Dear friends, I have often been accused of being an anti-Muslim, but the fact is that I am a brought-up catholic and that before coming to India, I could not make the difference between a Hindu and a Muslim. I guess reporting in Kashmir opened my eyes. Yet I saw in Kashmir what remained of Sufism, before it was snuffed out by the militants.

Great souls, vibuthis, avatars, come and go, but something of their influence & message remains. Dara Shikoh, Shah Jahan’s eldest and preferred son, should have become emperor of India – and then the whole history of Islam – in India and may be in the world – would have changed. But he was beheaded by his brother Aurangzeb, and the more intolerant, violent side of Islam took over. Yet, Muslims in India still have it in them to go back to the Sufi, poetic, mystic, tolerant Islam that Dara had preached and which would usher a UNITED INDIA, where Muslims feel Indians first, while keeping true to their faith.


Hence FACT’s latest exhibition, honors this prince of Islam.

We plan to erect a special building for it. As you know, my foundation is always struggling for funds. Thus I appeal to you again to donate generously. FACT is a registered Trust with tax exemption. You can make a donation to: FACT, Account No: 04071450000237, IFCS code: HDFC0000407. We will mail you back your tax exemption certificate. For those of you who wish to donate in Euros, Pounds or Dollars, you can make a direct transfer to: Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism (FACT) Account No: 04071170000016, Swift code:  HDFCINBB

Thanking you


6 responses to “PRINCE OF ISLAM

  1. Shanthi Sukumar

    Dear Mr Gautier

    I am keen on knowing your view on the conversion of Hindus into Christianity and Islam. I observe that masses of Hindus are converting in to these two religions quite silently. I dont know how to react but it hurts me. Pls do share about this in your future articles.

    Thank you Namaskarams Shanthi Sukumar Isha Yoga Center COIMBATORE

  2. François Gautier

    I have written extensively about it. Please check

  3. Kargosearch

    Do you support Hindus converting to Islam and Christianity?

  4. Respected sir,
    I’m a student and i’ve recently started researching the socio political scene in India. I’ve been of a “secular” outlook since i remember but recently, i have been experiencing a kind of ” Hindutvadi” Feeling in me. Maybe, researching about my family’s massacre during partition or the fact that everyone who’s not a hindu wants to break this nation ( Kashmir, Manipur..etc) has a role to play. But the problem is people of my age group are so brainwashed that when i spoke on this topic they branded me “communal” and so much so ignored me. I no longer want to hide this, But is it that i am communal? Maybe i am exaggerating the “Hindu plight”. Please help me sir, This inner conflict is kind of eating me alive.
    Thank you

  5. Namaste Mrinal and friends,
    It is great to connect with those who feel for ‘others’, and with those who feel for ‘dharma’.
    Having said this, it is also important for us to realise ‘dharma’ in our lives, as it is only then we can be of real help to all beings, and to protect our ‘dharma. it is not that you or we are communal, but the great knowledge of India needs to be shown to the world in it’s full glory by ‘self-realisation’.
    This ‘dharma’ we speak of is not hinduism, or buddhism or christianity or islam. Dharma means ‘that which upholds’; it is our innermost nature.
    THe word religion is not a good translation for ‘dharma’ as one can change one’s faith or religion, but one can not change one’s dharma.
    When we speak from the depth of such realisation, there is no fear of being branded communal and with due respect to all religions, we can show that there is no need to change one’s faith and go to a different faith.
    That which is termed as Hinduism, is itself a recent word made by Persians to refer to the people who lived on the other side of the river Sindhu. The only word in our ancient scripture is ‘Dharma’, sometimes also refered to as Sanatan Dharma, the eternal dharma.

    So many people from different countries are now practicing dharma in various ways, by studying bhagavad gita and other scriptures, by practicing yoga, etc.

    Satyam Eva Jayate…Verily The Truth shall be victorious.

    Om Shanti…

  6. The thing is that we have seen many a converts to Islam who became more radical than the Muslims themselves and same seems to be true in your case as well… a ‘hindu more devoted to the cause than Hindus themselves’ …
    Western world has always had a healthy disgust/hatred/contempt for the East and especially for Islam (remember the image of brutish Turk fed to your psychology as a child ?), so if you have started loving one part of the East while blaming the rest of it to the Middle-east so to speak, then it does not mean much … or does it ? And by the way … if history of that far back mattered in today’s world (except academic interest), then should UK invade Scandinavia because Vikingars used to invade it during Anglo-Saxon era ?

    So called intellectuals like you sir, are often found wanting in reasoning when deriding one particular culture or religion because you forget that excited or hateful thinking never leads to right conclusions.

    Can you define Hindu culture … or can you deny that over thousands of years, many settlers have settled in this country of ours and that there is no homogeneous ‘Indian’ ? And you have to be scientific-minded enough not to believe in such rubbish as ‘Aryans originated in Bharat …’ (if you do then your case is lost)

    If you really love this country, then please, do something constructive to help the people of this country in real terms, if not then please stay quite … unless of course you look for cheap publicity and become a hindu-icon with foreign-recognition hungry Sangh Parivar.

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