About the controversy #Sanskrit, listen to the wordds of Sri Aurobindo, too, India’s great yogi, poet, philosopher:

“We shall question many established philological myths,-the legend for instance of an Aryan invasion from the North, the artificial and inimical distinction of the Aryan and Dravidian which an erroneous philology has driven like a wedge into the unity of the homogeneous Indo-Afghan race… Like the majority of educated Indians, I had passively accepted without examination, the conclusion of European scholarship…  He also shatters the myth of the difference of language to support the theory of meeting of races: «But here also my preconceived ideas were disturbed and confounded. For on examining the vocabulary of the Tamil language, in appearance so foreign to the Sanskrit form and character, I yet found myself continuously guided by words, or families of words supposed to be pure Tamil, in establishing new relations between Sanskrit and its distant sister, Latin, and occasionally between the Greek and the Sanskrit. Sometimes the Tamil vocable not only suggested the connection but proved the missing link in a family of connected words. And it was through this Dravidian language that I came first to perceive what seems to me now the true law, origins and, as it were, the embryology of the Aryan tongues…The possibility suggests itself that they may even have been two diversions, or families derived from one lost primitive tongue.

Sanskrit ought still to have a future  and it will not be a good day for India when the ancient tongues cease entirely to be written or spoken”…


4 responses to “About the controversy #Sanskrit, listen to the wordds of Sri Aurobindo, too, India’s great yogi, poet, philosopher:

  1. To help in the scholarship refuting the Aryan myth, I will share this excerpt from a Princeton University Middle Eastern studies professior Bernard Lewis from his book “The Multiple Identities of the Middle East” p, 46: (It is clear there are already eminent scholars in Western academia that have rejected false aryan race theories though they may be in other studies such as Middle Eastern)

    “Semite” and “Aryan” belong to the same vocabulary, and have undergone the same perversions. Both date from the beginnings of modern philology in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and from the momentous discovery that languages could be classified into cognate groups or families. In 1781, a German philologist called August Ludwig Schlozer suggested the term Semitic, from Noah’s son Shem, to designate the family of languages to which Assyrian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Ethiopic belong. Similarly the term Aryan, meaning “noble” and used by the ancient inhabitants of Persia and India to describe themselves, was adopted as the name of a group of related languages including Sanskrit, Old Persian, and some others. As far back as 1861 the great German philologist Max Muller pointed out that confusion the history of languages with the history of races would falsify everything. Nevertheless, race theorists, particularly those anxious to establish their own uniqueness and superiority, eagerly seized on this new vocabulary, and misappropriated it to their own use.

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