This open letter to Muslims was written by Captain John Maniscalco, an American Airlines Pilot . What if you replace

the word ‘United States’, by India and the word ‘Arab’ by ‘Kashmiri’? Have a look.


I’ve been trying to say this since Mumbai November 2008, but you worry me. I wish you didn’t. I wish when I walked down the streets of this country that I love, that your attitude and culture still blended with the beautiful human landscape we enjoy in this country. But you don’t blend in anymore. I notice you, and it worries me. 
I notice you because I can’t help it anymore. People professing to be Muslims, have been attacking and killing my fellow citizens and our friends for more than 20 years now. I don’t fully understand their grievances and hate, but I know that nothing can justify the inhumanity of their attacks. 
On November 2008, Pakistani MUSLIMS, with the covert help of Indian Muslims attacked major landmarks in the economic capital of my country. They brutally executed all non Muslims they came upon and tortured to death two elderly Jewish people in the Nariman House Jewish center. They took control of two five star hotels killing and wounding hundreds of proud fathers, loving sons, wise grandparents, elegant daughters, best friends, favorite coaches, fearless public servants, and children’s mothers. 
The Pakistanis celebrated, Some Bangladeshis too were overjoyed as was most of the Arab world. So, I notice you now. I don’t want to be worried. I don’t want to be consumed by the same rage, hate and prejudice that has destroyed the soul of these terrorists. But I need your help. As a rational Indian, trying to protect my country and family in an irrational and unsafe world, I must know how to tell the difference between you, and the Kashmiri/Muslim terrorist. 
How do I differentiate between the true Indian Muslim and the Muslim/Kashmiri terrorists in our communities who are attending our schools, enjoying our parks, and living in OUR communities under the protection of OUR constitution, while they plot the next attack that will slaughter MORE of the same good neighbors and children?

The events of November 08 and subsequent attacks changed the answer… It is not MY responsibility to determine which of you embraces our great country, with ALL of its religions, with ALL of its different citizens, with all of its faults. It is time for every Muslim in this country to determine it for me. 
I want to know, I DEMAND to know and I have a right to know, whether or not you love India ….. Do you pledge allegiance to its flag? Do you proudly display it in front of your house, or on your car? Do you pray in your many daily prayers that Allah will bless this nation; that He will protect it and let it prosper? Or do you pray that Allah with destroy it in one of your Jihads? Are you thankful for the freedom that this nation affords? A freedom that was paid for by the blood of thousands of patriots who gave their lives for this country’s independance? Are you willing to preserve this freedom by also paying the ultimate sacrifice? Do you love India ?? If this is your commitment, then I need YOU to start letting ME know about it 
Your Muslim leaders in this nation should be flooding the media at this time with hard facts on your faith, and what hard actions YOU are taking as a community and as a religion to protect the India. Please, no more benign overtures of regret for the death of the innocent, as after Mumbai and every terrorist attack, because I worry about who you regard as innocent…. No more benign overtures of condemnation for the unprovoked attacks, because I worry about what is unprovoked to you. I am not interested in any more sympathy; I am interested only in action. What will you do for India – our great country – at this time of crisis, at this time of war? 
I want to see kashmiri-Muslims waving the INDIAN flag in the streets. I want to hear you chanting ‘Allah Bless India ‘. I want to see young Kashmiri/Muslim men enlisting in the military. I want to see a commitment of money, time and emotion to the victims of this butchering and to this nation as a whole. 
Indian Intelligence services have a list of many terrorists they want to talk to regarding the Mumbai train attacks, the June 2013 Srinagar attack, the Bod Gaya bombings, the Bangalore blasts of 2013 and so many others. Many of these people live and socialize right now in Muslim communities. You know them. You know where they are. Hand them over to us, NOW! But I have seen little even approaching this sort of action. Instead I have seen an already closed and secretive community close even tighter. You have threatened lawsuits. You have screamed for protection from reprisals. 
The very few Kashmiri/Muslim representatives that HAVE appeared in the media were defensive and equivocating. They seemed more concerned with making sure that India proves who was responsible before taking action. They seemed more concerned with protecting their fellow Muslims from violence directed towards them in India and abroad than they did with supporting our country and denouncing ISIS and Al Qaeda ‘leaders’. 
IF the true teachings of Islam proclaim tolerance and peace and love for all people, then I want chapter and verse from the Koran and statements from popular Muslim leaders to back it up. What good is it if the teachings in the Koran are good, pure, and true, when your ‘leaders’ ARE teaching fanatical interpretations, terrorism, and intolerance?

It matters little how good Islam SHOULD BE if huge numbers of the world’s Muslims interpret the teachings of Mohammed incorrectly and adhere to a degenerative form of the religion. A form that has been demonstrated to us over and over again. A form whose structure is built upon a foundation of violence, death, and suicide. A form whose members are recruited from the prisons around the world. A form whose members (some as young as five years old) are seen day after day, week in and week out, year after year, marching in the streets around the world, burning effigies of our prime ministers, burning the Indian flag, shooting weapons into the air, as it happens daily in Kashmir. A form whose members convert from a peaceful religion, only to take up arms against India, the country of their birth. A form whose rules are so twisted, that their traveling members refuse to show their faces at airport security checkpoints, in the name of Islam. 
We will NEVER allow the attacks of November 2008 or any others for that matter, to take away that which is so precious to us — our rights under the greatest constitution in the world. I want to know where every Muslim in this country stands and I think it is my right and the right of every true citizen of this country to DEMAND it. A right paid for by the blood of thousands of my brothers and sisters who died protecting the very constitution that is protecting you and your family. 
I am pleading with you to let me know. I want you here as my brother, my neighbor, my friend, as a fellow Indian…… But there can be no gray areas or ambivalence regarding your allegiance, and it is up to YOU, to show ME, where YOU stand. Until then,

6 responses to “This open letter to Muslims was written by Captain John Maniscalco, an American Airlines Pilot . What if you replace

  1. This letter fair broke my heart. I am Canadian and have the same reaction to Muslims who offer aggressive “posturing” as I pass them by….no eye contact, refusal to say “hello” after passing on the same street and same town day after day, walking across the street just to avoid any near contact with me on my street, emitting anger just because I am female and white, and so on. I feel the aggression and it leaves me with fury that I do not have the right to be on my Canadian Street in My Canadian Neighborhood because of their collective insanity. One just knows them. Equally, I have many Muslin friends who are just good people like me and most North Americans and Brits, Aussies, etc. and NO it is not good enough for me unless they speak out and/or disclose the violent among their places of worship. I have failed to get on a flight because a Muslim person just felt way too aggressive and I want to continue to be here to enjoy my freedom. What can I say to anyone about my thoughts that “this guy just feel wrong”….may not try anything on this flight , but when?? John, you are so effective in presentation of your thoughts and YES, we have the right to demand to know where Muslim and anyone else stands. This is about good and evil with in the context of behavior. Do we not monitor child molester, etc……the aggressive Muslim is the same???…..there is potential in them to violate others.
    I am ready to protect my own family, friends and neighbors and it is sad that I must do that by avoiding contact as I cannot, at this time commit violence against another, at this time, because violence is a last ditch effort. I do not believe in it. That could change if the need is there. I want to protect children and the beauty within. I do not know how a pilot puts themselves in the danger they do everyday. I like Air Marshalls and I like “police” of any kind who stand for us.I will not visit places in this world that speak to violence against anyone. I believe they are mentally ill in the worst kind of way and our laws should stand for us and change as need be. Touch me in the “wrong way” and I will take you down and I will train to be fit and strong with my brothers and sister. Violent Muslim are weak with neurologically damaged brains and that is OK with me as long as you do not come to decimate my country. We Canadians have a lot fight for.

  2. This article is 15 years old:
    I just read it for he first time and the message is more relevant than ever:
    How do we get John Maniscalco, message out to every citizen on the planet? Should we print it and give to helicopter Ben? How I’m asking because it needs to get out there. Do I have any jourlinest volunteers?

  3. Newspaper Writer Eugene Robinson today,september 26, 2015 blindly defending muslim’s. Critizing Americans that believe like airline captain. Forward that letter to everyone you know, that’s what I did.

  4. This letter is racist plain and simple. So wrong on so many levels. Can’t even begin. We could start with “innocent until proven guilty” for one thing. A cornerstone to our constitution and American laws. We could also speak of the assumption that all terrorist attacks are done by Muslims or Arabs which is far from true. Most school shooters and church attackers and mass murderers are white people. I’m glad I don’t have to “prove” I’m innocent every time I walk into my daughter’s school just because I’m the same color of all the school shooters that have ever occurred in this country. But I don’t have to prove anything because I’m white. However, somehow the author of this letter expects people who are brown to prove they are innocent. Couldn’t be more racist. And by the way everyone, this letter is a fake. Snopes has determined that. I suggest the blogger here be responsible and do a little research before posting fake news.

  5. Sarah, please research! Every bit or question that you might have is on You tube or Google. I have researched since 9-11. Capt’s letter states facts.You will find: live be-headings, atrocities, shootings, suicide bombers committed by so-called, politically correct, Radical Muslims. Look up what their Bible, Quoran, orders or commands. True followers of that faith must adhere to and obey what is written by their Prophet. Obey to the point of death. We as non-believers, INFIDELS, if we don’t convert should be put to death or be-headed. It’s all there,in black and white. Our Prophet, Jesus the Christ, is love. Their Prophet is the sword and death. Deal with this century Sarah, not the time of the Crusades. That’s the past. Your children, grandchildren live in this age.

  6. Captain John Maniscalco is a responsible, kind, intelligent person of great integrity. Like All American loving people, and particularly as a pilot, he is asking sincere questions, many of which millions of other Americans have asked. Pilots died in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks. We have a right and an obligation to ask these questions, and thank you Captain Maniscalco for doing so. What a courageous person!!!

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