#DJIHAD & THE #KORAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXBgqa-xQwY

This video should be watched & all those who have a copy of the #Koran should check if these verses do exist. There is a lot of confusion about the Holy book of the #Muslims. What motivates the ‘cruel’ ISIS fighters? Why are Jihadis not afraid of death? Why did the Kouachi brothers kill with such a cool and relaxed conviction the #CharlieHebdo cartoonists? Why did Amedy Coulibaly execute four French Jews before being himself killed in the assault? We were all moved yesterday by the huge march in Paris that showed something of the French indomitable spirit and its aspiration towards liberty. But if you look at wars and revolutions throughout our history, it is not the pen that won them, even though it played a lasting influence – but the sword and today the AK 47. Nazism was not vanquished by the peace lovers of Neville Chamberlain, who wanted to avoid war at all costs, but by the sacrifice of human soldiers, many of them Americans. Hitler still managed to kill 60 million people and to exterminate 6 million Jews who had done nothing wrong except being Jews. Today the new Nazis kill in the name of the #Koran that most people have not read As the Buddha says, nothing replaces experience. As a journalist, I believe in first hand information. Unfortunately most people in the world – specially those who hold strong convictions – rely on second hand information: what their parents thought, what their teachers said, what they read in newspapers. MAKE YOU OWN OPINION IN LIFE; THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST TRUTH TAUGHT TO EVERY HUMAN BEING. READ THE KORAN THEN. FG

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  1. It the texts that are the problem. A Muslim may adhere to the teachings of the texts to a lesser or greater degree, but the texts themselves are not moderate.

    And Danish linguist studied the texts:
    “For three years a Danish linguist has analyzed the basic texts of 10 religions. She concludes that the texts of Islam stands out by encouraging terrorism and violence more than other religions. …

    On the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the Danish linguist Tina Magaard presents an analysis that questions the relationship between Islam and terrorism, violence and holy war.

    Islam’s religious texts calls upon its followers to commit terror and to fight to a much higher degree than any other religion, concludes Tina Magaard, who graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris as a Ph.D. in Textual Analysis and Intercultural Communication after a three-year research project that compared the basic texts of 10 religions.

    ‘The texts in Islam are clearly distinct from the other religious texts as they to a much higher degree calls for violence and aggression against followers of other faiths. There are also direct incitements to terror. This has long been a taboo in research in Islam, but it is a fact we have to acknowledge,’ says Tina Magaard.

    Furthermore, the Quran contains hundreds of calls to fight against followers of other faiths.

    ‘If it is true that many Muslims view the Quran as God’s own words that can not be interpreted or rephrased, we have a problem.’” http://10news.dk/after-three-years-of-research-in-texts-of-10-biggest-religions-linguist-concludes-islam-is-the-most-violent-religion/

  2. Please also see the writings and videos of Bill Warner. This is his site on political Islam. He presents Islam clearly http://www.politicalislam.com/about

    What is Islam?
    Islam is a cultural, religious and political system. Only the political system is of interest to kafirs (non-Muslims) since it determines how we are defined and treated. The Islamic political system is contained in the Koran, the Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed) and his biography, the Sira.

    Our Mission
    Our mission is to educate the world about political Islam, its founder Mohammed, his political doctrine and his god, Allah.
    The Five Principles

    Islam’s Trilogy of three sacred texts is the Koran and two books about the life of Mohammed. When the Trilogy is sorted, categorized, arranged, rewritten and analyzed, it becomes apparent that five principles are the foundation of Islam.

    All of Islam is based upon the Trilogy—Koran, Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and Hadith (his Traditions).
    Most of the Islamic doctrine is political, not religious. Islam is a political ideology.

    Islam divides the world into Muslims and unbelievers, kafirs.

    Political Islam always has two different ways to treat kafirs—dualistic ethics. Kafirs can be abused in the worst ways or they can be treated like a good neighbor.

    Kafirs must submit to Islam in all politics and public life. Every aspect of kafir civilization must submit to political Islam.

    These Five Principles can be put in five words—Trilogy, politics, kafirs, dualism and submission. These five words bring clarity and ease of learning about political Islam.

    Up until now Islam has been hard to understand because it seemed complex and contradictory and did not make sense. But, once you see how the Five Principles work, everything falls into place. Complexity becomes simplicity. Chaos becomes order.

    All CSPI books are based on these Five Principles.
    1. Trilogy
    The Trilogy contains three books—

    The Koran is what Mohammed said that the angel Gabriel said that Allah said. But the Koran does not contain enough guidance for one to be a Muslim. The Koran repeatedly says that all of the world should imitate Mohammed in every way. Mohammed’s words and deeds are called the Sunna. The Sunna is found in two different texts—the Sira and Hadith.

    The first source of the Sunna is the Sira which is Mohammed’s biography. The most authoritative version is by Ibn Ishaq.

    The other source of the Sunna is the Hadith, the Traditions of Mohammed. There are several versions of Hadith, but the most commonly used is by Bukhari.

    So the Trilogy is the Koran, Sira and Hadith.

    2. Political Islam
    Political Islam is the doctrine that relates to the unbeliever, the kafir. Islam’s relationship to the kafir cannot be religious since a Muslim is strictly forbidden to have any religious interaction with them The religion of Islam is what is required for a Muslim to avoid Hell and enter Paradise.

    The Trilogy not only advocates a religious superiority over the kafir—the kafirs go to Hell whereas Muslims go to Paradise—but also its doctrine demands that Muslims dominate the kafir in all politics and culture. This domination is political, not religious.

    As mentioned earlier, the Koran has 61% of its text devoted to the kafir. The Sira (Mohammed’s biography) has about 75% of its text devoted to the kafir and jihad.

    Islam’s success comes primarily from its politics. In thirteen years as a spiritual leader, Mohammed converted 150 people to his religion. When he became a political leader and warrior, Islam exploded in growth, and Mohammed became king of Arabia in ten years.

    Islam has a complete doctrine of how to treat the kafir that is found in the Trilogy.

    3. Kafirs
    Non-believers are so important that they have several names. Christians and Jews are called People of the Book or infidels. Other religious names for non-Muslims are atheist, polytheist, and pagan. But the Koran uses one word that includes all of the religious names. That name is kafir, an Arabic word.

    Kafir is usually translated as unbeliever, but that translation is wrong. Unbeliever is a neutral word. The Koran is very clear about the kafir. Indeed, the Koran defines the kafir by how it speaks of them. Kafirs are the lowest and worst form of life. Kafirs can be robbed, murdered, tortured, enslaved, crucified and more. Later in this chapter, more of the Koran’s doctrine of the kafir is given in some detail. But the key point is that a kafir is not only a non-Muslim, but also a person who falls under a different moral code from the Muslim.

    The Koran is devoted to the division between those who believe Mohammed, Muslims, and those who do not, kafirs. This grand division of the Koran means that there are two points of view of the Koran—the view of the Muslim and the view of the kafir.

    4. Dualism
    The third principle is duality, and is unique to Islam. As an example, here is a verse from the Koran:

    109:2 I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship. I will never worship what you worship, and you will never worship what I worship. You to your religion, me to my religion.

    This sounds very tolerant, but this verse was written later:

    9:5 When the sacred months are passed, kill the kafirs wherever you find them. Take them as captives, besiege them, and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush. If they submit to Islam, observe prayer, and pay the poor tax, then let them go their way. Allah is gracious and merciful.

    Now we have absolute intolerance. This contradiction is normal for the Koran and is even addressed in the Koran. The solution to contradiction is called abrogation where the later verse is better than the earlier verse.

    The logic here is very important. Since Allah is perfect and the Koran is the exact words of Allah, then both contradictory verses are true, but the later verse is better or stronger. This leads to dualistic logic where two contradictory facts can both be true.

    5. Submission
    Islam means submission and Muslim means one who has submitted. It is clearly stated in the Trilogy that all kafirs and their civilizations must be annihilated. Mohammed’s success depended on violence to persuade kafirs that he was the prophet of Allah.

    Submission is political, as well as religious. Islam demands that kafirs submit in every aspect of public life. Every part of kafir culture is an offense to Allah.

  3. “Clearly, anyone questioning Islam is particularly dangerous to the faith, as it takes very little inspection of the life of the prophet to see that he was not a good man. He led over 60 bloody wars and conquests, he had 9 wives, one of which was a child when he slept with her. His revelations were always convenient to improve his status. He died richer and more powerful than he started out – because of his ‘revelations’. He was inconsistent and often incoherent. Clearly today he would have been seen as a maniac, a schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur, a weirdo. That is the reason Islam forbids its followers to question it, or to associate with non-believers – because doing so will immediately reveal the truth.

    There are no angels watching you, none of the revelations were from a higher being than the prophet’s fevered imagination. The privations and the violence you are instructed to perform are for nowt as there will be just death and if you are lucky – nothingness. If you are unlucky and the Judeo-Christian tradition is in fact true, then you are going straight to hell for having been an abiding Muslim. No wonder Islam forbids rational questioning, science, dissent, unbelievers, other religions, education in the Western Enlightened Tradition. No wonder it is afraid. No wonder it is insecure. It is a mirage created by Arabian tribal custom and bolstered by an insane builder of Empire.”
    Read the rest http://marthavanderpol.com/2015/01/16/from-the-guardian-raif-badawis-writing-makes-beautiful-perfect-sense/

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