One was very surprised to witness India’s condemnation of Israel at the UN. This was an old Congress cynical policy of supporting Palestine, with the idea that it will please Indian Muslims, who in turn would vote for the Congress. But for a BJP Govt to do that? What was the reasoning behind it?

 On the other hand the widespread support of the Indian Muslim community for the Palestine, which can be seen in millions of tweets and FB posts, is much more natural and logic. At the same time, Indian Muslims and Muslims worldwide, should ask themselves this question: Are Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya or Kashmir, really persecuted? Has not Islam been, throughout its history, a religion of conquerors, which ruthlessly put down entire civilizations, and converted them at the point of their swords? Even today, Islam is still merciless, as we see in Iraq, where the so called Caliphate is shooting prisoners lying on the ground, beheading their enemies and sticking their head on poles. In Kashmir, which also portrays itself as a persecuted minority, Muslims in the Valley, chased out 400.000 Kashmiri Hindus, who became refugees in their own country and never shed a tear on them.

 Muslims today complain that they are unfairly targeted, that they are subjected to needless harassment. But what started at airports could soon extend to railway stations, borders, shopping malls, even… One day, it could very well be that anybody who looks like a Muslim will be regarded suspiciously in the streets.

 At first glance it looks really unjust. Yet, if we observe closely the events in the past ten years, we see that not only the Muslim community has never cared to collectively condemn the atrocities which are committed all around the world by Muslim terrorists, such as the terrible killings in Nigeria or the execution of foreign nationals in the Algerian gas plant, but that many of them condone them in the name of Kashmir, Palestine or Chechnya.

 So will Islam ultimately convert itself? Because the problem is not with Muslims, but with the Koran. This is why it appears so unfair that innocent, peace loving Muslims are targeted today by security forces. Will then Islam, instead of feeling totally paranoiac, thinking that it is under attack everywhere, whether it is Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, or France, realize that it is actually Islam which is the aggressor all over the world, that Muslims who have settled in France or India, or the UK, and which these countries have sincerely accepted, giving them citizenship and the same rights as any French, Indian or German citizens, are actually biting the hand that fed them ? French Muslims, for instance, recently rioted in the suburbs of Paris in the name of Palestine and attacked Jewish shops and restaurants. Will the mullahs of Islam accept to sit down and reform the Koran, which is a perfectly acceptable scripture for the Middle ages, when mentalities were very different, but which today still propagates an aggressive, exclusive, and dangerous zeal in its children?

 This is what we are all hoping for. This is what most Western leaders secretly crave for, when they go out of their way to praise and favour the moderate Muslims of their country. This is what spiritual leaders like His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are attempting, with a certain amount of success, by speaking to Muslim leaders, fostering ties in Muslim countries such as Kashmir, Iraq or Afghanistan, or reforming Kashmiri terrorists through meditation.

 Unfortunately, time is running out. Muslims in India and elsewhere in the world do not understand is that we are slowly losing our innocence. At the moment, Islam still benefits from the sympathy of the media, which constantly negates Islamic fundamentalism, but it is slowly losing that sympathy. Sooner or later nearly the entire world will wage a war against Islam, from Europe to China, from the Ural to Pakistan.

 There will also come a time, which is not very far, where everybody will become wary of anything Islamic. Anyone looking slightly Muslim, in a plane, in a train, in a shopping mall, will be looked upon suspiciously. Anybody with a Muslim name will have problems entering any country. Those who have Muslim friends will quietly stop seeing them or find some excuses not to meet them. It is already happening. Muslims will cry themselves hoarse and speak of persecution. But they will have only themselves to blame: they did not speak up as a community when innocents all over the world were killed in the name of their religion .

 And this may be the way Islam might slowly disappear. Muslims with a little common sense, or just maybe with a sense of survival, will start changing their names quietly, they will stop going to the Mosque, they will send their children to Christian or Hindu schools. Governments will clamp down so hard on their own Muslims, there will be so many restrictions on them, that entire families, will move out of the Muslim enclaves you find all over the world, to resettle elsewhere. Jehadis facing certain death even if they are not suicide bombers, will melt back in civilian life. Muslims will slowly lose faith in the righteousness and the power of their own religion, become atheists, or even embrace back Hinduism, as 90% of Muslims in India are Hindu converts. It may take a few decades, a hundred years even, But Islam will surely disappear in the alleys of history and what now appears like a menacing, dangerous, foreboding force, will be looked upon as just another religion that came and passed away..

 Unless Islam converts itself…

 François Gautier


  1. “This is what spiritual leaders like His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are attempting, with a certain amount of success, by speaking to Muslim leaders, fostering ties in Muslim countries such as Kashmir, Iraq or Afghanistan, or reforming Kashmiri terrorists through meditation.”

    Correction required Mr Gautier “… Muslim countries like Kashmir..?”

    Kashmir is inegral part of Country India

  2. pranab sharma

    You wrote about Nostradamus
    Dats exactly what is going to happen

    Just wait until then

  3. In India problem is compounded by a section of political leaders/parties and mainstream media who try to ignore actions of Muslim groups/individuals which are clearly anti-national and against social harmoney.For instance yesterday there was massive stone pelting in Kashmir by Muslims who had covered their faces and were carring ISIS flags.It continued for over 3 hours and several police men were injured.There was no arrest.No politician in Kashmir or elsewhere in India or any member of India’s Secular brigade has condemned it.Mainstream Indian media didn’t conduct any debate on this.
    There was also partisan reporting of Saharanpur riot wherein Muslim mobs damaged over hunderd shops and equal number of vehicles belonging to Sikhs.Media continued harping on land dispute which was a lie.UP High court had given the decision in favour of Sikhs and allowed them to construct the extended part of Gurudwara.The names of the three men killed by Muslim mobs were not disclosed.
    In cases of Muslim vs Others violence where the victim is a Muslim the name & his religious identity is immediately disclosed ( as in xase of IT professional killed in Pune & Roti episode in Maharashtra sadan in Delhi) and debates are conducted for days on so called attacks on secularism and persecution of Muslims etc.
    Recent instance where a Headlines Today journalist was compelled by his Editor in Chief to delete his tweets demonstrtes that some media houses are indulging in such anti-national acts as a part of their editorial pilicy.Will they ever be investigated although there have been rumours about their connections across Indo-Pak borders?

  4. What a great article by franc.appreciates word by word.it will happen not only in india but all over world.US also put them under suspicion list all muslim named are searched in airports by US police.

  5. My vision is muslim less world.all muslims converted to peaceful religion.christians are peaceful but also thugs.hindus are peaceful but morons idiots god fearing lot.we want world full of love peace passions and pleasures.hope hinduism will correct itself from sluggish mindset to rising mindset

  6. All non Muslims across the globe are fed up with the nonsense that Islam is creating around the world, as I could make out from their comments on several publications..It will not take decades or 100 yrs, for the Islam to disapear, it will be in a few years, as Nostradamus is to believed. It is said, he has predicted WW III, in this year, which will start from the ME (may be Israel-Pal conflict may fuel this, if Iran enters the war to support Pal), in which India takes a lead to win …and the Islam will be wiped out from the earth.and then peace will prevail .Let us hope that his prediction come true asap.

  7. Kashmir a COUNTRY, O please spare me, it WAS, IS and WILL be an integral part of India always. Exploited by Politicians or Governments !!!!!! again everybody is bestowed with intelligence of his own. A child might try to hold fire once, however the moment its hands burn it never returns to the fire. The educated class in and community is not that Hard-Lined compared to the uneducated. Yes today we are seeing a lot of Educated youth also committing crimes in the name of religion. This has to stop and will stop only when the Centers which breed these MORONS are closed. Its a known fact that a certain country promotes such centers and the US too is aware of it, but every country has its vested interest and hence sometimes turns a blind eye to all the happenings as long as it is not effecting their country. If they could get Osama why not Zawahiri or Dawood ? A time will come when these two will hold no relevance for the so called Patrons and then we may hear that they have been bumped off. As long as Poverty levels are great and Education is not imparted to the misguided youth, there will never be peace in their minds and the irony is that they will always be misguided in the name of religion.

  8. Krishnakanth

    During Gujarat Elections 2012 December there was lot of hullabaloo was created regarding BJP not giving a ticket to a Muslim.Now the media is crying hoarse that there is not a single BJP Lok Sabha MP.BJP gave tickets to 7 members and all of them lost.
    Secular media is unable to digest the victory of BJP in seats like Sambhal,Saharanpur,Rampur,Moradabad.
    Leave the happenings in the World.
    Can a Hindu ever get elected from Lakshdweep,Dhubri,Murshidabad,Kishanganj,Srinagar,Baramulla,
    Mallappuram,Ponnani,Hyderabad Lok Sabha Constituencies.
    Can a Hindu ever become Chief Minister of J&K.
    Will Secular Media ask these questions.
    Check Election Commission Website.See the results from 1952 to 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.Congress has always fielded a Muslim Candidate from Dhubri and Kishanganj Lok Sabha Constituencies ever since they were carved from 1952.
    Moin ul Haq Chowdhry (Industry Minister in Smt Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet) was a private Secretary to Mohd Ali Jinnah.Will the Secular Media ever mention it.
    Owasi family is ruling Hyderabad LS constituency from 1984 LS Elections.Now after delimitation it virtually became their Citadel.
    The support for Palastine also reflects this mindest.
    Israel doesnt care what UN says or India does.It does what is best for its National Interest.

  9. An extremely sensible, at the same time, courageous article full of the facts that most of the world is squeamish to talk about. You are absolutely spot on to narrow down the whole vast problem that Islam poses to the book that binds them all together. What is the common factor that binds Afghan Muslims & Indonesian Muslims ? The tie that binds Chechen Muslims & Nigerian Muslims ? Of course it is this medieval tome full of malice. Until & unless the Muslims pause & take stock of the direction that those who swear by medieval diktats are taking them, this religion will lead to a bloodbath and i sincerely hope that my Muslim brothers many of whom are perfectly decent people consider what’s good and reject & discard what’s bad in their religious discourse.The sooner they wake up to the fact that there is no such thing as the Ummah the better. That way they can swear allegiance & loyalty to their countries, cultures, political parties, football clubs whatever…….

  10. fostering ties in Muslim countries such as Kashmir, Iraq or Afghanistan, or reforming Kashmiri terrorists through meditation. WTF! Appologise and edit your article

  11. Jitendra S Panwar

    Religion which had came into existence and spreaded due to violence would be destroyed due to violence only. It is the last stage of Kalyug

  12. True, if Islam as a religion, does not change or modernize itself it is bound to become unpopular. After all how far can it sustain itself on the medieval mindset of its practitioners?The slide is apparent. The Key word is Change.

  13. suchindranathaiyer

    The principal factor that puts winds in the sail of Islam is the perquisites of rape, slavery, massacre and plunder enjoined on Moslems in the Quran and the Sura by Mahomet and it is Petro Dollars that put winds in the sail of pro Islam forces such as Governments and media. As for the BJP Govt vote in favour of the same Islam that ethnically cleansed Kashmir and would do the same in Israel, it was an unforgivable blunder and can only be attributed to the continuing momentum of the entrenched Neta-Babu-Cop-Milard-Crony-Kleptocracy when the BJP Govt was in its nascent stages.

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