The fact that the Italian Government has decided not to send back its two Marines to stand trial in India, is quite interesting for one reason and one reason only: Mrs Sonia Gandhi, who is born Italian.  

There is no doubt that Mrs. Gandhi has enjoyed for long a privileged relationship with the Italian Government. Traveling secretly abroad to meet her family in Italy or for other reasons, the Italian Government and its secret services had to be cooperating to coordinate her arrivals and grant her the VIP status that her rank deserves. And although Mrs Gandhi has been trying very hard to discard her Italian identity, there are many Italians who are proud that one of theirs is ranked as one of the most powerful women in the world.

Why then suddenly the Italians do something that is bound to embarrass Mrs Gandhi?  What has happened? Is it a coincidence that the Italian Govt’s slap in the face of India, comes after the Finmeccanica helicopters’ scandal? Does that mean that the Italian Govt not only has no fear of the scandal, but also knows some secret that could embarrass the Government of India?.

It is also quite possible that the Italian secret service possesses a secret file on Mrs Gandhi with maybe some sensitive information that could also compromise her

At any rate, Mrs Gandhi finds herself in an uncomfortable position: if she keeps quiet, she will be seen as siding with the Italians; if she protests, she risks getting retaliated at by the Italian Govt,. What will she do?


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  1. Sonia Gandhi should be deported to Italy to never return….along with her Buddhu son….

  2. after taking bak all the money she looted…. then returned

  3. Here we go again. A government of Hindu cowards acting like cowards. No wonder no one respects India. India is not worthy of respect.

  4. Would you rather have Muslim cowards at the centre, we know you have plenty of them


  6. Ramwsh, what pray tell is a Muslim coward? Is it the kind that’s always kicking Hindu ass? Or the kind that can hold an entire Indian city hostage with two bicycles?….The answer Dear Hindu is that you people find some testicles and act like men. It’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you.

  7. Thank God the Italians did this. Just a friendly reminder that India remains an irrelevant impotent old woman on the world stage. Is there any nation left on Earth who hasn’t yet gang-raped “Mother India”?

  8. Your comments reek of extreme ignorance and bias. Do your homework on India s history and then you should make such sweeping comments

  9. FRANCOIS GAUTIER is a very senior journalist.
    does not he knows that italien leaders are master is hiding and working with all allegations openly.
    this is a childish matter for both the leaders of india and italy.
    they know what they are upto, better then anyone.
    you will see , how she uses this scandal as a feather in her cap. i am sure.

  10. one thing is clear, that how much italien govt. take care of his marines.

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