About #Islam, #CharlieHebdo & @President_FR

The French President, Francois Hollande @President_Fr, says that #CharlieHebdo attacks have nothing to do with #Islam. French National TV, @France2tv, which covered live the drama for two days, never used the word #Muslim once. Neither did @CNN, which from a bold TV channel, that dared to call a spade a spade, has now become politically correct. All kind of political commentators and columnists have taken care to say that there is no clash of civilization between @Islam and the democratic world.

The Media and the politicians keep saying that Islamic terrorism is only perpetrated by a few ‘fanatics’ and that the majority of #Muslims are ‘peaceful’. What will it take so that the world opens its eyes and acknowledges that a real war is going on? In the last year we have seen the ruthless killing of westerners in the Algerian gas filed, the bombing of the Westgate mall in Kenya, the Boko Haram abduction and rape of 500 Nigerian girls, or the massacre of an entire village of 2000 people, the medieval beheadings of western journalists in Syria or the killings of the Peshawar school boys, to mention only a few. Now the horror of #CharlieHebdo. Why is the world refusing to see the truth?

Of course, the few who will continue to say that there is a clash of civilizations & that Islam has declared war on us, will be accused of fascism. What is intellectual fascism? It is to accuse the other, without bothering to analyze these charges by the test of logic and reason … 
One just needs to look at statistics and see that there is a real war going on.
Fascism is also to refuse dialogue, which can take place before witnesses in the form of a debate. All Indologists who keep defending Islam (and attacking #Hindus), whether American ones, such as Witzel & Doninger, or French like Christophe Jaffrelot, always refuse to dialogue with those they denigrate or those who defend the Hindus & accuse Islam.

When one is accused of being anti-Muslim, it’s worse than being a leper, one is sentenced without trial, without the accusers putting themselves in question for a second. If they did, they would realize that it is a terrible irony: we excuse suicide bombings in Israel or in Mumbai which kill thousands of innocents, in the name of  the ‘persecution’ of Palestinians, Chechens and Kashmiris; but accuse of the worst crimes someone who has never murdered anyone, or even advocated hatred, but simply wrote about the reality he found on the ground with his own eyes, during twenty years of reporting.

Throughout my career I have thus suffered from these labels that are not explained but are passed on from person to person and quickly make the around of everything related to India, whether travel agencies, expatriates, diplomats or journalists: “He is an anti- Muslim, a pro-Hindu, a Fascist” … Nowadays, even the most enlightened only want to listen to the politically correct, the current ideologies of the masses, they rarely want to listen to something different which strives to go beyond appearances. It is this very French arrogance, embodied by Francois Hollande, which is not normal in the land of Descartes.

All the so-called peace marches in France will see westerners mixing with Muslims (but the French has excluded the Front National of Marine Le Pen). This has no value. What we would like to see are Muslims coming down MASSIVELY TOGETHER in the streets and dissociating themselves from radical Islam. What we would like to see are Imams pledging to REFORM THE #KORAN and remove the passages that speak against the Infidels and advocate violence.

8 responses to “About #Islam, #CharlieHebdo & @President_FR

  1. The reality is the Church or West capitalists will not acknowledge that Islam, a far more virulent and morbid derivation from Talmud than Old Testament, is at war with it. It never did in 1400 years while Islam wiped out Jews, Arabs, Christians and Romans from the middle east, asia and some of europe, killing more than 270 million.

    Hubris can be hard to overcome. The Emperor has no clothes

  2. I read your views with respect.To me they sound like lone voice of sanity in the wilderness of suicidal madness that our intellectual world has turned into.I would very much appreciate a write up from you as to which forces are reonsible for it and what west hopes to achieve by fogging the truth?

  3. I agree fully. All sane thinking people should shun terrorism by the Muslims.This can be done only by adopting aparthied like policy by each nation until the Muslims see the sanity and fall in line with the main stream people of the nation and establish peace

  4. Jp

  5. Liberal atheists Sam Harris and Bill Maher are also facing the same push back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vln9D81eO60

  6. Sam Harris even wrote an enlgihtening piece on defamation http://www.samharris.org/blog/item/on-the-mechanics-of-defamation

  7. do not write anything here.
    one or two out of 1.5 billion may not like it. and then he has legitimate reasons to kill one or all.

    and no country has the guts to condemn such thought out of their country.

  8. A perfect satirical video on “nothing to do with Islam” by Pat Condell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N46mIHEGHN0

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