We see more and more today that Indian History has to be rewritten according to the latest linguistic and archaeological discoveries, if Indian children are to understand who they are and where they come from. We know now that not only the history of India’s beginnings were written by European colonizers, with an intention to downsize, downgrade and postdate Indian civilization, but that unfortunately, generation after generation of Marxist Indian historians, for their own selfish purposes, endorsed and perpetuated these wrong theories, such as the Aryan invasion, which divided India like nothing else, pitting South against North, Aryan against Dravidian, Untouchables against Brahmins.

Not only that, but British and Marxist historians, eager to give prominence to the Congress, which was in the first place a British institution, robbed of their true places in history giants, such as Sri Aurobindo, who, apart from being the avatar of the ‘supramental’ age, was the early prophet of Indian independence, when all Congress wanted was a few crumbs from the British. As a result, very few Indian children know about Sri Aurobindo today.

The Prime Minister inaugurated in 2007 a museum of Indian history in the Lokh Sabha annexe in Delhi, which was conceived by Somnath Chatterjee, Speaker of the Parliament till 2008. One is extremely surprised to see that for the communists, Indian history stars with Ashoka, a politically correct king because he was supposed to be Buddhist, then passed on to Akbar, another acceptable figure to Marxists & Muslims, as he was an ‘enlightened’ emperor (but pretty ruthless in his early reign), then practically jumps to Subash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru, who are given prime importance in this museum. Not a word about Sri Aurobindo, Tilak or Bipin Chandra Pal, the real revolutionaries of the Indian Independence Movement.

The sad thing is that this beautiful museum, with state-of-the-art facilities, such as the re-enacting of Nehru’s ‘Tryst of Destiny’ speech, with animated wax figures, is seen by so many Indian school children and college students. Hence the need for a book, which we hope, will set the record straight
(To be continued)


  1. How it is possible that a nation which has a history of thousands of years have a father like M.K.Gandhi.

  2. Mughal came and gone, Britishers came and gone, Congress came and will go but Gigantic India will remain it is born to be the guide of world in the mysterious path of Human evaluation it has answer to every question that swirls science and philosophy that entangles in unfathomable things, However to manifest India and make it “World Guru” we have to “do” something which have never happen in the history something drastic which jolts people of India from very inside, something which swipes out all the things that are opposing her manifestation or mauled it in true “Indian” form ruthlessly.

  3. tryst with history says at mid night when whole world is sleeping india will win independence on 15 augt 1947/fact is only india was sleeping at mid night/america/uk are awke/india still sleeps/australia canada were smarter to carry governer general,pay 01 million and save billions on army cost/loss on human lives and 5 big wars/still not safe/pl keep up the education/bless you/dr ak73/ex army

  4. You are absolutely right! Impact of government on school text books should be removed. And Indian text books must be rewritten truthfully.

  5. The history of the south is almost untold – the Cheras, Chozhas, Pandiyas and Pallavas have given as much or more to Indian history as Asoka or Maurya or any other North Indian king…. It is a matter of shame…. all that needs to be told….

  6. a very nice link about the worth of life of muslim, hindu or christian:
    i am sure you will appriciate my finding:

  7. very nice article , as always.
    but my view about re-writing the history, is :
    forget the history howsoever shining or dark that was.
    and make a new history.
    people should see that this country cares for its people.
    people should be jeoulous of this country and its people.
    but this can only be done , when we can improve our thoughts , throw out the curropt people who are the stooges of outer forces and ruling the country
    thanks and regards
    ashok gupta

  8. Always appreciated the views and deep understanding of Mr. Gautier about Indian Culture and History.Surprising as always,we Indians know and research less on ourselves than the foreigners who are able to understand the richness of Indian Heritage and the problems we are currently facing as a Nation,Democracy and Culture!

  9. dear mridul,
    nice tha t you have appreciated mr gautier. but you have used foreigner word for him, which is not correct i think, he is now a better local indian, then a lot of us indians.
    i am sorry for saying that

  10. I am fully agree with Shri Ashok Gupta, Shri Gautier has already proved that he has the ultimate relationship with us & with Bhaarat.

  11. @ashok and @rjv… of course,Mr. Gautier is now almost a local Indian because of his deep understanding of Bharatiya Sanskriti.. i used the word foreigner not to downplay him.. but wanted to highlight a paradox that a person not from India and in spite of being a Catholic,a Frenchman,coming from outside of the sub-continent is able to absorb our culture so deeply that it honestly and effortlessly gets manifested in his articles but we Indians are not able to feel it in our genes and hearts and take the onus of knowing our past,our history,our medical science,our mathematics,our encrypted scriptures,doing research on them on our own and applying the knowledge in the present times! though luckily now there is a widespread awareness and understanding in many a youth to proceed int this direction! :))

  12. thanks mridul. sorry for misunderstanding due to my weak english.

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