After Azam Khan said that ” Those, who defended Kargil, were not Hindus; they were Muslims.”, I thought it would be interesting to publish the list of those Indian soldiers who died in Kargil. My heart goes out to them; for it was the death of heroes in the face of impossible challenges, giving their lives for Mother India, which so many Indian intellectuals, journalists and politicians have so little love for. Fgautier

Officers ( Indian Army)

Lt. Col. Vishwanathan
Lt. Col. Vijayaraghavan
Lt. Col. Sachin Kumar
Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia
Major Kamlesh Pathak
Major Padmapani Acharya
Major Marriapan Sarvanan
Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari
Major Harminder Pal Singh
Major Manoj Talwar
Major Vivek Gupta
Major Sonam Wangchuk
Major Ajay Kumar
Captain Amol Kalia
Captain Kieshing Clifford Mongrum
Captain Sumeet Roy
Captain Amit Verma
Captain Pannikot Visvanath Vikram
Captain Anuj Nayyar
Captain Vikram Batra
Dy. Commandant Joy Lal ( BSF)
Captain Jintu Gogoi
Lt. Vijayant Thapar
Lt. N Kenguruse
Lt. Hanif-U-Din
Lt. Saurav Kalia
Lt. Amit Bhardwaj
Lt. Balwant Singh
Lt. Manor Kumar Pandey

Officers ( Indian Air Force )

Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja
Squadron Leader Rajiv Pundir
Flt. Lt. S. Muhilan
Flt. Lt. Nachiketa Rao
Seargent PVNR Prasad
Seargent Raj Kishore Sahu

Junior / Non-Commissioned Officers ( Indian Army )

Naik Chaman Singh
Nair R. Kamraj
Naik Kuldeep Singh
Naik Birendra Singh Lamba
Naik Jasvir Singh
Naik Surendra Pal
Naik Rajkumar Punia
Naik S N Malik
Naik Surjeet Singh
Naik Jugal Kishore
Naik Suchha Singh
Naik Sumer Singh Rathod
Naik Surendra Singh
Naik Kishen Lal
Naik Rampal Singh
Naik Ganesh Yadav
Havaldar Major Yashvir Singh
Lance Naik Ahmed Ali
Lance Naik Gulam Mohammed Khan
Lance Naik M.R. Sahu
Lance Naik Satpal Singh
Lance Naik Shatrughan Singh
Lance Naik Shyam Singh
Lance Naik Vijay Singh
Naik Degendar Kumar
Havaldar Baldev Raj
Havaldar Jai Prakash Singh
Havaldar Mahavir Singh
Havaldar Mani Ram
Havaldar Rajbir Singh
Havaldar Satbir Singh
Havaldar Abdul Karim
Havaldar Daler Singh Bahu
Subhedar Bhanwar Singh Rathod
Rifleman Linkon Pradhan
Rifleman Bachhan Singh
Rifleman Satbir Singh
Rifleman Jagmal Singh
Rifleman Rattan Chand
Rifleman Mohammed Farid
Rifleman Mohamad Aslm
Rifleman Yogendra Singh
Rifleman Sanjay Kumar


Genadier Manohar Singh
Gunner Uddabh Das
Sepoy Amardeep Singh
Sepoy Vijay Pal Singh
Sepoy Virendra Kumar
Sepoy Yashwant Singh
Sepoy Santokh Singh
Sepoy Dinesh Bhai
Sepoy Harendragiri Goswami
Sepoy Amrish Pal Bangi
Constable Surjan Bhan ( BSF)
Sepoy Lakhbir Singh
Sepoy Bajindra Singh
Sepoy Deep Chand
Sepoy Dondibha Desai
Sepoy Keolanand Dwivedi
Sepoy Harjindra Singh
Sepoy Jaswant Singh
Sepoy Jaswinder Singh
Sepoy Lal Singh
Sepoy Rakesh Kumar ( RAJ)
Sepoy Rakesh Kumar ( Dogra)
Sepoy Raswinder Singh
Sepoy Bir Singh
Sepoy Ashok Kumar Tomar
Sepoy R. Selvakumar

5 responses to “THE HEROES OF KARGIL

  1. Quite a comprehensive list Mr. Gautier. Thank you for that!

    While the sacrifice of each soldier is incomparable with any other, a reaction from people like you who believe in the idea of One India might only help the others fuel this unholy fire even further.

    Well, it’s just an opinion of this Indian.

  2. Romesh Gupta

    This list should not have been posted. The Martyrs are Indians and that says it all.

  3. You are one of the rare media person in whom trust has endured. To be honest, i have stopped trusting every english media, be it national or international and almost all TV news channels. Surprising, but I trust a tweet from a random guy more than an editorial by a “supposedly” big name publishing house

  4. sir i really salute you by sharing this list you give one kind of homage to the martyrs of this country .may god always bless to save and nurture the hindutva

  5. Fortunately, then Ft Lt K Nachiketa , still happens to serve our country in the grade of Group Captain & so may I request for the necessary corrections in the relevent records, pl ?

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