The Road from journalist to writer, to museum builder

As you know, I was a journalist and a reporter for many years and I felt that this was not enough. Hence I started writing books about India. This particular book attempts to rewrite Indian History as it happened – and not as it has been written by western historians & later adopted blindly by Indian historians. There is no doubt, for instance, that the Aryan Invasion theory, which is the foundation stone of all History books on India, western and Indian -never happened. All recent archeological, linguistic and even spatial discoveries, point in that direction. There is no doubt also that the genocide of Hindus at the hands of invaders for 1200 years has been swept under the carpet by historians (for good and bad reasons. Hence I attempted to set the record straight, however politically incorrect its is. 

 But I felt that writing books was not enough. Hence, when I got an award of journalism, I used the funds to start a foundation, FACT (Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism) & mounted an exhibition on the genocide & exodus of Hindus in Kashmir, which I witnessed firsthand, being a reporter for Le Figaro at that time: We showed this exhibition to the US Congress in Washington in 2008.

 Then I mounted another exhibition on the plight of minorities in Bangladesh, having also been there often: 

Later, because in the process of researching for my books, I had seen how much Aurangzeb is portrayed as a stern but just ruler, we got hold of his firmans, which are still preserved in the Bikaner archives, hired a retired professor of history, V.S. Bhatnagar of the Rajasthan university, to translate them, engaged miniature painters in Jaipur and mounted a remarkable exhibition on Aurangzeb, as he was ACCORDING TO HIS OWN RECORDS:

 And then and then, kept making exhibitions, till we have fifteen today, including one on Sikhism: Or one on Hindu genocide, which we called “HINDU TOLERANCE THROUGHOUT THE AGES:

 But this was not enough, I felt. Thus, 2 years ago, I started building a Museum of (TRUE) Indian history on 5 acres of land donated to FACT by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We have inaugurated the first phase one year ago. See the film at:

We built a small shrine dedicated to Mata Bhavani and Shivaji Maharaj at entrance of Museum (photo) and opened a beautiful permanent exhibition on the great Shivaji Maharaj, whom we elevated as a national Hero for the whole of India and a Vibhuti: 

 We then built a hall to put-up permanently our Aurangzeb exhibition. Photos:

We have also built a video room where FACT’s films, such as “Brahmins have become the Dalits of India: , Or a film on the testimonies of survivors of the terror attacks in Mumbai of 26/11: can be screened

 & we have just completed a fourth building, which will house a remarkable exhibition on Maharana Pratap. 

The Museum , whose address is: Ahead of Marathwada Institute. Vadgaon Shinde road. Wadgaon. Pune 4, is OPEN every day from 9am to 6pm and entrance is FREE. Please tell your friends about it. we have daily aarti in the temple in the morning at 9.30am

 We need now to erect another building to house a beautiful exhibition on Tibet and the genocide of Tibetans and I want to hire software engineers and animators to devise games based on Shivaji Maharaj’s life, such as his escape from Agra and have animators series on his exploits.

 This is a noble, but VERY difficult project, for many reasons. One, there is no tradition of private museums in Indian as there is in the West. Two, as soon as you touch at Indian history, it becomes very sensitive and tricky; and three, most philanthropists in India donate to education and health care, but recoil as soon as you mention the subject of Indian History. 

 This is a Museum for ALL Indians, particularly dedicated to the Knowledge that stands behind Hinduism & which is the foundation of Indian culture and spirituality. My wife is preparing with Dr Kireet Joshi a series of exhibitions on the Vedas, which will be the foundation of our Museum.

 But I need  YOUR help. I am building this Museum on a shoestring budget and bills keep pouring in, while donations are very scant. 


FACT is a registered Trust with Indian & UK, US tax exemption. If you would like to help, you could make a donation to: FACT, Account No: 04071450000237, IFCS code: HDFC0000407. We will mail you back your tax exemption certificate and we will honor all our donors.

Please pass this plea on to your friends


Francois Gautier/ Trustee FACT

2 responses to “The Road from journalist to writer, to museum builder

  1. Dear Francois,

    First of all please accept my gratitude at the great work you’ve done to instil some sense of pride in hindus in their heritage..
    I am too far away from India (in Australia presently, and been living in Canada for past 5 yrs), but it breaks my heart everytime something bad happens to India or Indians, be it due to political corruption, breakdown of hindu family values and joint-family system which preserved us in face of centuries of subjugation, or the utter disrespect for girl children and casteism of hindu society..

    At the same time, it amazes me no ends when I see a passionate indophile like you, who loves India and goodness/spiritual side of Hinduism (i hope, not the corruption and stagnation that has crept into hinduism over time) more than those who were born here.. Gives me courage of conviction that not everything is lost for Indians, even in face of onslaught by vested interest, Arabs/jihadis and politicians or yellow journalism.. we have been survivors and will still survive (fingers crossed)..
    Please also tell me how I can contribute to your museum/charity from Australia


  2. François Gautier

    Dear Mohit, send me a mail at

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