Both the Italian and Indian Government seem headed for a confrontation. It’s a mystery as to why at this particular juncture

There is no doubt that Mrs. Gandhi has enjoyed for long a privileged relationship with the Italian Government. Travelling secretly abroad to meet her family in Italy or for other reasons, the Italian Government and its secret services had to be cooperating to coordinate her arrivals and grant her the VIP status that her rank deserves. And although Mrs Gandhi has been trying very hard to discard her Italian identity, there are many Italians who are proud that one of theirs is ranked as one of the most powerful women in the world.

 The question is why then suddenly the Italians do something that is bound to embarrass Mrs Gandhi?  What has happened? Is it a coincidence that the Italian Govt’s slap in the face of India, comes after the Finmeccanica helicopters’ scandal? Does that mean that the Italian Govt not only has no fear of the scandal, but also knows some secret that could embarrass the Government of India?

 At any rate, Mrs Gandhi finds herself in an uncomfortable position: if she keeps quiet, she will be seen as siding with the Italians; if she protests, she risks getting retaliated at by the Italian Govt,. What will she do?

Yet, there is complete silence on the part of the Congress. And even the Press is mum about this crucial aspect of the Italian Marines’ story. It is as if Mrs Gandhi is a saint that can do no harm.

 And again I ask myself the question which has baffled me for 40 years, although I am myself a white man and a born Christian: why do Indians have such an attraction towards the White Skin ?

Does India, one of the most ancient civilization of this planet, need a White woman to govern Her ? I am sure that Sonia has great qualities, but are Indians so dumb, stupid, backwards, that they cannot find amongst themselves someone intelligent enough, non corrupt enough to lead them ? We witnessed the same phenomenon with Mother Teresa. She may have been a saint, but nobody has harmed so much India’s image in the 20th century: when you say India in the West, their eyes light-up and they answer : “Mother Teresa / Calcutta / Poor people / dumb people / starving people / who do no know how to care after their own underprivileged / Who need a White woman to show them how to pick-up dying in the street / to look after orphans” ! Is this the image that Indians want today ? An  image that is harming them, which is stopping western businessmen from investing in India ? Yet Mother Teresa is worshipped here, from Calcutta to Chennai, from Delhi to Bangalore and when she will be made a saint by the Vatican, perpetuating this colonial, superior-minded, Christian symbol of White superiority over the Brown/Black man, the whole Indian media will rejoice in their own mental slavery and the Indian Government will probably declare a national holiday !

 Why don’t Indians understand that Brown is beautiful ? White people spend hours in the beach and put a hundred creams to get tanned . And in winter they even artificially lie under infrared lamps in beauty parlors to get Brown ! Why this obsession of the Indian woman to have a white skin ? Why do most actors and actresses in adds on TV have digitally whitened faces ? Why this craze about “fair” looking brides ? Why do fake 69 Rs whitening creams, for women and even men, sell so well? If you find the answer to that, you will understand why the fatal attraction towards Sonia Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

 Obviously, colonization has frozen the Indian mind in certain patterns and the British made sure, through Macaulay’s policies, of leaving behind them an enduring complex of inferiority amongst Indians, by constantly harping upon the flaws of Indian culture and inflating them. This is why today Indian intellectuals repeat like parrots what their masters had said before them: “Hindus are fundamentalists / Brahmins are exploiters / Govalkar was a Nazi / Indians are corrupt and no good”… But that does not explain everything: most of colonized countries have aped their masters after having hated them. No, in my mind the greatest factor for India’s love of the White is the absurd theory of the Aryan invasion

 According to this theory, which was actually devised in the 18th and 19th century by British linguists and archaeologists, the first inhabitants of India were good-natured, peaceful, dark-skinned shepherds, called the Dravidians, who had founded what is called the Harappan – or Valley of the Indus civilisation. They were supposedly remarkable builders, witness the city of Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistani Sind, but had no culture to speak-off, no literature, no proper script even. Then, around 1500 B.C.,  India is said to have been invaded by tribes called the Aryans : white-skinned, nomadic people, who originated somewhere in Western Russia and imposed upon the Dravidians the hateful caste system. To the Aryans, are attributed Sanskrit, the Vedic – or Hindu religion, India’s greatest spiritual texts, the Vedas, as well as a host of subsequent writings, the Upanishads, the Mahabharata, the Ramanaya, etc…


This was indeed a masterly stroke on the part of the British : thanks to the Aryan theory, they showed on the one hand that Indian civilisation was not that ancient and that it was posterior to the cultures which influenced the western world – Mesopotamia, Sumeria, or Babylon –  and that whatever good things India had developed – Sanskrit, literature, or even its architecture, had been influenced by the West. Thus, Sanskrit, instead of being the mother of all Indo-European languages, became just a branch of their huge family; thus, the religion of Zarathustra is said to have influenced Hinduism, and not  vice versa. And on the other hand, it divided India and pitted against each other the low caste dark-skinned Dravidians and the high caste light-skinned Aryans, a rift which is till enduring. Yet, most recent archeological and linguistic discoveries point out that there never was an Aryan invasion and many historians, including the malevolent Romila Thapar, are distancing themselves from it. Yet, most Indians still believe in this absurd theory.


Wake up o Indians: you are as great, if not greater than the White Man. You can do as well, if not better than the White Man. Not only your forefathers devised some of the basic principles of mathematics, astrology, or surgical medicine, not only today your people are amongst the most brilliant people in the world – half of Silicon valley is of Indian origin, 60% of UK’s doctors are Indians – but you still hold within yourselves a unique spiritual knowledge, which once roamed the world, but which has now disappeared, replaced by the intolerant creed of the two major monotheistic religions which say : “if you don’t believe in my true God, I will either kill you or convert you”. Wake-up India, Brown is beautiful, smart and it is the future.




18 responses to “THE WHITE WOMAN AND INDIA

  1. Nice but please don’t put out topics like Are Hindus cowards ?

  2. It is not so but Indians are simply gullible. They are highly orthodox and cultured. When Sonia Gandhi came to India after marrying Rajiv Gandhi son of the them PM Indira Gandhi she was welcomed with open hands by whole India as Bahu of India.Sonia Gandhi also showed no arrogance during the period of Indira rule and kept a low profile whatever her intentions may be.Her husband was working as a commercial pilot of AIR INDIA and having flown international flights.Sanjay Gandhi was active in politics and helping her mother when she was in trouble in 1975 by HC of Allahabad Judgement.But turning point came when Sanjay Gandhi died of his little plane crash which was a mafia job to eliminate Sanjay Gandhi from the way of Sonia Gandhi.Later Rajiv Gandhi was brought to politics after Indira Gandhi won landslide victory and controlled the Khalistan 1984 she was assassinated by a mafia conspiracy with the help of the two guards who were later killed to erase all evidence of involvement of mafia.Still Indian people loved Rajiv and Sonia as a best couple and made for each other.Their photos of travel of NE are still played by many magazines.But after Rajiv Gandhi came to power as PM her plan started taking steps and she started looting India and its corporates and also BOFORS scam became public.Although the scam was suppressed by putting a JPC and CBI in toto stull Rajiv lost election by the scam. At that time Sonia started her evil ideas to remove Rajiv from her way and implemented through Italian mafia. Now she is GODMOTHER of Italian Mafia and also a ruthless brutal vindictive fascist icon in Indian politics. Her 10 years as UPA chief is her golden period wherein she is supposed have looted India by trillions in commission in all deals. So the fascination for white woman is not in Indian culture as our culture is not a call girl culture and no sex syndrome. It is a goodwill gesture by Indian and love for a daughter in law which culminated in her ascending throne of India & nothing else.

  3. Jaskaran Dhaliwal

    This article was quite interesting. I hate the AIT, but I find it a bit of a stretch to claim that the obsession with fairness among Indians is an effect of the AIT. Rather, I feel that this mentality of self-hatred is the primary factor which causes this trend. As you mentioned yourself, Americans and Europeans have an irrational obsession with tanning. This is likely because they feel they are unhappy with their looks and look to others. This is characteristic of many individuals. I’m not saying that a colonialist mentality and the AIT had not effect; however, I feel that you are overstating it. In addition, I feel that you should specify the “Veda Samhitas” rather than simply stating the “Vedas.” Technically, the Upanishads constitute the Jñana Kanda of the Vedas and are Vedic texts. Therefore, your claim that the Upanishads came after the Vedas is a bit absurd. The Upanishads linguistically came after the Samhitas (well, all the Samhitas other than the Atharva Veda), but are a part of the Vedic canon and are considered to be Śruti. I also don’t know where you’re getting the information about Mazdayasna (Zoroastrianism) being older than Vaidika Dharma (Hinduism). Even the most virulently anti-Hindu Indologists such as Michael Witzel and Wendy Doniger admit that the language of the Gathas (Avestan) is far less archaic than Vedic Samskritam. Take for example the Avestan term Harahvaiti, which cannot be older than it’s Vedic Sanskrit equivalent, Saraswati. Judging by lenition in Indo-European languages, an s sound can change to h but not the other way around. Vedic Samskritam is likely the closest known language to Proto-Indo-European, closer even than Hittite. However, it is lacking a voiced alveolar fricative, meaning that it must have formed a little after the initial spread of Indo-European languages (around 4000 BC). However, this does not mean that Bharat cannot be considered as the hearth of Indo-European languages, it simply means that the Vedas must have been composed after 4000 BC. It may be worth noting that while I disagree with Indologists, I also disagree with some Hindutvavadi historians such as David Frawley and Koenraad Elst regarding the Harappan civilization being Vedic. I believe the most likely hearth for Vedic civilization is either along the Ganges or the Himalayas (as the Mandalas and Suktas of the Rig Veda and Sama Veda pertaining to the Sapta Sindhavah/Seven Rivers are linguistically less archaic than the others). Nonetheless, I don’t want to go off on a tangent about my qualms pertaining to claims about the IVC, so I’ll end it there.

  4. Oh common not 4000 BC or 1500 BC…..City of Dwarka excavated under sea in which some of the articles are dated 32,000 BC (….Then how can u say that Vedic culture is aroud 4000 year old…..And Ramayana(Tretaya Yug) is more than 2,00,000 years old and vedic culture is even older than that….If u read the Bhagvat Gita,Yoga Vasistha and the Upanishads you will find out that parambramah is the ultimate reality and this world is a cosmic play and every soul has to play a part according to its karma…and civilisation is millions of years old……..and civilisation faces demolition and re-emergence again and again in cycles…….But if u believe in scientists and their belief that human being emerged from random reactions between chemicals and etc etc u will come to 4000 BC which is utterly false….What credibility and right those english scientists have who look at only materialistic aspect of thing and forget about the ever-pervading spiritual aspects….and whose own civilisation is not more than 5000 or 6000 years old and who with the blind faith downgrade the most ancient Hindu civilisation…..

  5. Just another day of cowardly Hindus behaving cowardly….Yawn! And in other news, the sun is big yellow-colored object in the sky ;-p

  6. wonderful article

  7. Hi Francois,

    Another brilliant piece! Thanks again for rekindling this greatness to us Indians (readers) I really like the way you explain our greatness at the same time not making other races humiliated. Thats the way of real Indian.

    Finally “Brown is beautiful, smart and it is the present and will be the future”

    Jai Gurudev (may you be wise and playful)

  8. india always need some-body to rule them. whiter they are better they are.
    sonia is ruling this country is not new. we have been ruled by the same family from last 64 years, which short interval a few times.
    we hindus love this family.
    we were always lacking competent leaders who can equal this family with extra ordinary aura.
    ashok gupta


    The article is an interesting read. On a lighter note, sometimes I wonder about Sonia Gandhi, had she been a negro or black Nigerian, what Indians would have done to her, is anybody’s guess!

  10. Indians only worship people. You don’t even have to go to Nigeria. Imagine a dalit woman ruling India. Impossible! However, any low class foreign white can be promoted to Maharani.

  11. Kashyap Baxi

    I think it is the slavish mindset imposed on Indian through centuries of invasions and rules by foreigners like Turks and Moguls, followed by British. Before these rulers were princely states ruled by some good and mostly bad rulers who encouraged chamcha giri (spooners).
    No wonder even today, these spirit of pleasing rulers and being in their good books remain.
    Besides except for British rules, India was never a united country and after the independence it is reverting to same divisive trends. Political parties haver sprung up on feudal basis save BJP.
    Its a great pity that once mighty congress needs a thread of Nehru dynasty to unite it self. Their appeasement of muslims and slender of BJP as a communal party is the only philospohy to maintain them in power. Congress has in real terms become Muslim Congress. They are protecting 20% of the population to save them from 80% majority – a theorey that british popagated and helped Jinnah to create Pakistan.
    Unless Indians change their thousands of years on mind set of slavishness, appeasement for self interest, the country will remain as is and allow itself fooled by situations like Italian marines scenario, Pakistan resolution on Guru’s hanging and many more to follow.

  12. Jaskaran Dhaliwal

    @Kashyap Baxi – I agree with your points and understand what you are saying, but I don’t think your statement about India never being united before the British is completely correct. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, at his peak, controlled almost all of India (including Tamil Nadu). During the Classical Era, the Vishnukundina and Vakataka dynasties controlled a considerable portion of Central India and Southern India respectively, and even earlier, the Mauryas and Guptas controlled almost all of Northern India. Back in the Vedic Era, Emperor Bharata controlled all of the Indian Subcontinent. Also, it’s also important to note that the concept of princely states did not go away with the establishment of the British Raj. There were 565 nominally sovereign princely states in India by the time of independence in 1947.

  13. This article is true. But not everyone worships Mother teresa, atleast not everyone who have read Hitchens “Missionary poistion” and recent research conducted by Canadians which shows she was hardly a saint. The ruling Congress party is responsible for the plight of India what it is today. They have ruled India for more than 60 years after transfer of power from British. And they have propagated the nonsense that Gandhi is a saint, and India got independence through non violence. I can a write a book about India’s fallacies. There is simply no end to our troubles and backwardness.

  14. Another good article by Francois.What he said was absolutely true. Why should we follow the west and give them unnecessary importance.They do not deserve it.Our colonial mindset has not changed. Even Black coloured females are beautiful .Sonia Gandhi aka Maino has ruined this country by having useless people around her who have become her slaves. Anybody who dared challenge her like P.V.Narasimha Rao were sidelined or thrown out.Our heritage is very rich and we had world class universities.But all that is yesteryears.Today we need a strong leader who can bring the passion back.

  15. Prasanna Kumar

    Brilliantly written article!

  16. The Indian Middle class has stopped being enamoured by the Nehru family since 1967. This family is in power only due to its poor and uneducated, and the “minorities”. Proof: even when Rajiv Gandhi got 417 Lok Sabha seats in1984, only 50% of the polled votes went to his party(remember: only 60% of our people voted for this party-this in effect means that only 30% of the Indians voted for Cong I)-remove the sympathy wave factor of that time- this vote share will reduce further. Little wonder why our “secular” and “socialist” parties will see to it that at least 30% of our population will remain trapped by poverty

  17. a small correction in line 6. —only 60% of our population voted.(the next 3 words are to be deleted)

  18. The real India lives in villages.. Unaffected by distortions of history by Islamists or by British. They never attended the schooling that was invented by Britishers or never took this education seriously. Vast uneducated population of India which we thought was a drag, has suddenly become an asset. They know the real history of India transferred to them through word of mouth, through traditions and through great scriptures of the land like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Veda, Purana and Upnishad. The so called ‘uneducated’ rural people of India still have a huge knowledge of Ayurveda, home remedies and right eating and lifestyle habits, which educated ones have lost.

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