#soniagandhian Era

There was the Victorian Era, where prudishness and hypocrisy reigned supreme. Today we have the #soniagandhian Era, where the words ‘butt’ or ‘breasts’ are blanked out from TV, where names of rapists are not disclosed for fear of ‘communal’ riots, where statues of Shivaji Maharaj are removed by the police not to antagonize other communities, but where Bollywood gets away with the crassest vulgarity & violence, crude sexual suggestiveness, rape scenes, unimpeded use of white women that give the idea to the Indian youth that white women are easy, and where the word ‘Allah’ is inserted cleverly in every three couplets ! Cry O My Beloved India? Look at what Thy children are doing to Thee

4 responses to “#soniagandhian Era

  1. …and where the rape of a seven-year-old girl by a madrasa teacher since Ramzan gets only into one mainstream newspaper and blanked out by all others. Of course, there is no follow-up on the next day. And media keeps on trending Asaram on Twitter and prime time…

  2. Oh God! Who are you Mr. Gautier. Your piercing truth is both refreshing and sadening to me as an Indian. Just like we indians can’t get a single gold medal in the olympics we cannot find a single one amongst us to speak the piercing truth. We are a nation of sheep who is such a fraction of fraction of our former self that we know not what is good for us who we are anymore. Thank you Mr Frenchman for speaking the truth and preserving it so that some day we might use it to see the light and look ourselves and hold our head high in self-respect. At the moment we are nothing but grazing sheeps who can never realize that we used to be a tiger and a honorable one too.
    Thanks again for keeping the flame of truth alive.

  3. Shubasree Vaidyanathan

    It ‘ s a thing that we have someone like Francois Gautier to disclose facts such as these.Let s hope that our people understand and accept the truth no matter how ugly or painful it may be.Thanks to this article and the response to it now we know about a rape that took place and how the biased media completely blocked this news.

  4. Monsieur Gauthier has failed to notice one important fact about the state of affairs in India today. It’s the death of Hindu youth-with moral strength and conviction. It’s this fact alone that has embolden the corrupt Indian politicians and their media supporters to do everything and everything to denigrate the age-old Hindu dharma and Hindu civilization. These traitors know that they can do anything and follow any policy to harm Hinduism and can still get away unpunished. This is not true for Islam and it’s followers. If these traitors say anything against Islam, they know that they will suffer it’s consequences.

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