Everybody, from the President to Sonia Gandhi, is mourning the demise of professor Bipan Chandra. But with Romila Thapar, & Harbans Mukhia, History will hold him responsible for having groomed three generations of Indian students on negating the Islamic genocide on the Hindus. In “Communalism and the writing of Indian history”, he Thapar & Mukhia once professors at the JNU in New Delhi, the Mecca of secularism and negationism in India, denied the Muslim genocide by replacing it instead with a conflict of classes. Chandra and Thapar also defended Aurangzeb, this monster, who not only murdered Hindus and razed their temples, but also poisoned his father, decapitated his brother and imprisoned his sons, by writing that Aurangzeb’s supposed intolerance, is little more than a hostile legend based on isolated acts such as the erection of a mosque on a temple site in Benares. How can one be so dishonest, or so blind? He is finally responsible with Irfan Habib to have invented a lie, according to which the Babri mosque forcibly replaced a Hindu temple, is nothing but a myth purposely created in the 19th century by the British.


4 responses to “BIPAN CHANDRA

  1. This is not just dishonest and blind. It is being unprofessional and unfaithful to the credo of one’s profession. Isn’t that the essence of Protestant work ethic that we so admired in the British? Oh, well, we should get the best from everywhere.

    To me, it is beyond contemptible Bipin Chandra and Romilla Thapar and Mukhia have done. While I have no quarrel with interpreting facts, facts should remain facts. By distorting facts they have rendered the greatest possible disservice to humanity.

    Thanks for writing this piece.

  2. “EminentHistorian” #bipinchandra took Rs75k for ‘OralHistoryProject’; Rs2Lac taken frm ICSSR, Rs4Lac taken frm JNU. LoL

  3. It’s an open secret that the rulers of the day twist & rewrite the history of the time to suit their purpose,nothing new,but the height of psycophancy is when the so called historians become a party to such a fraud.for few pennies & some odd recognition.Romila Thaper, Mukhia & Bipin Chandra fall in the category,who for the sake of being in the good books of the rulers will not bat an eyelid to sell their mothers leave aside twisting the historyof the nation.I feel that Govt. of India takes a serious note of this & corrects it before more youngersters are befooled into believing in this distorted version of the historical facts.No one,including the religions is greater than the country.People likes these historians should be made to tender an apology to the entire nation for the crime they have committed.

  4. “Babri mosque forcibly replaced a Hindu temple, is nothing but a myth” — so does Francois Gautier believe that there was no Ram temple in Ayodhya?

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