Dear Mr Prime Minister,

First let me tell you that many a times, I felt that some Divine Force was inspiring you – the way Sri Aurobindo said that Churchill was guided by Him to fight the Nazis…

But then, I have to say, as someone who travels extensively in India & has spent a lot of time in Delhi for the last 40 years (I have interviewed 7 Indian PM’s), that nothing much has changed. Your ministers are still as unreachable as the Congress ones, functioning in the same system with four layers of secretaries. Even if you have an important work – there is no way you can meet one of your ministers unless you have some pull. Your MP’s, as the Congress ones before them, once they come to Delhi, with their cars, bungalows, countless aides, and so many sycophants coming for favours, quickly lose sight of why they were elected. You need to send them BACK to their constituencies the way Mao Tse Tung sent back all his cadres to the countryside. Delhi is a microcosm of India and you seem to have lost there some of the Hindu electorate who voted for you UNITEDLY, from the Dalit to the businessmen. Some of us had seen this coming for a few months already.

You need to have around you people who will tell you what the mood of the people is – without ANY FEAR – for I have seen, even with gurus, that their followers always want to please them, flatter them and thus shield them from the truth. It is something inherent to the Hindu psyche. If this had been done, maybe we could have told you that the middle class and lower class Hindus who voted for you, want a change at the grass root level. They are not concerned about Obama and nuclear energy, or the way you are skillfully loosening the Chinese encircling grip, or the remarkable unifying of intelligence and their agencies you are doing with Mr Doval, but about the daily problems and the constant bribes that are asked by petty bureaucrats and policemen. I myself experience this in Maharashtra as I am asked bribes for getting permissions for a Museum, which is free, dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj and a sewa project!

Also they do not understand why you were so fiery and outspoken while campaigning – and now that you are elected, you do not seem any more to be promoting their Hindu causes. They cannot fathom, for instance in their simple minds, why you are being so friendly to Sonia Gandhi, who wanted you in prison or even dead – and why you are keeping away from those who supported you in your darkest hours, when nobody thought that you would become PM. These old friends of yours are still keeping quiet, out of respect for your work, but I know many who are bitter. The common Hindu man does not comprehend either why no one in your Government stands by reconversions of Christians or Muslims to Hinduism. During the last Tsunami, at least 10% of the Tamil Nadu fishermen were converted by Christian missionaries, using financial baits, such as free boats. I was there and SAW it. Or why when one of yours says that Hindus must produce more children, he is booed down. We know that Muslims produce seven to eight children per couple and in some areas of India they are now in majority and will NOT vote for you. It is true that there have been vandalizing of churches in Delhi, whether intentional, or just by some common thieves. But this is an old trick of Indian Christians to evoke sympathy from Obama and C° and bring pressure & discredit upon you. You should know better than that: Christians have been the aggressors in this country & the Pope still thinks that India is a fair target for mass conversions.

We understand that you must be the Prime Minister of all Indians and that you have to rise above sectarism, but there has to be in the public a perception that you are the PRIME MINISTER OF HINDUS BECAUSE IT IS THEY WHO VOTED FOR YOU – not the Muslims – whatever Ram Madhav told you before the Kashmir elections, which is going to be another thorn in your heel (and if you do not remove article 370 soon, most Hindus will lose faith in your government). To cultivate the Muslims, thinking that they will like you in the end, as Mr Vajpayee did, under the influence of the nice but misguided Suddeendhra Kulkarni, is not only a waste of time, but also may ALIENATE YOU HINDU VOTERS, whom you are going to need in four years again and at different state elections.  Let the Muslims of India know that they possess the same rights as any Hindus, Sikhs or Christians, which they actually have, including total freedom of worship, that Hindus have neither in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, but do not go out of your way to please them. When the common man of Delhi sees that you received Aamir Khan, whose film PK, is a deliberate insult to all Hindu gurus & Hindus, they think something is not right. Also they do not understand why so many Hindu gurus and activists such as sadhvi Pragya and Colonel Purohit, whose innocence has been proved, are still languishing in jail. Congress had no qualms in favouring their people and flouting all decent rules. This isn’t about ethics, but if your aim is just, dharmic, and I believe it is, it does not matter what means are used.

The Congress got elected and elected again with mostly the Muslims votes, till Kejriwal came, You need to CULTIVATE THE HINDU ELECTORATE Sir, by making gestures, even if you let your people do them and stand back. And that has to be done QUICKLY. If they are convinced that you are working for them, you will have the two or even three terms you need to achieve a real Renaissance of India. Democracy is a beautiful but skewed system, easy to hijack by adharmic forces. To realise all the great things you have undertaken, YOU NEED A UNIFIED HINDU VOTE.

The trap now is to listen to the Media which says that your party lost in Delhi because of ‘communal’ reasons – vandalizing of churches, statements by your people about reconversions, or your so-called ten lakh suit. This will prod you and your government to go more secular, let go of more of the pledges you made for the Hindu cause during your campaign, the same way the Vajpayee Government veered away gradually from its Hindu ideals – and lost the elections to Sonia Gandhi.

But think of it like that: you got elected in May last year with a massive mandate BECAUSE of your dedicated, sincere and fiery HINDU promises. There is no reason why it should not work the same way now that you have the power. You need to stick by what your pledged Sir – whatever the Media, Obama, your bureaucrats or the Foreign Press says


Francois Gautier


  1. Thank you for speaking so frankly to PM. Sincerely hope he listens to you and follows for his and BJPs benefit

  2. Well said monsieur….hope PM need to be more sincere in attending the above issues immediately than over confident and over generous to opponents baiters etc….

  3. Very well put. Its sad but common once elected we lose sight of our goals.

  4. A great post, but will he pay attention !. Muslims and most x-tians will never vote for BJP. They favor Arabic and Judeo – Christian culture for India. Main stream English media of India will always be the ‘ fifth Column ‘ and not the fourth pillar of Democracy. Delhi elections could have been won just by dismantling the Lutyen culture of Delhi and wiping off the reminders of Muslim rulers’ ( Turk. Afghan and Mughal ) oppression and genocide of Hindus. India needs an overhaul and not minor tinkering here and there.

  5. Modi we like you ‘communal’ better rather than being a pseudo sickular minority appeasing- merit killing PM

  6. Very important points made.. It should be sent to the PM directly, who seems to have lost some degree of focus after becoming the prime minister, and wants to appear very moderate and toned down, and as PM of the entire country, including those who did not and will not vote for him, however nice he may be.. He is probably concerned about his international image, and of building his image abroad.. but he needs to have a ear to the ground too as he did during his campaigning. If he continues like this, he will not get a clear majority like this one again, so he should continue in the same way as before and do the things which truly matter to him, instead of playing a watered down version.

    Even inviting Obama seemed quite a wrong decision.. it may have been right if the president had been Bill Clinton who is more rationale and pro India. Obama also has some degree of missionary mindedness and also has a soft corner for Islam as he received parts of his education in madarassas in indonesia.

    PM needs to be sent this letter directly as the media which were very strongly anti-Modi are pretending to be fair and his well-wishers now, and highlighting things from their viewpoints and interests.

  7. I liked this very much. Very aptly analysed.

  8. Reblogged this on अद्भुत संसार and commented:
    Shri Narendra Modi, You need to stick by what your pledged Sir before becoming Prime Minister– whatever the Media, Obama, your bureaucrats or the Foreign Press says..

  9. This PM is also speaking the same language like others. (Sick)ularism. I remember the first time i voted in 1999 General Election when i exercised my first Vote to BJP PM Candidate Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Since then, i decided not to Vote to BJP because they are bunch of lairs who provoke Pro Hindu Sentiments and later forget in the name of Secularism. This country was divided on the ground of Religion into three Parts. Now we are on a verge of loosing many ground to China and Pakistan due to secularist way of politics. It was in October 2014, when i attended Modi ji rally in Patna where i saw 11 Bomb Blasts , injuring many people waiting to hear Modi Ji. I decided to Vote for BJP. But again what happened. Our Hindus are being humiliated by everyone. The so called minorities (which i call them Densely populated Citizen of India) calling us names, abusing our Deities. We are being tolerant and being calm. Later obama came to give gyan to us regarding religious tolerance.

    BJP has forgotten one thing, that its Vote Bank is not Minorities. its Hindus. Its Us who has brought them to Power. Its us who would dethrone them if they don’t act as per pro hindu sentiments. We don’t want to bring chaos in society. We don’t want communal clashes and we want peace. But not at the cost of “Policy of Appeasement”. If they do so, we would kick them as it happened in Delhi. Be warn that Hindu have waken up to make BJP as political power. We don’t want to Produce 12 Kids just to make another poorer nation. We would make india a better place for everyone. BUT Want every other minorities to remain under 9% population.

  10. Monsieur, vous avez raison. J’amais bien ce que vous ecrivais. Merci Beaucoup.

  11. totally agreed..

  12. PM has morphed into a typical CONgi! Mark my words, he has lost his mojo and has been taken over by the system!! His cronies around have turned into the typical brown sahibs! Come next elections, they would lose many a vote of nationalists!


    monsieur, thank you for not backing those missionaries, who fool those gullible people(hindus, mostly). you being a christian, but do not supporting this blind faith, moreover thinking rationally, barrs me from critisizing your religion. thus, giving me hope that they(proselytisizers) will change their mind. MERCI.

  14. Well written mon ami.

  15. UnbiasedIndian

    Whatever happens, happens for a reason…. You say, modi only needs Hindu Votes… Then why did BJP lose in Delhi? Were there more Christians or Mulsims in Delhi?? No! Cuz people now know the real face of BJP… and those of you who helplessly write shitty letters to the Liar PM, go ahead.. make your life miserable! You got only one life.. stop caring about others religions, do good, understand your own Hindu religion first..(The word Hindu or Hinduism is no where to be found in the Vedas though)…
    or go burn down in Hell!!

    Au Revior fake Monsuier…

  16. girish deshmukh

    sir hope mr modiji reads this

  17. My friend, While your point is well taken, but since this is India, as long the Hindu cause and prideis not swept below the carpet, I feel it could wait. His other plank was governance !! Good performance will endear him back to his people. That’s my thinking. Take care, Naresh From: FRANCOIS GAUTIER To: Sent: Wednesday, 11 March 2015, 18:40 Subject: [New comment] AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PM ABOUT THE DELHI DEFEAT & A UNITED HINDU ELECTORATE #yiv7839511733 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv7839511733 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv7839511733 a.yiv7839511733primaryactionlink:link, #yiv7839511733 a.yiv7839511733primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv7839511733 a.yiv7839511733primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv7839511733 a.yiv7839511733primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv7839511733 girish deshmukh commented: “sir hope mr modiji reads this” | |

  18. I have prayed to Lord Jagannath of Puri time and agaisn since 2012 to make you our PM and save our country from going to dogs and by grace of god you won the election valiantly with massive majority and now our PM.But in fact what we expected a revlutionary change in governance,bureaucracy,Police is not forthecoming.I am a victim of Police atrocities human rights violation and vendett of corrupt leaders of BJD.We want a revolutionary change in Courts,Judiciary,Law acts and IPC,Police and prosecution.All innocents UTP must be released on bail if they are in jail without bail or trial in due time.My perception is that Modijee can do wonders if he comes down to earth from his high pedestal.We want his as our saviour.Although all secularists,Christian,Muslims are against him but still is adorable to us.We want him to look after thye country more and more instead of foreign policy.Please hand over yourforeign policy to Mr.Ajit Doval.

  19. Excellent write up / letter from Francois. Modi should read this at least 3 times, and follow the points made here – all the time. Keep it up Francois.

  20. Vishwanath S

    | François Gautier posted: “Dear Mr Prime Minister,First let me tell you that many a times, I felt that some Divine Force was inspiring you – the way Sri Aurobindo said that Churchill was guided by Him to fight the Nazis…But then, I have to say, as someone who travels extens” | |

  21. Lets do a little fact check here:
    You mention about “middle class” and “lower class” Hindus. Don’t you think it is heinous ? Have you heard of “middle class” and “lower class” christians or muslims or buddhist. Caste is the bane of hinduism. Wonder why you leave out a great event in the history of India called Mahad Satyagraha. May be you should live the life of a lower caste hindu for a few years and then you will be better fit to talk about the greatness of Hinduism

    Second fact check:
    In france after a democratic election do the winner kill the looser? Wonder why Francois Hollande did not kill Nicholas Sarkozy. Then why would you wonder why the prime minister of India would have a civil relationship with the one of the leader of opposition party? It is a testament of the vibrancy of our democracy. We are a civil people . If you did not understand it after living here for 40 years. May be we can teach you a bit.

    Third Fact check:
    Governments business is to be the executive and to uphold the constitution. Its business is not to run programs to convert or reconvert. All citizens of India is given the right to practise, propagate their relegion. I believe you have similar laws in France. And I know for sure that hindus try to convert frenchman to hinduism. The christians in France as far as I know havent yet run a program for “Ghar Wapsi”

    Fourth Fact check :
    Christian missionaries are within their rights to be charitable with the material needs of people who lost everything. Charity is not any ones monopoly. No one is stopping the Hindus. Please be charitable too.

    Fifth Fact check:
    Do you wonder why they are booed down when they say hindus should produce more children? Because if you just produce numbers you cant properly provide for them. It is how modern society works. Have children when you can properly provide for them.

    Sixth Fact check:
    There is a rising attacks on christian community in India . They will protest peacefully and will mobilise support within and outside india. Please remember that Christians are your best friends. Without their help in the world stage, you cannot progress as a nation.

    Seventh Fact check:
    According to our constitution when some one is the prime minister of india he is not just the prime minister of those who voted for him. He is the prime minister and the guardian of constitution for all the the people of india. So he is muslims prime minister, sikh’s prime minister and the Christian’s prime minister. He is just as much our prime minister as he is Hindu’s

    Eigth Fact check :
    Article 370 cannot be removed. India owe a referendum on Kashmir. Lets be fair as a nation. Have you watched the scottish referendum ? Well scots decided to stay with UK. Kashmiri’s might too if we are fair to them. And then the problem could be solved for ever.

    Ninth fact check:
    The way we treat our muslims should be exemplary. That is what sets apart Indians from Pakistanis. We have a large heart. Dont diminish it please.

    Tenth Fact check:
    Aamer khan should be boycotted for acting in PK. We should boycott Anuskha Sharma as well ?

    Eleventh Fact check:
    What we need is not a unified hindu vote. Unified Indian vote so that we can have a strong central government who can build roads, provide clean water to masses, provide electricity, health care, education etc.

  22. Please go back to France! France needs people like you 😉

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