Once again after the #PeshawarAttack, the world keeps on looking at #Islam with blinkers:

 “it’s only a few misguided fanatics, the majority of #Muslims are peace loving”, etc.
Yes, maybe ,but these atrocities both of the #Taliban, which by the way, was created by #Pakistan, and the #ISIS, are done by men and women who FOLLOW THE #QURAN TO THE LETTER, whether it is what the #Koran says about non-believers, homosexuals, or rape. Hence their growing popularity amongst many Sunnite #Muslim youth, in France, US or India. But the real question is : WHEN WILL THE MUSLIM WORLDWIDE POPULATION CONDEMN COLLECTIVELY WHAT IS DONE IN THE NAME OF THE #KORAN? In #India itself, we hear very little condemnation by Muslim religious leaders of what happened in Peshawar, or Beslan, or Mumbai 26/11. It’s always: “oh, this is terrible, but these young misguided youth are also outraged by what happens in Palestine, Chechnya or Kashmir”. THE TRUTH IS HAT SECRETLY EVERY MUSLIM EXCUSES THESE ATROCITIES IN THE NAME OF AN IMAGINARY PERSECUTION COMPLEX; FOR #ISLAM HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE INVADER, THE BLOODY CONQUEROR, THE BRINGER OF THE FIRE AND THE SWORD – AND THESE JIHADIS ARE JUST THE NEW FACES OF THIS PITILESS CONQUERING ISLAM.

Its also tragic that western and Indian intellectuals will continue to defend Islam and will warn of ‘Islamiophobia’, as it is happening right now in Australia and Pakistan. And western and Indian youth will think that the right thing to do is to march with their Muslims brothers and sisters ‘for peace’. What a grave mistake ! How long will it take for the world to see clear, how many atrocities such as #Peshawar attacks will it take for us to realize that this a real war between the free world and an asuric force that has incarnated in #Islam?

Its is very sad that today even after #PeshawarAttack, if one writes in the way I have just done, one is condemned as an anti-Muslim. It is all right for jehadis to butcher 150 children in cold blood, but if you say anything against Islam, you are a fascist, even if you have never raised your hand against any Muslim! This is intellectual fascism and it helps perpetuate this savagery!

Unfortunately any journalist who dares say so, is immediately taken to task by his editor or his pieces are not published. I myself stated nearly 30 years ago that there was a problem with Islam in South Asia, at a time when it was even less politically correct to say so. I also wrote a series of articles on major religions in India, showing the enduring tolerance of Hinduism, the brutality of Islam, the proselytizing tendencies of Christianity and the disappearance from India of Buddhism – not at the hands of Brahmins – but thanks to ruthless Muslim invasions. These articles provoked the ire of French Indologists, such as the redoubtable #ChristopheJaffrelot, who has spent a lifetime trying to prove that Hindu ‘fundamentalism’ is more dangerous than Islam terrorism, began writing to Le Figaro an impressive number of letters of protest, demanding my resignation. From that day, I was marked and a smear campaign at all levels has been initiated against me till today. The French embassy in Delhi spurns me and thinks I am a dangerous fundamentalism and so do other French institutes in India, such as the #InstitutFrancais of Pondichery, which refuses to share any articles for the magazine on India (larevuedelinde.com), which is published in Paris by les Editions de L’Harmattan

When one is accused of being anti-Muslim, it’s worse than being a leper, one is sentenced without trial, without the accusers putting themselves in question for a second. If they did, they would realize that it is a terrible irony: we excuse suicide bombings in Israel or in Mumbai or in Peshawar, which kill thousands of innocents, in the name of the ‘persecution’ of Palestinians, Chechens and Kashmiris; but accuse of the worst crimes someone who has never murdered anyone, or even advocated hatred, but simply wrote about the reality he found on the ground with his own eyes, during twenty years of reporting.

As long as these intellectuals rule the roost in Europe and the US, The West will not be able to see the real threat that Islam has become today, however ‘peace loving’ the silent majority of Muslims may be.


6 responses to “Once again after the #PeshawarAttack, the world keeps on looking at #Islam with blinkers:

  1. First let me register my strong protest on the attack and pray these cowards are rightly punished. My prayers are with the children,school and the families.

    This article though started as bringing points about not majority of muslims are peace loving (thanks for that understanding) and they should condemn strongly against this attack collectively. Very correct. I see strong condemnation from every quarter including india and pakistan. Have a close watch on every news channel in the last few days this is clearly seen. So where were you and didnt see that unfortunately.

    Refrain from making such irresponsible statements as islam is invader.. Blood.. Etc. This showed your biased and illinformed or illconceived and a hate monger view. Relax and put more effort to know other religion before coming in to forums.

  2. Kasim,
    Why only in India are different sects of Islam are at peace? till now, in Pakistan and elsewhere, there is no unanimity on who a ‘real’ muslim is? why?

  3. France is in denial about its Islamic fundamentalism problem. France has the largest Islamic population in Europe and 1200 French Muslims have traveled to fight for ISIS in the Middle East. Islamic terrorism is consuming Europe and Europe wastes time sticking their head in the sand about Islam and projecting every problem with Islam on to a religion that has never attacked them once in the entire history of Europe, Hinduism.

  4. Kasim Islam did invade. This is historical fact. Not only did Muslims invade India, but they invaded the rest of the Middle East, Persia, Europe, Africa. This is recorded by Muslims themselves, but with pride on their bloody invasions. It is no more hate mongering to accurately and factually point out that Islam did invade many countries, that it is hate mongering to point out the Nazis mass murdered millions of Jews, Gypsies and everyone else they found undesirable.

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