In the wake of the Nobel Peace Prize to #Kailash Satyarthi, I thought it would be worthwhile to post this article I had writen on Mother Teresa for the Indian Express. The difference between Mother Teresa and Satyarthi, however much good work they have done, is that she Mother Teresa wanted to convert India to Christianity and #KailashSatyarthi to Marxism


arose after the death of Mother Teresa:

1) What did Mother Teresa really stand for?

2) Why do Indians defend her so ardently?

Foremost one should say in defence of Mother Teresa that she certainly did saintly work. After all, there is no denying that it takes a Westerner to pick up dying people in the streets of Calcutta and raise abandoned orphans, a thankless task if there is one. Indians themselves, and particularly the Hindus, even though their religion has taught them compassion for 4,000 years, have become very callous towards their less fortunate brethren. This said, one may wonder: What did Mother Teresa really stand for?

Was caring for the dying and orphaned children her only goal? Well, if you have observed her carefully over the years, you will notice that she did not say much. She did speak against contraception and abortion, in a country of nearly one billion, where an ever growing population is spiking whatever little economic progress is made, where the masses make life more and more miserable, invading the cities, crowding their streets and polluting the environment; where for 40 years the Indian government has directed a courageous and democratic birth control programme (this must be said, for China has achieved demographic control through autocratic means).

What else did Mother Teresa say: she spoke of the dying in the streets of Calcutta, of course, of the poor of India left unattended, of the misery of the cities. Fair enough, but then it should have been pointed out to her, that she projected to the whole world an image of India which is entirely negative: of poverty beyond humanity, of a society which abandons its children, of dying without dignity. OK, there is some truth in it. But then it may be asked again: does Mother Teresa (and Kailask Satyarthi, who at the moment, could say a few good things about his country – for instance that there are tens of millions of children in ndia of all ages, castes, social background, including million of girls, who are loved and cherished and lea a happy childhood) ever attempt to counterbalance this negative image of India, of whom she was the vector, by a more positive one? After all she has lived here so long that she knew the country as well as any Indian, having even adopted Indian Nationality. Surety she could have defended her own country? She could have for example spoken about India’s infinite spirituality, her exquisite culture, the amazing gentleness of its people, the brilliance of its children (isn’t it Mr Satyarthi???)…

Unfortunately, Mother Teresa said nothing. For the truth is that she stood for the most orthodox Christian conservatism (& Satyarthi for a Marxist outlook on India). There is no doubt that ultimately Mother Teresa’s goal was utterly simple: to convert India to Christianity, the only true religion in her eyes.

Did you notice that she has never once said a good word about Hinduism, which after all is the religion of 800 million people of the country she said she loved, and has been their religion for 6000 years. This is because deep inside her, Mother Teresa considered, as all good Christians do, particularly the conservative ones, Hinduism a pagan religion which adores a multitude of heathen gods and should be eliminated (and probably Mr Satyarthi, like a good Marxist, does not think much about Hinduism, his religion, which he probably associates with Brahmanism, caste abuses & bonded labor).

The second point then is: why does India’s intelligentsia, most of whom are born Hindus, defend the Mother Teresa (or see the Times of India raving praises of #KailashSatyarthi ‘building bridges between Pakistan & India’)? These are intelligent, educated people, they must surely have some inkling of Mother Teresa’s true purpose, or of Satyarthi hard bound Marxism, as outlines in the New York Times article?). Or do they? Do the Jain brothers or Rajdeep Sardesai, he of the Times Square fame, understand what Mother Teresa or Sayarthi really stands for? That they are basically hostile to their own culture, their religion, their way of life? Does Sardesai know that Hindu society has always been the target of Christians since their coming here, & of Marxists since 1947? Does he understand that he and a thousand of his peers, who belong to the intellectual elite of India and keep praising Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen or Kalash Satyarthi, are doing harm to their country and opening it to its enemies? The Christian & Marxist influences are very strong in India today: it shapes the minds of its young people, in a subtle way, through its schools, which many of the children of the rich attend. It moulds the thinking of the tribes Christianity has converted, particularly in the North-East, where the missionaries have always covertly encouraged separatism and Marxism still rules supreme in India’s journalist schools.

But ultimately it must be concluded that the Indian intelligentsia who defend Mother Teresa? Amartya Sen, or Binayak Sen, and are constantly attacking Hinduism, as Sardesai does, are a product of three centuries of English and Christian colonialism, which successfully created an Indian elite cut off from its roots and hostile to its own culture. Mother Teresa, Amartya and Binayak Sen and Satyarthi are an incarnation of Western post- colonialism and the Nobel Prize he got is their endorsement of their work,

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  1. eye-opener!

  2. Yes Mother Teresa wanted Indians to get converted to Christianity.
    She Never Helped anybody for Free, The cost was their Own religion was lost

    Similarly, By Giving Nobel Prize to MARXIST People in India, West Wants to highlight Problems of Naxalism in India and Wants to Break India by doing so!!Why would Somebody give Million Dollars of NOBEL prize Money without having his own Agenda!!!

    Moral of Story : There are NO FREE LUNCHES!!!

  3. Great points. Media does not highlight any such social work done by a Hindu organization. Even to this day, our many of our temples and Gurudwaras feed thousand of people all over India. They support the society by way of distributing knowledge as well. As you say, there are many good things in India and in Hindu society.

  4. Actually, The whole Malala scenario is Bizarre. Only two tears ago when she was brought to England for a operation, She was promoted heavily As community appeasement and PR. She supposed to have written a book!! Which was purely by someone else to make money. Family, friends and some community group have started to promote her. Contrary to Kailash Sayrarthi, I cannot see anything that she has done, Speech written by someone, they took her to UN, Africa. BBC said today that that it is Basically to promote peace between India and Pakis. Just like few years back Obama also got Nobel Peace Prize!! Nobel prize is becoming un Noble by the Day!!

  5. Well said, Mr.Gautier! Your viewpoint should be shared across several forums. It is very valid. The number of people who’re rejecting Hinduism and are turning cynical about it, is increasing with more and more exposure to Western culture and religions.

  6. This has to be one of the most inane pieces of writing I have ever encountered. The writer leaves no logical fallacy untouched. Great work!

  7. If the world ends in a holocaust, it will be because of the semitic religions

  8. Mr Gautier, the usual “psecular” suspects you talk about has long left Hinduism. They are dhimmis now and they are doing what dhimmis do.

  9. Brilliant on to the point as usual…great observation

  10. This is a ridiculous blog. Ask the children saved and the poor in Calcutta if they care about the leanings of the people who are saving them. Mr. Gautier what have you done to help other than write articles flinging mud at people doing something about what they see as wrong happening around them. How many children have you saved? Fighting for the downtrodden can always be called Marxism by people who have a good life and don’t realize it has been built on the backs of the exploited. The same as the billionaire stock brokers or CEOs who make millions whether the stocks they trade or companies they run make money or not.

  11. Whats this deal with KailashSatyarthi and Marxism? Now where did you get this from?Please go do some Kriya & Meditate and stop seeing bad intentions behind everyone’s actions.. Jai guru dev!

  12. Manisha Verma

    We are looking at one slice of time in the history of India, which looks bad because it is right after 1000 years of external oppression and 65 years of internal oppression. India was a great civilization and it is again rising under good leadership, so we need to be patient, watch and do what we can as individuals. I think the true strength of India always has been in a culture which gives freedom to live, learn, explore while never forgetting the spiritual essence of existence which permeates in every aspect of our life. 1000 years of conversion efforts could not convert 80% of us because for us the divine does not exist on a Sunday morning or Friday afternoon. It is everywhere, in our music, dance, arts, grandma stories, cooking, home decoration, wedding rituals, harvest songs on the farms, etc. etc. It is hard to wipe this out completely…And kudos to Francois Gautier for standing up for Hindus for so many years!

  13. The point that you say about Mother Teresa is correct. However, the same cannot be said about Kailash Satyarthi. He did a commendable work. He has done nothing that can be termed even remotely deleterious. Don’t judge people on their political positions. Everyone has a right to have one.

  14. You are great in exposing hypocracy,dr ak41

  15. Brilliant insights as always. Thank you for helping us look beyond the perceptions forced upon us by mainstream media.

  16. Francos Gautier Great, You have a courage to say truth.Some one may not like it.Their should be free discussion.

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