis of the earlier history would support the facts. But in the twentieth century, Gandhi was responsible for making the Hindus COWARD by his “Non-Violence” activity for his secret goal of making Nehru the PM and kept his future safe to be FATHER of the nation and an international icon by destruction of nation by division on the basis of religion and getting Jinnah out of the country to challenge the post of PM of India after independence.

  109. Vishwanath

    First of all get your facts right. Who said you that millions of Hindus were killed by any Muslim ruler. In fact Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, our Hindu warriors have always stood against any foreign invader or any Muslim ruler for that matter. We Hindus knows how to be hospitable, gentle and respectful to anyone and at the same time when somebody is trying to hurt our people or our religion it will be the only deadly and brutal mistake by any of our enemies and invaders, we Hindus were not dominated or ruled by any power in this world and so that the history will be the same for the future to come. Just know something about the king Alexander when he had some thought to invade India and why did he retrete by not entering in Indian soil. For thousands of years every Muslim ruler knew what is the strength of Hindustan Fouge ie our Indian Army. You just know about Shivaji and Maharana Pratap but don’t know other brave Indian Hindu Warriors, just get your facts right before commenting anything about Hindus. We Hindus know how to be friendly, courageous and brave. We do not see anyone as a threat in this world. All we want is to just mind our business and concentrate on our daily work. We Hindus always don’t want to involve ourselves in any of the fights unless and until it hurts us. And you can check with history during both the world wars how our Brave Indian Soldiers fought with enemies. To this time and the world knows the bravery of our Gurkha Brothers and once again they are purely Hindus. But in every Indian State there are warrior families which are equally great and also more brave than our brothers Gurkhas. And if there were much Carnage and massacre on Hindus, why does still our great country India has the world’s largest Hindu population. We know what is our history, there is no need for others like you to remind what is the history of India. And you said something about the Chinese war of 1962 but aftermath the war do you know what happened. And why does the Chinese army wage any war now, because they know what is the strength of our Indian Armed Forces. We Hindus are not any animal to kill or we Hindus are not any flags to burn, we Hindus are made of courage, bravery and the brutal love for our great Country, anyone who thinks they can invade us or kill us will find their places in hell. We know how to respect others and at the same time we know how to slaughter and kill our enemies. All our Hindus need is peace and anyone who is trying to take an advantage of that will be not shown any mercy or any sympathy.

  110. Bharath Kumar

    Mahatma Gandhi is my favorite person. I would call him the true Indian who fought for a true purpose and his defense and reasons where unquestionable. And his method of non-violence is simply awesome. He brought a huge pride to a nation that was slaved for hundreds of years by foreign origins. Even now, foreign nations respect his sacrifices and methods. Now this doesn’t make everyone in India same as Mahatma Gandhi in India. I am born of Indian origin, and true Indian, believe me, Gandhi brought the pride to India with lot of sacrifices and struggle. And people of Indian generation may be bringing destruction to it’s very own, and whatever Gandhi stood for would be for nothing. According to the history I learned from a school in India, taught by Indians, India won the war by non-violence in 1947. Now its 2017. Almost, 70 years and India is still a developing country ? Whenever we ask this question, us Indians to defend our country’s pride, just blame our politicians. This is one clever habit that the Indian family has learned so well after the independence, to always blame others or find excuses to the facts in order to defend their nation’s pride. And this is not the way Mahatma Gandhi defended the nation’s pride. He did not find excuses or blame or build illogical reasons so he could fight the insults, criticism and degrading. This is definitely not smart way either. May be this is why India is still a developing country for 70 years. Now do not make a illogical defense against my statement, because someone will always get triggered by the facts. It’s childish not to accept the fact that Japan with such small population have developed incredibly who won their won just few years before us. Why not us ? Again, we bring a illogical reason to defend our pride, the population and massive region. No, China has larger population, how did they manage to be so developed than us ? How did Russia become so developed even with it terribly cold weather and war situations. Now, we dig for excuses to defend our pride again. I don;t how many of us would agree this, and how much of this is true, this is what the Hindus do. Do not make illogical excuses if you are doing something wrong. That is a sign for coward. Do not defend for your mistakes. Accept it, embrace it, and learn to correct and avoid the mistakes again. India could have become the most developed country so earlier after the freedom. But our generations made fault, defended their faults, found excuses, and still keeps doing it till now. Our ancestors did not fight and brought us freedom to let our own sons rape our daughters, or sell our children to foreign countries in the name of job and money, or let our children to idolize foreign products. Again, they always come up with an illogical defense or excuse with this, women blaming men that they are few dirty minded who live in India, and men blaming women that there seduce men into raping by wearing revealing clothes. Why they send their children to foreign for jobs ? Because there is no good opportunity in India and Indian companies does not recognize talents or have enough budget, and foreign does ? And why does your children love foreign products ? Because products made by Indian companies have no quality ? Bad corporations ? Trust me, I have witnessed all these from Indians themselves. Defending nation’s pride ? If you really know the fact and reason it, you will stop defending or find illogical excuses and start learning and improve for the good of you and for our nation. Indian Pride.

  111. India is a country of Hindus but why India did ruled by Muslims more than 800 years, if the Hindus were not coward people. Gandhi made the Indians coward in the world by surrendering to 2% ML of Jinnah. Who integrated us it is the British by the English Language, not Gandhi, who destroyed us by the name Hindu religion and Ram Rajya. His picture in the Indian currency notes reflects a country of coward Indians, Gandhi, a leader of 90% Hindus surrendered to 2% Muslim League militant volunteers of Jinnah, making the whole nation a mass of cowards. What his contribution, a London Barrister had forgotten the logic of law, became a follower of logic of religion for the destruction of Bengal, to get rid of Subhash, to get rid of Jinnah by the division and to make Nehru the PM, what a short sighted person but Nehru made him the Father without asking the people. Time has come to forget him forever for a stronger India. The defeat of Indian in 1962 because Hindu-China Bhai Bhai Gandhian policy. Now the Indian Army is strong enough as the Army has forgotten Gandhian policy. When Gandhi name would be vanishing from Indian soil, India would be a nation of strength.

  112. Gandhi had made the Hindus cowered for his selfish game of popularity. My carrying out Movement against the British, he became popular with the public but again by the movement of Non-Violence he became a dear man of British. It is he who submitted the Indians to 2% ML to divide the country out of fear and made 90% Hindu volunteers cowered.

  113. Simanchala nayak

    you can not bring hindus to right path.they will ultimately is foolishness to convince them.people who worship mamta AK raga are really more dangerous than pak muslims.oh god save india.

  114. Donot blame others for you misery hindus who comment easily on facebook or tweeter will say gandhi and nehru did this they why not they fought against it. Why kept quite about it. Hindus are weak physically and mentally which is the problem today hindu only aim is to get job govt job good salary facilities education of childern that it he has no attachment to the community see sikhs they to were killed by muslims but they fought evey battle the title is right hindus are coward they dont have any sense of unity see among sikhs they have sense of unity not every one will be everyone friend but still they have good connection most of the wars are not fought with words you have to fight till you or other die franco sir is right but his view is still not every clear why so that only hindus are weak why not sikhs or christians in this country.

  115. What about the Christians in Indian subcontinent.They also read the scriptures written in Hebrew land.
    What about the bombing of Hiroshima and Gas chambers.There is long list of atrocities done by the imperialists colonial rulers.Dont try to create ruckus among the world community rather spread love and support the needy with all wealth.

  116. samir sardana

    Dindooosthan – The “Curse of the Kingdom” of “King Ikshvaku” (bitter Cucumber)

    The “Entire Dubious history” of the “Dindoo Hindooo Bindoo,Jains and the Booodheests starts “with this impotent deviant “King Ikshvaku”(literally means “bitter cucumber) who was the “Son of Manu”.dindooohindoo
    The Limpet was based “where else, but in Awadh”,along the banks of river Sarayu with Saketa, which is Ayodhya today, as their capital.(Sounds Familiar!) dindooohindoo

    This is the “Dubious Suryavansa (the Solar dynasty)”, which “bred the following vermin” :

    Lord “Limpdick Rama”
    The “Entire Sakya Dynasty” (including Boodha!)
    “22 out of the 24 clown” Jain Teerthankars
    Execution of “Manusmriti”

    The Limpet King “had 4 sons” whom he “sent to exile”, and who “copulated with and married their own sisters”, to produce the “Divine Sakya Dynasty” !

    The reason Y the vermin king “kicked out his 4 sons” – is just like the “story of Gay Pansy Rama” !

    As per “Ambattha-sutta of the Theravada Digha-Nikaya” (Long Discourses)

    “Out of fear of the mixing of castes “they cohabited (sa—vasa) together with their own sisters”
    Hence,Boodha,Jain Teerthankars and the Dindo Bindoo Hindoo Limpdick Rama are “born from the seeds of incest” !

    Wonderbar !

    Y has Dindooism,Jainism and Boodheesm “been doomed in Dindoosthan” and Y was it “raped and pillaged” by the Huns, Mughals, Mongols, Turks, Chinese ?

    All in the History !

  117. Dhirender aswal

    Hindus are mostcoward race in the history of mankind who were plundered and whipped out from the areas where they were once inhabited for centuries. They are shameless people and work only for greed and never united for there cause they practice untouchability which is the reason for their down fall the latest example is prime minister Modi who is working for them and even they are not even vocal for his cause they responding only on what’s up text only .Some time being Hindu I feel ashamed but practically it is very difficult to change believes. It is only Hindus who are becoming vocal against modiji. Let’s wait to become this nation gajwa e hind

  118. samir sardana


    It is the Parshooram Paradox

    The Parashooran Paradox

    What is the “Paradox of Parshooram” ? The man copulated wuth his mother,on the instructions of his father – who was an impotentica sage.The Hindoo Model,is that the Gods sent the husband of Brahmin wives,to jungles for penance and austerities – while the Hindoo Gods, seduced the wives of the Brahmins,and mated with them.

    The father of Parshooram,did not want to mate iwth his wife,as he was on a celibacy trip.Hence his son banged mommy – but the Kshatriyas saw the kid.To hide the shame and guilt – the son and poppy,blamed the Kshatriyas – and theh killed all the Kshatriyas ! In Hindooism,incest is normal – even Gan-pati mated with his mother.

    This is all a “copy and paste”,from Greek Theology and Creativity. dindooohindoo

    Net result – all the Kshatriya men were dead, and their women were on heat – and so,they copulated with the Brahmins,to breed a “new race” of Kshatriyas. These “mew” breed had the DNA of the Brahmins (cowards,weasels and impotenticas) and the DNA of their mothers (which is “whoring”) – the “born agains” Kshatriyas.

    The Disaster

    When the Sakas,Scythians,Turks,Afghans,Mongols,Central Asians,Greeks,Persians, Abyssinians etc., attacked Hindoosthan – there was no martial race left,as the “real” so called Kshatriyas were killed.These Kshatriya cowards,joined hands with Babar and the Brits and the Portugese to kill and rape Hindoos.These “rat” Kshatriyas were called Rakpoots,Jats and Sikhs etc.

    The DNA of these “born again” Kshatriyas (as stated above),explains Y the Hindoos were raped again and again and again and again (The DNA of Poppy – The Brahmin – and so were,their women.This also explains Y the Rajpoots sold their women,like whores,to the Mughals and the Brits – to save their lives and money (The DNA of their 1st mommy).

    This also explains Y the Sakas,Scythians,Turks,Afghans,Mongols, Greeks,Persians, Abyssinians etc.,who stayed back in Hindoosthan,and married locals – also produced cowards,weasels,idiots and impotenticas.

    The Curse

    It is all the curse of Parshooram – the Curse of Incest and the Curse of Hindooism. Just like the curse of Ishvaku – whose own kids from the same mommy married each other – and then lineaged into Rama,the coward and impotentica.

    Rama – captures the disaster the doom of the Hindoo race,and the Hindoo DNA – which is Y the Hindoo Muslims and Nassara,are treated as trash,all over the world – with real Muslims and Jesuits.

  119. samir sardana

    Are Hindoos Cowards ?

    Is that even a question ? Here is the proof from Scripture and History !

    Who were the Hindoo warriors ? The Kshatriyas ! dindooohindoo !

    Kshatriyas – As per the Mahabharata, Kshatriyas were born, when Kshatriya women (on heat) “were raped by Brahmins”, w/o marriage and hence, were “born as a bastard race” with the “zero IQ and potency of Brahmins” and the “cowardice, treachery and chicanery of the Brahmins”

    SECTION LXIV – Mahbharata – Adivansavatarana Parva

    The son of Jamadagni (Parasurama), after twenty-one times making the earth bereft of Kshatriyas wended to that best of mountains Mahendra and there began his ascetic penances.

    And at that time when the earth was bereft of Kshatriyas, the Kshatriya ladies, “desirous of offspring”, used to come, O monarch, to the Brahmanas and Brahmanas of rigid vows had connection with them during the womanly season alone, but never, O king, lustfully and out of season.

    And Kshatriya ladies by “thousands conceived from such connection” with Brahmanas.


    The Hindoo Bindoo claim that Jats are born from the “Jata of Shankar”

    Jats are proven to be of “Central Asian/Scythian Origin”, and were “basically pirates,bandits and mercenaries”.

    Their only claim to fame is the “sacking of the TajMahal”, which they looted and pillaged, and made their own Jai Mahal, and their “digging up and defiling” of the “grave and bones”, of Akbar (by dragging the bones out)


    “The word “Rajput” is used in certain parts of Rajasthan to denote the illegitimate sons of a Kshatriya chief or Jagirdar.” [Mahajan Vidya Dhar,”Ancient India”, Fifth Edition, Reprint 1972, Chand and Co., New Delhi. p. 550 ff.])

    This explains Rajput history – QED !


    A race pillaged the Dindoo Brahmins and Dogra rat Rajputs, who had their Gurus killed due to Dindoo Hindoos and whose Golden Temple was under the Control of Brahmins with Hindoo Idols in it (till around early 1900s).Their Constantine – Ranjit achieved his victory only due to the American and French Generals – running his artillery and cavalry !

    After the death of Ranjit Singh his wife and sons were killed by the Dogra Rats


    As per the Gita, Lord Krishna considered Yadav’s to be “a curse on the planet and tried to exterminate all the Yadavs”

    When Krsna had killed the demons, and thus relieved the burden of the earth, he thought, ‘The earth is stilloverburdened by the unbearably burdensome race of the Yadus. No one else can overcome them, since theyare under my protection.’ … Deluded by Krsna’s power of delusion, and cursed by the Brahmins, they were all destroyed, and when his entire family had been destroyed, Krsna said, ‘The burden has been removed.’ ” — Srimad Bhagavatam 10:90:27-44; 11:1:1-4; 11:30:1-25

    As per the Mahabharata, after Krishna was killed, “his wives were raped and molested by Robbers”, and the “offspring so born”, were called Yadavs

    Mahabharata, Book 16: Mausala Parva: Section 7

    The concourse was very large. The robbers assailed it at different points. Arjuna tried his best to protect it, “but could not succeed”. In the very sight of all the warriors, many “foremost of ladies were dragged away, while others went away with the robbers of their own accord” .

    Those Mlecchas, however, O Janamejaya, in the very sight of Partha, retreated,”taking away” with them, many “foremost ladies” of the Vrishnis and Andhakas

    This explains Yadav history – QED !

    Konkani Goan Limpets

    Enslaved as rats to the Kadambas,Tughlaq,Khilji,Abyssinians, Portugese for 1700 hours ! Sample the Goan Pandoo Chor Matka Police ! A pepper spray used by an Israeli was enough to con these limpet impotent pandoo clowns !

  120. samir sardana

    1 more proof from Scripture !

    There was a Hindoo coward called – Arjuna ! dindooohindoo !

    Arjuna the rat could not save Krishna’s wives from being raped

    Mahabharata, Book 16: Mausala Parva: Section 7

    In the very sight of all the warriors, many “foremost of ladies were dragged away, while others went away with the robbers of their own accord” .

    Arjuna the rat could not save Krishna’s wives from being raped

    Mahabharata, Book 16: Mausala Parva: Section 7

    Those Mlecchas, however, O Janamejaya, in the very sight of Partha, retreated, “taking away” with them, many “foremost ladies” of the Vrishnis and Andhakas

    People ask – how did 500 Pakistanis enter into Kargil ?

    What were the Hindoo Kshatriyas doing ?

    It is simple ! They are a race of rats and cowards !

    They are the sons of Arjuna the coward rat eunuch !

    Arjuna – was “cursed by Urvashi “,to be an “impotent and a eunuch”

    The Mahabharata, Book 3: Vana Parva: Indralokagamana Parva: Section XLVI

    O Partha, thou shalt have to pass thy time among females unregarded, and as a dancer, and “destitute of manhood and scorned as a eunuch

  121. You sir, have captured the sheer stupidity and foolishness of us Hindus brilliantly. How can we stand up to our bullies when we ourselves are so divided and against the one great man who wants to unite and bring us together.

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