IT is quite extraordinary that the  icon which is Mother Teresa is being defended by Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, a Hindu at that.

But Mr Kejirwal missed some relevant points, which could be summarized thus:

1) What did Mother Teresa really stand for?

2) Why do some Indians such as Navin Chawla, Prannoy Roy or Arvind Kejriwal, defend her so ardently?

Foremost one should say in defence of Mother Teresa that she certainly did saintly work. After all, there is no denying that it takes a Westerner to pick up dying people in the streets of Calcutta and raise abandoned orphans, a thankless task if there is one. Indians themselves, and particularly the Hindus, even though their religion has taught them compassion for 4000 years, have become very callous towards their less fortunate brethren.

This said, one may wonder: What did Mother Teresa really stand for? Was caring for the dying and orphaned children her only goal? Well, if you have observed her carefully over the years, you will notice that she did not say much. She did speak against contraception and abortion, in a country of more than one billion, where an ever growing population is spiking whatever little economic progress is made, where the masses make life more and more miserable, invading the cities, crowding their streets and polluting the environment; where for 60 years the Indian government has directed a courageous and democratic birth control programme (this must be said, for China has achieved demographic control through autocratic means).

What else did Mother Teresa say: she spoke of the dying in the streets of Calcutta, of course, of the poor of India left unattended, of the misery of the cities. Fair enough, but then it should have been pointed out to her, that she projected – and still projects though she is dead for many years now – to the whole world an image of India which is entirely negative: of poverty beyond humanity, of a society which abandons its children, of dying without dignity. OK, there is some truth in it. But then it may be asked again: did Mother Teresa ever attempt to counterbalance this negative image of India, of whom she was the vector, by a more positive one? After all she had lived here so long that she knew the country as well as any Indian, having even adopted Indian Nationality. Surely, she could have defended her own country? She could for example spoken about India’s infinite spirituality, her exquisite culture, the amazing gentleness of its people, the brilliance of its children…

Unfortunately, Mother Teresa said nothing. For the truth is that she stood for the most orthodox Christian conservatism. There is no doubt that ultimately Mother Teresa’s goal was utterly simple: to convert India to Christianity, the only true religion in her eyes.

Did you notice that she never once said a good word about Hinduism, which after all is the religion of 750 million people of the country she says she loved, and has been their religion for 6000 years. This is because deep inside her, Mother Teresa considered, as all good Christians do, particularly the conservative ones, Hinduism a pagan religion which adores a multitude of heathen gods and should be eliminated.

For make no mistakes about it, there has been no changes about the Christians or Protestant designs on India since they arrived with the Portuguese and the British.

Listen to what Lord Hastings, Governor General of India, had to say in 1813: “The Hindoo appears a being limited to mere animal functions…. with no higher intellect than a dog or a monkey”! Mother Teresa was much more clever than Lord. Hastings. She knew that on the eve of the 21st century, it would have looked very bad if she would openly state her true opinion about Hinduism: so she bade her time. But ultimately is not charitable work, whatever its dedication, a roundabout manner to convert people? For without any doubt the people she saved from the streets ultimately became Christians – and if you ask those “elite” Indians who knew her well, such as the photographer Raghu Rai, a great admirer of her, she always came out after some years with: “it’s now time for you to embrace the true religion” (Rai politely declined).

The second point then is: why does India’s intelligentsia, the Vir Sanghvis, Kejriwals, Chawlas and Sunita Sens, all of whom are born Hindus, defend her? These are intelligent, educated people, they must surely have had some inkling of Mother Teresa’s true purpose. Or did they? Do Sanghvi and Sen, or Naveen Chawla, Mother Teresa’s ever admiring biographer, understand what Mother Teresa really stood for? That she was someone basically hostile to their culture, their religion, their way of life? Does Sanghvi know that Hindu society has always been the target of Christians since their coming here? Does he understand that he and a thousand of his peers, who belong to the intellectual elite of India and keep praising Mother Teresa, even after her death, are doing harm to their country and opening it to its enemies? The Christian influence is very strong in India today, specially after the ten years in power of Sonia Gandhi: it shapes the minds of its young people, in a subtle way, through its schools, which many of the children of the rich attend. It moulds the thinking of the tribes it has converted, particularly in the North-East, where the missionaries have always covertly encouraged separatism (see the remarkable book “Indigenous Indians” by the Dutch Scholar Konrad Elst).

But ultimately it must be concluded that the Indian intelligentsia who defend Mother Teresa and are constantly attacking Hinduism, as Sanghvi or Kejriwal do, are a product of three centuries of English and Christian colonialism, which successfully created an Indian elite cut off from its roots and hostile to its own culture. Mother Teresa was an incarnation of Western post- colonialism and the Nobel Prize she got is their endorsement of her work,

As for the Indian government’s stand on Mother Teresa, it is like biting one’s own tail and it seems quite stupid. Why make Mother Teresa a national figure when she represented and still represents today the worst publicity for India at a time when the country is trying to shed its image of poverty and backwardness under Mr Modi’s leadership? Surely Mother Teresa deserves praise for her work. But there are hundreds of other selfless, courageous individuals in India, who do not hog the limelight and go on with their service to the nation in true Christian humility. The deeds of Mother Teresa should be reviewed in their proper perspective. But then, when she died, the Indian government declared 7 days of mourning!

For make no mistake about it, the wonder that is India, its great culture, its philosophy, its inner spiritual genius is today under mortal threat. It is attacked both from within by its minorities – of which the Christian lobby, although not the most visible, is essentially hostile – see how they have cleverly raked up bogus attacks on Delhi churches and managed to put Mr Modi on the back foot, to the point that he had to attend the ‘canonisation’ of two Indian saints – in the process they may make allies with the Muslims, the other monotheist religion, with whom they partake of the same hate for Hinduism. And from without, by hostile neighbours. And what will India become if the Mother Teresas’ of this world, helped unwittingly by Sanghvi and his peers have the last word? It will lose what makes Her unique on this earth, different from all others, above most of them and become another Westernised, Christianised, standardised society, having lost its soul along the way. Thank you Vir Sanghvi , Arvind Kejriwal, Prannoy Roy, Shekhar Gupta, Navin Chawla !

François Gautier


  1. Please find out what is the link between Kejriwal & Missionaries of charity. I have read it at several places that after leaving his job with Tatas , kejriwal worked for the Missionaries of charity.

  2. @ Rajul sharama … kejriwal himself have declared today that he had worked with mother teresa and that “she was a noble soul. Please spare her.” This comment is on his official FB page.

  3. Kejri’s horoscope is there on Desh Gujarath blog and about Mother Teresa also read deesha.org a portal about Indian state of affairs by Atanu Dey, a brilliant post Mr.Francois, these type of mothers and fathers continue their Baptist work silently in the name of upliftment but the media chooses to talk about ghar wapsi only, sad state really!!

  4. I think you are also on purpose in India, to convert Indians to Christianity! How does that sound? Well, the noble soul she was, RSS has no right to question to the work she did in India and neither do you. If you can’t do good yourself (to all the people she helped, worked for and cared about), you have no right to demean good things that other people do or have done. She did not go on distributing ration cards like RSS to ensure ‘Ghar Wapsi’, or go on vandalizing temples and mosques. (you may question the recent demolition of churches but what about Babri Masjid!).

  5. How about asking the missionaries to convert Muslims?… by helping them of course, just like Mother Teresa did.

  6. I am sure missionaries have tried and still are trying to convert muslims! No bias there on the part of missionaries. You clearly missed my point.

  7. UnbiasedIndian

    You are completely in a state of delusion or you are just another RSS worker. I really pity u and others like u. Its said “Ignorance is bliss”. So enjoy your blissful life, but be known that We Indians are no more ignorant. We know, how in the name of Religion, BJP and RSS are trying to create division and chaos in the country. First that Gharwapsi episode (was that right?), then erecting a temple in the name of Nathu Ram Godse(the Murderer) and now this…..
    I would say, come out of Delusion ..or go die!

  8. After reading this write up i really believe that the myth about MT is exploded. You have rightly questioned the the self-styled intelligentsia of India who take pride in posing themselves as secular because that ‘secular’ tag they believe adds weight to their image. it is high time someone explodes their real motive of doing so. Naveen Chawla has to defend her because he has written a book on her. The less said the better about Kejriwal. Well done.

  9. do you think the missionaries will be so foolish to attempt to convert muslims..knowing very well their nature.. there was news some years back that one muslim in kashmir had been converted, and the result was that all the christians in the area were harassed and had to leave the area…and no idea what happened to the converted and convertee.. guess they were killed.

  10. I really wish our people read our history and world history(not our silly text books) and understand the motive behind all this missionary work, these missionaries are not just converting they are also spewing venom into the minds of those converted against the other Hindus especially the merit class as they pose a threat to the westerners and what better way to contain India’s growth!! She was indeed noble but to the westerners to whom she was noble by keeping the poor poorer and superstitious, she was against all modern medicines and advocated the poor against contraceptives and antibiotics, the poor and destitute were crunched like sheep in her machinery homes with no basic facilities, the RSS has been doing lot of social/health/education work but they are not the darlings of media, that people still don’t realize that the missionaries used a bar tender and a street pick up to ruin our unity and culture is a miserable truth that we should all realize without artificially created religious prejudices

  11. Gunjan Mohanka

    Incidentally Vir Sanghvi is not a Hindu. He is a Jain from what I have read.

  12. Gunjan Mohanka

    It’s true. We, Hindus, have become callous towards our less fortunate brethren. Perhaps it is because we are no longer really in touch with our religion. I remember how charity was an everyday part of my grandparent’s lives: Early in the morning they would scatter seeds for the birds on the terrace of our home in Jamshedpur where we lived as a joint family.
    There was an arrangement for drinking water for passers by outside our home which was located on a very busy road
    There was also a huge trough of water for animals – cows horses even the occasional elephant could be spotted where we lived!
    I also remember them organising what they called a Kangla bhojan – no Kangla does not sound like a pleasnt word in todays times but I suppose it was just another word for beggar then – where food would be served to over 200-300 poor from my recall. This was done on a weekly basis at a particular time/season of the year.
    This was no big deal either. Just part of their lifestyle. And I’m sure they would have done other charitable work besides. I did not see my parents do half what they did. And while we, the present generation, are not uncharitable what we do will in no way compare to what was an integral part of their lifestyle.

  13. What a wonderful article that gives a clear perspective of real intentions of the missionaries . Thanks for opening my eyes.

  14. Just read your excellent blogs. Francois u r absolutely right. These leftist authors u mentioned – ROy, Sanghvi, Kejri, Chawla – have all prospered, and have been funded by foreigners enamored by their rabid anti-Hinduism rhetoric. They are all a small bunch of Lutyens Delhi “elites” – add Shekhar Gupta and Sardesai to it.

    Just listen to what Kejriwal’s recent audit table expose said about Delhi voting Moslems being in AAP kitty as they have now ditched Khangress to try to thwart the new nationalist Govt in India.

  15. It is kind of shameful how a person of your background can write a piece like this. As a person who was born in a christian family having been schooled in Christianity you know yourself that Jesus himself asked his disciples to spread the central message of universal love and brotherhood among all nations. This is a dictum that several people in the course of the history of Christianity has taken to heart including Mother Teresa. Her greatness lies in the fact that in the 1920’s she arrived in India as a 19 year old girl. We are surrounded by teenage girls : How many of them would take the step she took to go half way across the globe to do charity on whatever was her conviction? Having heeded the call she silently did service to the countless, lepers, and dying and destitute in the streets of Calcutta till her dying day. The people whom in the great nation of ours we don’t help because they are what they are because of their karma?

    Even if she did preach to those whom she served wasn’t she exercising her freedom of conscience? India is a modern society. Its constitution as everywhere else in the modern world guarantees freedom of conscience to its citizens. Only in India people don’t stand up for the rights of their fellow citizens. You feel perfectly OK with ISKCON handing out fliers about Krishna or preaching about him in Paris or New York. The same freedom you are calling foul in India when Christians exercise this.

    Besides Id suggest that you do some good charitable work before you start criticizing people who spend a life time serving the poorest of Indians . For which she was recognized nationally and internationally by winning both the Bharat Ratna and Nobel Prize.

    I think the real issues you should start writing about is the demolition of castes. It is worse than racism. A good start would be to secure the right of the dalits to be priests in the Tirupati temple or the right of women to enter sabarimala. There is so much discrimination in the name of religion in India. Once that ends , I think you would not need to be alarmed at people leaving Hinduism. May be more people will be attracted to it.

  16. Ravikumar Stephen

    “She did speak against contraception and abortion, in a country of more than one billion, where an ever growing population is spiking whatever little economic progress is made”. Pardon me?? If people from RSS speaks that every Hindu woman should give birth to 4 babies, is that birth control in your world? Or is India’s population gonna decrease exponentially if common people follow it?

    It is easy to criticize; it is hard to live. Shall I list the atrocities committed in the name of Hinduism in India? Kindly do not propagate falsehood.

  17. Ravikumar Stephen

    After being targeted by Christians for 3 centuries, still more than 80% of Indian population are Hindus while Christians are a paltry 2%.. Christianity came to India in 1st Century AD and after 2000 years it could grow only 2%. And you say there was rampant conversion. Not all Hindus are bad neither are Christians. There are a few hypocrites in every religion. You are one of the foremost..

  18. Both the Western religions, Islam and Christianity, succeeded in their conversions when they were in power. With Hindus awakening, this will reduce naturally, but cant be eliminated unless there is a strict law on attempts to convert, including “Ghar Wapsi”. Incidentally, this Ghar wapsi was a sick and crude attempt at imitation. No Hindu believes in conversion.

  19. Mother Teresa only did good. She never attempted conversion. Even if she converted, she converted a Hindu to become a better Hindu and a muslim to become a better muslim. No one has any right to judge her work. She has done work, which no one else in the world could have done.

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