The Media finds it easy to say #arrestTogadia, but always keep quiet when mollahs preach secession or during the killings of Kashmiri pandits in the Srinagar valley and the subsequent exodus of  350.000 of them, who became refugees in their own country, a first in the world. Here an article which I wrote for Indian Express some years ago


When Benazir Bhutto died  in December 2007, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described her as “one of the outstanding leaders of our sub-continent, who always looked for reconciliation between India and Pakistan.” Most magazines did cover stories on her and Benazir Bhutto became a “ finds it easy to go after Mr Togadia, but when martyr of democracy”.

It is a sad that a mother of three children was so brutally killed and we all mourned her terrible death. Nevertheless, truth must be told. For, as usual, what the press says is not exactly what happened. Firstly, under Bhutto, anti-Indian terrorism in the Kashmir region was fostered and increased. Benazir was also directly responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir. “She was instrumental in sponsoring jihad, openly inciting militants to intensify terrorism in India,” says Ajai Sahni, the executive director of the New Delhi-based Institute for Conflict Management. “I find it very difficult to discover a single element with her relationship to India that is positive and for the betterment of her country or the region”, he adds. Remember how she was shouting her slogans of azaadi, and exhorting the people of Kashmir to cut Jagmohan, then governor of the state, into pieces, as in “jag-jag, mo-mo, han-han”. She would say this while making chopping motions with her right hand as it moved from her left wrist to the elbow, leaving nobody in any doubt as to what she meant.
Secondly, under Benazir Bhutto, the Taliban formed and, helped by Pakistan’s intelligence service, swept across Afghanistan and later hosted Osama bin Laden. It is a bit of an irony that she may have been killed by the very people she helped foster if at all she was murdered.
Thirdly, she deliberately increased tension levels and then threatened India with a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The tension peaked when Benazir repeated her late father’s immortal boast of waging a thousand-year war against India and even Rajiv Gandhi was forced to mock her in Parliament, asking if those who talked of a thousand-year war could last even a thousand hours.

And fourthly, in her last speech before she died, she alluded to India as one of the threats Pakistan had to face, implying that if she was elected she would deal firmly with it. Then why is it that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called her a friend of India and that Indians still remember
affectionately ?

I interviewed Benazir Bhutto twice, the last one as she was campaigning to be re-elected for a second term.
The first question I asked, was about Kashmir, as she was the one who had called for ‘Azad Kashmir’, a Kashmir free from India, which had triggered the ethnic cleansing of most Hindus of the Valley of Kashmir, 400.000 of them having to flee their ancestral land.
–    – You know, she answered, you have to understand the Pakistani point of view on Kashmir. If one goes by the logic of Partition, then at least the Kashmir valley, which is in great majority Muslim – and it should be emphasised that for long the Hindus Pandits in Kashmir exploited and dominated the Muslims, who are getting back at them today – should have reverted to Pakistan. But let us say that officially we want to help grant Kashmiris their right to self-determination
–    – That’s the only reason, I continued ?
–    – No, answered Benazir, it should be clear also that Pakistan never forgot the humiliating loss of Bangladesh at the hands of India, although India claims it only helped Bangladesh to gain its freedom in the face of what the Bangladeshis say was Pakistani genocide. Zia’s emergence was a result of that humiliation.
–    – But Zia hanged your father, I interrupted…
–    – Yes and I hate him, and God the Almighty already punished him for that, said Benazir (alluding to Zia’s death in a plane crash). But Zia did one thing right, he started the whole policy of proxy war by supporting the separatist movements in Punjab and Kashmir, as a way of getting back at India.
–    – What about Pakistan’ nuclear bomb, I asked?
–    -That’s my father’s work she said proudly. He realized, after having lost the 1965 and 1971wars with India, that both numerically and strategically, we can never beat India in a conventional conflict. Thus he initiated the programme by saying that “we will get the nuclear bomb, even if we have to eat grass”.
–    – But is it not a dangerous weapon if it falls in the hands of the fundamentalists of your country, I asked?
–    No such danger, Benazir answered. Anyway, it is not only a deterrent against India’s military conventional superiority and an answer to India’s own nuclear capability, but also the ultimate weapon to reassert Islam’s moral superiority.
–    – We in Europe have united in a Common Market, why don’t Pakistan and India forget their differences and form some kind of confederation with other South Asia countries, instead of killing each other?
–    – Pakistan and India were never one country, answered the imperious lady. They were only kept together by force, whether by Mauryan, Moghul or British rule. Hindus have recognised the reality of Islam, and we needed our own country to feel free.

I was flabbergasted: here was a lady educated in Oxford and Harvard, who mouthed such irrational statements. She spoke good English, was pretty, articulate and appealed to the Press. But when in power, she had to resort to anti -Indianism to please her voters, her husband, now President of Pakistan, was known as Mr 10%, and she was hounded out of power twice for incompetence and corruption. Is she then a martyr of democracy ? History will tell. But today we see that her niece, Fatima Bhutto, as pretty as Benazir was, is the toast of the Indian Media, every time she comes to the Literary Festival of Jaipur, to sell her books! If one day Fatima becomes PM, as Pakistan have also their favorite dynasty, for sure, she will tread in her aunt’s footprints, for the only way to please the Pakistani voters, is to called for Azad Kashmir…

François Gautier



  1. Think About It

    Bravo Sir, you have written a well articulate article. Thought I’d share my opinion on your views.
    Primarily, the issue of a hate speech as done by Togadia recently is not something new. It has been done before and will be done for decades to come. And I hope your article does not in anyway mean that you think if someone else can do it, so can we also, because that in most ways makes you the same monster that you blame other to be. When something is wrong , it is wrong irrespective of whether it was reported or whether it was done by someone of importance. The point is simple : Wrong is wrong, and I hope you are literate enough not to defend his speech and his statements by the flimsy argument that hate speech is ok if it is two sided.
    Secondly, about Benazir, as an Indian I don’t have much clue and also I was pretty young when she was in power really. But I will say this, that I highly doubt she would openly incite terrorists. Yes she must have sponsored terrorism to help in her Azad Kashmir cause, but I don’t think it open a fact as is Togadia’s speech. That is, it is all hearsay and based on analysis, because if such allegations are proven it would mean she is as much of a terrorist as the terrorists themselves. Yes research by experts might show she was a monster, but you know what I’d rather trust the expertise of someone who is an impartial 3rd party.
    Thirdly, You started issue on a communal note and right in the second paragraph went on to a geographical one. Bhutto does not care about Islam or secularism, all she cares about is power and in her speech that is what comes out, irrespective of the content. Right now there are a hundred leaders making anti-India statements in Pakistan, but we don’t cover them. You know why, because we think them incapable of thinking secularly. But Togadia is a citizen of a secular country, a member of a secular party. Hence we make it big news.
    Fourthly, All members of this secular country have to pay for communal comments. Did you forget the case when Owaisi was arrested, or when Azam was banned by the EC. Where was your article of support then? As citizens of this country making such irresponsible statements will be dealt with with force. And if Bhutto would to make such arrogant comments live we would also print that, but we would not be able to arrest her as she is from another country, and the PM nonetheless. But these ministers are servants of the state and will have to follow the state rules. In short, it is not just him, but Owaisi and Azam were also made infamous by the media and the former even arrested.
    Lastly, I don’t want to but I will have to call you pathetic for acting like it is a big deal that the niece of Bhutto is here in India as an author. She is here to spread knowledge and love, and you treat her with hostility? How can you be so pathetic so as to judge her by her aunt’s nature and way of ruling? If by chance she does become the PM, who are you to predict her moves even before she reaches there? Please don’t spew hatred for innocent people, she has done nothing wrong and should deserve an equal chance, irrespective of her lineage.

    In the end I would like to say, for me as a loving Indian, the speech by Owaisi and Azam hurt equally as the speech by Togaida and I sincerely hope you too feel the same. As , if that is not the case then I am truly sorry to say by the Constitution of India you do not deserve to be called Indian.

  2. Good article. The appeasement politics of our ‘secular’ parties show no sign of waning. When the minorities indulge in hate speech, it is usually treated with kids glove. Instead any such act by the majority is magnified and deemed unforgivable.
    In the few instance where the law is applied on the minorities, it is show-cased as witch-hunting.
    The only reason India is secular is because of its majority-Hindus. Any other reason is supplementary.
    Let us be respectful of this. Yes, Hinduism has its share of ills like all other religions. But, it also has some greatness to it UNLIKE other religions.
    India and Pakisthan were twins but look where both stand in the world. The reason is simple. Islam is an intolerant religion whereas Hinduism is tolerant and evolving. Let us be proud of this fact.

  3. Blaming Hindus is indeed become a pastime of the media. The conflation of VHP, Togadia, BJP, Modi is quite remarkable to say the least.

    But it is not just an immature, undemocratic media, it is also a media which is wholly corrupt. Journalists and media houses fear that their misdeeds of the past decade will now become public knowledge. So they will continue to malign the one person who can expose them.

  4. Bong of India

    Someone can always be found anywhere making inflammatory statements. The media can find one in the nearest bus station if it wants. The point is, what following does the guy have? To my knowledge Togadia today is just on the fringes, with scarcely any followers. In the last State elections he tried his level best to get Modi defeated. We all know how badly he failed. (But when a mass leader like BB screams “jihad, jihad” it has great significance).

    This makes me wonder why morons in the media are suddenly trying to scare the Muslim voters. Are they trying to turn the heat away from the dynasty and congress? Obviously, they have a great deal to lose if Modi comes to power.

  5. Think About It

    @Justin C

    It seems highly illogical that you would judge Islam from a country that far from practices it. If you ever have to make an impression of a religion please don’t go by what is written in the media or what is shown my Muslims. Take your time and study about it in depth from the Quran or a learned scholar with an open mind and then come to conclusions.

  6. Think About It

    @Justin C

    And also the media is not as biased as you make it sound. As I have said in my comments. Owaisi was arressted and so was Azam banned by EC. And both these fools were paraded by the media as much as Togadia is being right now.

  7. Benazir learned the rope from her megalomaniac father, Zulfikar A. Bhutto, who had a Hindu ancestry in his pedigree.
    Bhutto was the main obstacle in 1970, refused to form a govt with Sheik Mujib. He was racist to the core, treated Bengalis as half Hindu & thus impure. Just could not conceive of a half Hindu Bengali running whole Pakistan.
    He literally broke Pakistan for his own power and the main architect of the BD killing fields, responsible for crime against humanity. At the end, he paid the price, his handpicked general executed him.
    His infamous line- “we will build N. Bomb even we have to eat grass”. Like father, like daughter, she was the product of the same mill and continued the routine.
    . Benazir Bhutto, as the prime minister of Pakistan, carried critical nuclear data on CDs in her overcoat to Pyongyang in 1993 and brought back North Korea’s missile information on her return journey. An original female Taliban suicide bomber!
    Benazir ordered A.K. khan to sell nuclear tech to rough state Iran Libya +
    She instructed paki air force to be ready to bomb Indian nuclear site.
    Pakis inflicting thousands cut to bleed India without fear of any retaliation. India, with her multibillions arms, fighter jets and missiles unable to protect her land and people.
    While Hindus preach “Om Shanti Om”, Muslims busy multiplying, converting, and occupying Hindu land.

  8. @Think about it
    What are you trying to infer? What makes you think J.C. has not read the Quran or vast knowledge of Islam?
    I can ask the same question; have u read the Quran or any idea of Islamic history? If you are confident put down your rationale on the table, we can help and answer your concern.

  9. Think About It

    I say it so because of the baseless statement that Islam is an intolerant religion, and basing that fact solely by seeing what takes place in Pakistan. The way media tells us about how Hindus are treated there is not what Islam teaches. I have read the Quran and have heard scholars too. Trust me, our motto is to convert people to bring them to what we believe to be the right religion by choice, not by force.

  10. @ Think About It

    Baseless? Whole world (minus Muslims hoards) has concluded that Islam
    – a bloodthirsty vicious cult has no place in today’s civilised world.
    Islam may suit Arabia or others with similar primitive mentality, but for India , with her rich cultural, scientific & philosophical past, Islam is a curse, a plague to be avoided at all cost.
    Have read the Quran’s verses of violence?
    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, ….”
    What Islamic scholar? All madrasa educated illiterate, slaves of Arabia, no one should touch them with a barge pole. If you wish to debate in a public forum about Islam, seek knowledge from other sources & have a critical open mind. I know, being a Muslim this is not an option for you.
    Quran- it has zero intellectual & scientific value.
    . Alternatively, believe in your blind faith, keep repeating ‘Islam is peace’ and remain ignorant.

  11. An erudite friend sent me a link to this very well written and informative blog.
    Unlike the author, I never met Madam Benazir and so can make no personal comment, however I think a dispassionate review of universally accepted facts does endorse the thrust of the author’s argument.
    Benazir’s trajectory was defined by that of her two brothers and her other rivals for power, like Mustapha Khar. If they were ready to take the PPP down the path of ‘International Socialism’- including allying with the Leftists in Kabul and even the (quite honestly, at that time, utterly unfit for purpose) Indian RAW- then Benazir advertised her willingness to go wholly the other way and to not scruple at something worse even than terrorism- viz. killing one’s own kin under a sanctimonious veil of hypocrisy.
    Her relationship with Her ‘Uncle’ Babar- who though not the main culprit for Pak support for the Taliban as has sometimes been said, was nevertheless the instrument for a savage revanchist policy, on behalf of ‘Madam’, in Karachi.
    Why speak of Benazir’s enmity for India? It was her own people, it was people from the classes who contributed the most ‘jiyalas’ (die hard PPP supporters) whom she hurt worst. As for her own brother- well, we all know that story.

  12. Think About It

    Well, I am of open mind, and yes I too have read that verse and agree that it has an undertone of violence. But I urge you to read the context with which it was delivered. Quotes written out of context can be misleading. Read the situation the Prophet PBUH was when it was delivered. And read the whole book in its whole to really understand what it means. Don’t follow the herd, as you rightly said the world believes it to be a violent religion. That is solely due to the glorification of individuals who do not know how to practice Islam. Don’t judge the religion by them.
    And please read the Quran with translation and dissection, before writing it off based on hearsay. If not the religious truth, you will find it to be a book you can learn a thing or too. Much like all religious books. But like I said, you will need to cleanse all the formed ideas you have about it before.

  13. Why Muslims hate BJP
    All Muslims don’t hate BJP . Those who have reconciled to the fact that they have to live in India as Indians are open to agendas other than hate BJP – hate Hindus ( actually hate “hindutwa” as declared by many Charlies–by-the day analysts , is same as hate “Hindus”). How can you hate hindutwa and not hate Hindus. This is beyond any sane person’s comprehension.
    Some hardcore Charlies by- the -day have tacitly conceded (Sunday times) that they won’t vote for BJP because it is a “ hindutwa party”. Hindutwa party – probably because it raises the concerns of majority Hindus of this nation from time to time. But, By that definition all other parties (e.g. congress and its stooges – SP , BSP, trinamool congress, JDU, RJD etc.) become “Islamists parties” because they keep raising the so called cooked up concerns about Muslims (like quotas, and protection of jihadi terrorist and their sympathizers, ‘false encounters’ of Muslim ‘terrorists’. Therefore if Muslims consolidate against so called “hindutwa parties “ then why object Hindus if they consolidate against “Islamists parties” ?
    The other argument which these self-styled journo Charlies –by –the – day give is that upper caste Hindus vote in favor of BJP therefor Muslims should vote against BJP. They are also trying to split the Hindu votes into upper and lower caste Hindus as if dalits are not Hindus .
    But this is not the reality. The reality seems to be actual deep seated fanatic psychology of the hardcore Muslims which makes them anti-hindutwa/ anti-Hindu and not a tit against tat for block voting by upper caste Hindus or fear of Hindu domination.
    As far as hindutwa is concerned , the history is witness and all educated intelligent intellectuals know that Hindus are most tolerant species in the world . They have coexisted with Buddhists , Jains and parses (and even with Muslims and Christians) in this country peacefully for thousands of years. No Hindu kings (there were still more then 400 rajahs when British left ) have practiced forceful conversions or massacre of Muslims or ethnic cleansings as the Muslim kings and badshahs have done over the centuries and more recently in valley of Kashmir. Whatever the badshahs of Kashmir valley (Abdullahs ) pretend or speak about their brand of (pseudo)-secularism , the fact remains that Kashmiri Hindus and Sikh have faced the worst kind of massacres in the recent history of India . Hundreds of books and eye witness accounts exist on this subject. So it cannot be the fear of Hindus or hindutwa which drives fanatic hardcore Muslims to anti – Hindu activities. Therefore it can be concluded that Muslims vote against BJP but not because of its so called “hindutwa party”. They vote against it because their anti-Hindu sentiments have been aroused by certain vested interests.
    Coming to the second point about blaming high cast Hindus for voting in favor of BJP in turn causing polarization of Muslims. This argument is also not tenable. Because if they were so strong they would have never allowed partition of India. Even the strongest Hindu of recent times – mahatma Gandhi- did not succeed in preventing or restricting partition of India ! further , as such 15-20 percent high caste Hindus in India cannot swing the pendulum unless joined by the 15-20 percent Muslims , which never happens or 20 percent of dalits who have already been successfully alienated from Hindus by the vested interests . In addition, the high cast vote has always been split between congress, BJP , BSP and other parties like trinamool , AIDMK etc. . So much so that for many decades after independence all high cast Hindus voted for congress until the congress started visibly practicing policies of Muslim appeasement (shah bano case and ignoring Kashmir massacres) while taking Hindus for granted .it was this time that Hindus woke up and upper cast voters decided to give BJP a chance thinking that this party will not play the politics of appeasement . Now it is not only the upper cast Hindus , but also dalits who are waking up to this reality and that is why polarization , started by Muslim fundamentalists is now spreading amongst Hindus . This is a recent phenomenon observed after the adventures of congress appeasement of eighties mentioned above. Therefore even this is not the cause of observed polarization of Muslim votes against BJP. Then what is the real cause . we will come to that now .
    If we closely analyze the mentality of ordinary Muslims we will find that they are not so severely against BJP or hindutwa as the fundamentalist radical separatist hardcore Islamists. Probably because most of them have same gene as as Hindus of this country. There fore to find the answer to our question we have to further narrow down to the mentality of hardcore , anti-Hindu Islamists. Here again millions of pages of world history and literature give a close insight into the psyche of this class of Muslims. Our self-styled, pseudo-intellectual Charlies-by- the- day don’t have patience and time to go through all that stuff and then analyze it without bias. We will do that for them.
    why HARDCORE muslims are against BJP
    The Islam is a religion of conversions. No one is a born Muslim. And there were no Muslims before Muhammad sahib was born. It requires a ritual to convert the person into a Muslim but that is by choice . As a matter of fact Till today billions of people have been converted into Muslims by force , not by choice . Vivid accounts of wars and invasions are a testimony to that. The forceful conversions require violence and coercion which in turn is only possible if one is strongly in power. If a neutral (synonymous with actual “secular” word) party like BJP comes to power , these hardcore radical Islamists will lose their hold on power . That in turn may hinder their agenda of pan-Islamism. This is a simple conclusion but amply explains why hardcore Muslims are against BJP. …. To remain in power so that they not only retain their hold on ordinary simple Muslims, but also get a chance to create another Muslim state, state after state – more Pakistans and Bangladeshs. This is the way they have been instrumental in propagating Islam from middle east to Indonesia and entire north Africa . only Christians and Hindus have been able to withstand this invasion of faith. That is why these hardcore fundamentalists are against BJP and Hindu saints and even …….America and UK (which are again pseudo secular Christian states , but are against hardcore islamists).
    This also explains the fact that for last 3-4 decades there has been a concerted effort by such fundamentalist forces to divide Hindus into upper cast , middle cast and lower cast and dalits so that they keep fighting amongst themselves and vote in different directions paving the way for these hardcore fanatics to retain power. People like Nitish , Lalloo , Khejriwall etc. are but the pawns in this game of Islamic supremacy being played by these hardcore fanatics in the garb of ‘pseudo-secularism’
    jagrit bharat
    (a thinker , news-analyzer and psephologist)

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    be well-known, due to its quality contents.

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