#SalmanKhan & The prostituting of India’s icons

The insensitive tweets of Bollywood stars against #SalmanKhan ’s conviction remind us how spoilt are India’s icons. Does the fact that Salman was driving drunk, without a licence, killed an innocent man and injured others, did not stop to help and fled, count for nothing? Are Bollywood stars and children of politicians above the law, as they have been for decades?

People think corruption is taking only bribes. It is not. India’s stars, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bacchan, Pryanka Chopra, or Deepika Padukone are looked up by tens of millions of Indians. They are not only stars, but role models to millions of youth. And what do they do? Amitabh Bacchan @bigbamitab , probably the most respected Bollywood star, advertises for anything: cement, cheap biscuits, suits, paan… Has the man no self-respect? Does he need so badly money that he sells his image so cheaply? Deepika Padukone #DeepikaPadukone  says she is depressed. No wonder with the amounts of adds she does. Again how much money does she need? Is not acting the most important part of her life. The same is true of Pryanka Chopra @priyankachopra. She has so much talent, but she seems to spend more time doing adds than acting. Let’s not talk about Shah Rukh Khan twitter.com/iamsrk . He does any add, any time for any price, in passing, with the same goody-goody fake expression that fools us all.

Are sportsmen better ? Not at all ! India’s heartthrob, Sachin Tendulkar @sachin_rt , also does adds indiscriminately, for Pepsi Cola, for instance, even though he knows that it has proved harmful for kids. He has been honored as an MP in the Rajya Sabha to serve his country, but out of 60 days, he attended only four. What a sense of civic duty and what an example for India’s youth ! And what about Mahendra Singh Dhoni @msdhoni, who started as a nice young guy. He also does adds indiscriminately, even endorsing liquor products, such as McDowell’s  VSOP brandy. Is that also not a form of corruption ? What example do these heroes give to Indian youth by prostituting their images for crores of rupees, while so many Indians, many much more talented, get only one meal a day.

Cry of My Beloved India, see what Thy children are doing to Thee

Francois Gautier


2 responses to “#SalmanKhan & The prostituting of India’s icons

  1. Me too am a victim of this onslaught on television/ print media by the so called “‘WELL WISHERS”‘ and GOOD LUCK MAFIA… Its a real cozy club which shows no respect to the law of the land. He got into this miss not for HIT but for RUNNING… The club members have one standard dialogue – NICE GUY, VERY HUMAN, CHARITY, GOOD SOUL, HELPFUL, FEE FOR POOR… Hilarous argument I would say… Let the club answer what all GOOD Salman did before 2002 – that can be analysed not anything which is did post 2002 for publicity (in fact, his foundation itself got into FEEL GOOD PROPAGANDA ONLY IN 2007 – only for the purpose of PLACING AN ARGUMENT and IMAGE BUILDING… If this argument is accepted, it will be one great precedent. Any rich chap can stab the PM, dole out 2 lakh dollar amongst the poor – go to court and say “‘SEE HOW GOOD AM I – SO MANY POOR INDIANS BENEFITTED BECAUSE OF MY GOODNESS – judge will have difficulty between LAW & GOOD BEHAVIOR. This private club is dangerous for the country and I trust the judiciary will stand up against this pressure…

  2. Ashok Sharma

    Irlts ab :: Bofur b/and best friend to help marry sg with rg sagar suri as witness ?sir keep up the good work Dr AK 74

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