Dear friends, as I mentioned earlier, I am building in Pune a Museum of true Indian History, dedicated to the great Shivaji Maharaj, who was a Vibhuti, and who does not even have a proper status in India’s History books (forget about the West, where he is totally unknown). The Museum whose address is: Ahead of Marathwada Institute. Vadgaon Shinde road. Wadgaon. Pune 41, is OPEN every day from 9am to 6pm and entrance is FREE. There are now five buildings, each housing a unique exhibitions, such as the one on Aurangzeb, based on his own firmans, or on Maharana Pratap, the only Rajput who actually fought the Moghols and won in Haldighati. Please tell your friends about it. We also have a beautiful temple, dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj and Mata Bhavani, where daily aarti happens every morning at 9.30am

This is a noble, but VERY difficult project, for many reasons. One, there is no tradition of private museums in India, as there is in the West. Two, as soon as you touch at Indian history, it becomes very sensitive and tricky; and three, most philanthropists in India donate to education and health care, but recoil as soon as you mention the subject of Indian History.
But this is a Museum for ALL Indians, particularly dedicated to the Knowledge that stands behind Hinduism & which is the foundation of Indian culture and spirituality.

Thus, I need YOUR help. I am building this Museum on a shoestring budget and bills keep pouring in, while donations are very scant.
FACT is a registered Trust with Indian & UK, US tax exemption. If you would like to help, you could make a donation to: FACT, Account No: 04071450000237, IFCS code: HDFC0000407. We will mail you back your tax exemption certificate and we will honor all our donors.
Please pass this plea on to your friends

François Gautier


  1. kiran soniwal

    plz sent me ur contact no

  2. Hi Francois, I am so touched by your efforts and empathy for india and indians. I would like to help in any which way possible. Have some ideas on how to better collect funds etc. Is it possible for you to share your email address, so that I can correspond with you? my email ID is

  3. Daulat Deshmukh

    Appreciate the Status you have conferred on The Great Warrior King, comparing him to Napoleon in a recent article in Sakal newspaper.
    In fact, I have in my hands a book written by C.V.VAIDYA and first published in 1931 ‘Shivaji The Founder of Maratha Swaraj’ in which he compares his greatness in the first 2 pages to Washington or Garibaldi, saying he secured Independence to his people and destroyed foreign domination!

  4. Hi Francois, It is a great step. Fortunately I am also staying in Pune and I am available for any kind of support , if you need. My email id is –

  5. Nilesh S Bodana

    Today we visited Chhatrapati Shivaji Museuem at Lohgaon -Pune.

    A very FACT journey to an Indian history and also got opportunity to meet founder of this Museuem Mr Francois Gauttier and honorable Shri Nigar ji from Swdhyay Parivar !


  6. Those who have written this has very poor knowledge about the museum he or she visited but still the museum is about a great ruler ………………….……………….,……………..really disliked

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