#VVIPRacism AND KARMA (“ or what the #BJP manifesto forgot to say”)

Everything has already been said about the hassles that VIP security has created in India : the status symbol it has become for people like Mulayam Singh, or Lalu Prasad, who are not particularly targeted by terrorists; how 70% of the Indian police is tied-up by VIP protection, instead of attending to the problems of its common citizens; how we all suffer at the hands of VIP’s, waiting endlessly in our cars, as the Honourable Sonia Gandhi passes by, or in planes, as the PM’s aircraft is landing; or of being rudely treated by these arrogant and useless Blacks Cats, who all of them should be sent to guard Kargil in winter, so they get a taste of what real security is about. And what about the habit of Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents of chartering a full jumbo jet from Air India for their travels abroad? And when a technical snag occurs, the PM finds it quite normal to requisition another one on the spot, throwing into disarray hundreds of passengers, including many foreigners, as Air India’s planes have a round the clock schedule. Cannot the Prime Minister have his own plane, even if its is more modest than a Jumbo jet ? India after all is a poor country…
Yet we find no mention of the VIP problem in the BJP manifesto, although many of their leaders had personally vouched before coming to power, that their party will address itself to this syndrome, which it inherited from the Congress.

But what has never been said is this : the BJP, although it has, in its eagerness to prove itself “secular”, muted this aspect, prides itself to be a party which has Hindu roots, not in the narrow religious sense, but in the large tolerant tradition of “santana dharma”, which has shaped the lives and psyches of all Indians, regardless of their race or religion. Then has not the BJP leadership read the Bhagavad Gita, the supreme work of spiritual revelation in the whole history of our human planet, which says nearly everything that needs to be known on the mysteries of human life : why death, why life, why suffering? Don’t they remember the gist of what Krishna tells Arjuna : “the body is just an envelope and the soul never dies, but is born and reborn again to complete its works”. Does not the PM know that if he is to die tomorrow at the hands of an assassin, then it will be his karma, that it has been written somewhere in the book of Destiny and that there is nothing that any security in the world, however sophisticated can do about it ? Remember how Ronald Reagan, the most protected man in the world was shot; or how the LTTE always managed to get the Sinhalese and Tamil leaders it targeted although the Sri Lankan, being trained by the Israelis, have one of the best security in Asia ? So why fear death ? Does India always have to ape the West, when it has such deep knowledge in itself of the reality beyond the reality, of the occult truth behind the appearances ? Does not the BJP understand that if it would address itself seriously to the problems of VIP security and tone it down DRASTICALLY, including around the Prime Minister, it would acquire the party tremendous goodwill from the people and as many votes as wining the Kargil war ?


4 responses to “#VVIPRacism AND KARMA (“ or what the #BJP manifesto forgot to say”)

  1. But one cannot leave oneself open to be assassinated.. especially somebody like Mr. Modi whom the muslims are waiting to target with the least drop in security.. we have to act with the best wisdom and resources available and given to us, and not act foolishly saying the soul will be reborn to complete its work, which if it does happen so unfortunately, will be wasting a huge lot of time..(and moreover we do not know the process of that exactly). There was nobody in all these years to counter the congress even to the least degree, and Modi should go about it with utmost care to do whatever he can, and not risk himself to evil forces, because there seems nobody else on the horizon who can do even a fraction as much as he can politically.

  2. About the Lankan forces being trained by Israel, Israel has the habit of training both “cops” and “thieves.” The Zionists are the masters of deception and backstabbing.

  3. Ashok Sharma

    Good to read but pl don’t blame black cats they also suffer and serve in kargil being from army I know thispl they have to report to IPS who are at moha below mod in precidence pl note I am a sahaj yogi and getting your mail for years regds Dr AK Sharma

  4. vishwanath.s

    Fine, Eye opening,Follow Bhagavad gita in letter& spirit the VIPculture of all sorts of security can be left

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