Indian MUSLIMS : yoga or not yoga ?

Indian Muslims are again today at a crossroad. By opposing yoga in schools they are showing  that they are Muslims first and Indians in second. They should look towards the USA, instead of hating this nation:  there, people of Mexican, Korean, African origins, Christians, Muslims or Buddhists, feel that they are first Americans.

The question that Indian Muslims should ask themselves today is simple: “who are we” ? Amongst the 150 millions of Muslims in India, only a tiny percentage descends from the Turks, Afghans, or Iranians who invaded India. The majority of them are converted Muslims. And converted how ? By terror, coercion, force, bloodshed. The ancestors of today’s Indian Muslims are probably those who suffered the most from the Arab and Muslim invasions. Those Hindus and Sikhs who chose not to convert, took refuge in their faith, fought together and kept their pride and honor. The first two generations of those who converted must have endured hell: for they certainly did not convert out of conviction, but because they had no choice: their daughters and wives were raped, sons taken into slavery, parents killed. It is sad today that their descendants have sometimes made theirs the intolerant cry of Islam.

It is true that many Indian Muslims were Hindu intouchables. Marxists would like us to believe that they converted because they thought that they would access the more egalitarian society of Islam. What rubbish! Does one think in that way in time of war, terror and tears ? Do today’s Hindu lower castes convert to Islam when there is no more violent coercion? More likely, the Intouchables were the most vulnerable, the least apt to defend themselves; they had neither the faith of the brahmins, nor the riches of the vaishiyas, nor the military skill of the kshatriyas.

Do Indian Muslims understand that they were part of the richest, most advanced, most tolerant and generous civilization of ancient times. That their culture was so advanced that it had spread all over the world ?Do they realize that more and more archeological an historical discoveries are pointing out that the genocide of Hindus by Muslim invaders is without parallel. The conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000, was followed by the annihilation of the entire Hindu population there; indeed, the region is still called Hindu Kush, ‘Hindu slaughter’. The Bahmani sultans in central India, made it a rule to kill 100.000 Hindus a year. In 1399, Teimur killed 100.000 Hindus in a single day. Professor K.S. Lal has estimated that the Hindu population decreased by 😯 million between the year 1000 and 1525, probably the biggest holocaust in history. Surely, many of present day Indian Muslims’ ancestors must have been among those slaughtered.

Islam cannot be wished away. As Sri Aurobindo said “Mahomed’s mission was necessary, else we might have ended by thinking, in the exaggeration of our efforts at self-purification, that earth was meant only for the monk and the city created as a vestibule for the desert”…. . Thus Indian Muslims have to keep their faith and any attempt by Hindus to convert them back is not only futile but counterproductive. But the question to be asked to them is: “what kind of Islam do you want to practice ? An Islam which looks westwards, towards a foreign city, the Mecca, swears by a Scripture, the Koran, which is not only not relevant to India, but which was meant for people living 1500 years ago, in a language which is not Indian ? Or do they want to practice an Islam which is “Indianized”, which accepts the reality of other Gods, as Hinduism and Buddhism accept that there have been other avatars than Ram or Buddha.

Do India Muslims want to worship Babar, a man who destroyed everything which was good, beautiful and holy and lived by the power of violence, or do they want to imbibe the qualities of Ram, who believed in the equality of all, who gave-up all riches and honors of the world because he thought his bother deserved the throne more than him ?

Whatever the West says, which is obsessed with China, India, a vibrant, English speaking, pro-western democracy is going to become the superpower of the 21st century. Do Indian Muslims want to participate in that great adventure ? Do they want to feel that they are part of India, that they are Indians ?

Nowadays it is politically not correct to say anything against Islam. You are immediately labeled anti-Muslim and dismissed as a “rightist”. No matter if you are only reporting the fact that there is a real problem with Islam in South Asia: that India is surrounded by fundamentalists sates: Afghanistan and Pakistan, while more moderates like Bangladesh, tend to close an eye to anti-Indian activities; that Indian Muslims sometimes tend to put their religion before their country; and that Kashmiris, far from being the persecuted that the Foreign Press likes to portray, are actually paying the price for having allowed Afghan and Pakistani Sunnis radicalize what used to be a more gentle and tolerant Islam and left their Hindu brothers and sisters being butchered and chased away from their ancestral land.

Thus the question has to be asked again: do Indian Muslims want to be like Babar or like Ram. This choice will shape their future for generations to come.

Francois Gautier

23 responses to “Indian MUSLIMS : yoga or not yoga ?

  1. A quite similar question is often asked in europe.

  2. The Muslims should think with clear heads and solve this problem once and for all. If they think they are not Indians but Muslims, they should migrate to some Muslim country. I hope the readers would remember what an Australian PM told the Muslims in her country.

  3. subodhkumar

    June 14–JEDDAH — A Saudi study, the first of its kind worldwide, has discovered a link between the lack of Vitamin D and Restless Legs Syndrome, a sleep disorder found mostly among women.
    The syndrome is characterized by discomfort during rest, the urge to move the limbs, accompanied by abnormal sensations.
    The study was introduced during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in the US state of Baltimore. It showed improvement in the symptoms of some patients after taking compensatory doses of vitamin D as a treatment for other problems linked with osteoporosis or porous bones.
    Dr. Ayman Bader Kareem, chest disease and sleep disorders consultant in Jeddah, supervisor of the sleep disorders center at King Abdulaziz University, said that 12 patients with the syndrome were given high doses of vitamin D.
    “They all showed improvement of the symptoms without exception.”
    Modern science confirms that just about 20 minutes exposure of human hands, face, legs or as much bare body as possible, supplies the human body with free maintenance dose of Vitamin D..
    Muslims may have reservations about reciting Surya Namaskar mantras, and their recitation of these mantras can be treated as optional. But is the harm in doing morning exercises thare good for your health? Surely maintaining good health by doing exercises is not against any religion.

  4. If a small percentage of Muslims think immaturedly, one should ignore such comments. Educated ones are far ahead today. Its time majority Muslims who are secular must condemn such behavior.

  5. Is it really fair to make a comparison of Ram & Babbar?On one side you are talking about God in hinduism & on the other side you are talking about a power hungry conqueror who belonged to Islam.
    ‘Yoga’ actually means calmness of mind irrespective of the ups and downs of life,not suryanamaskar and other exercises.
    It really shouldn’t be made compulsory in this secular country.

  6. Vijay Singh

    Francois understand Hinduism more than many so called modern Hindus. While whole world is accepting Hindu philosophy with open hands …our Hindus are fast acquiring undesirable western traits to look modern! Thank you Sir Francois for your efforts to stand besides an ancient tradition based on humanism and common sense. My infinite respects for you.

  7. I don’t want to be follower of Ram who retreated from his right and surrendered without fight. Instead Babar means tiger who conquers and leaves his signs in the history.

  8. Zubair, It depends how you want to follow a person. One is a savior and other one is a butcher. One follows the instructions of his father, gave up kingdom. That means, kingdom is just a post, while following the words of a father is more precious. In that path, Lord Ram faced many hurdles. Happily lived in forest, his wife was kidnapped. But still he didn’t give up. He found and rescued his wife and many others by killing a tyrant. Now compare with Babar. He was like the tyrant that Lord Ram killed. However, there was Lord Ram when Babar was showing his tyranny. Hence India suffered.
    Now it is up to you to decide whom to follow.

  9. Why this Kafir Hindu want to impose everything on other people….Instead of focussing on Muslims they should think of 65 Crores Lower caste, untouchables , Dalits and tribals Hindus who even not allowed to Enter their temple n not they are allowed to such Yoga things….What an Hypocrisy here…..Western countries have made a business of Yoga…Hot yoga, beach yoga and sex yoga and even worst is that mixing their Hindu Rhymes into Dj and women in the Bikini are dancing with alcohol….Even this shameless Community won’t realize that how fun they are making and this idiots remain in their dream that dharma is spreading

  10. I don’t think so exercises have such relationship to religion, yes where religion involves one should have a choice. In pakistan as a christan one can select bible instead of Islamic studies but let me clear who devised all these exercises? I am quite sure there must be some muslims some Christians, Hindus and even Jews. And they did for the benefit of themselves but it does not mean that we should go back in history and find only which exercises Muslims/Hindus can do as they are inventors of them You can quite compare it as we all prefer products from Europe and US, while not even most of people in Asia are chirsitian or jew but they prefer their products for the benefit they get. In my opinion the major fault is that religious leaders that are not even scholars spread wrong believes and their followers face such an issue. I hope i cleared the misconception.

  11. maximum indian muslims are hindu only they probably converted forcefully by the invaders.

  12. It is surprising that Muslims when in minority rave & rant about human rights from the majority community to get extra benefits which they do not deserve… but the moment they are in majority turn into tyrants. Look at partition of India.. muslims took their share of land & resources and created Pakistan & later Bangladesh. But having made a mess of their countries now again come like beggars to India and want to be given citizenship and usurp the benefits of hard work of hindu majority India. Nowhere in the world is the majority community obliged to disown their religious beliefs & practices just to pander to the hollow feelings of minority. Rather muslim minority has to respect the feelings of the Hindu majority as it is because of the benevolence of hindus that muslims have thrived in numbers in India even after partition on religious lines. We in India have been saddled with leftists who were avowed atheists who had strong anti-hindu feelings and subversive turncoats who had an agenda to appease muslims for self gain. These groups coined a convenient word “secular” to browbeat hindu majority into submission. But now this cannot go on forever… Hindus have to stand up and protect their beliefs and practices and majority status. Covert infiltrations from muslim neighbourhood is again creating demographic changes which is a threat to Hindus in india. Yoga is an integral part of way of life for Hindus and it cannot be changed to pander to stupid feelings of others.

  13. but you have to understand

  14. What a useless silly and absurd article. Not worth reading and wastage of time.

  15. Maneck Bhujwala

    In the 7th century C.E., Arab Muslim armies invaded Iran and perpetrated genocide, burning of books, raping, enslavement, and forced conversion to Islam, on the threat of death. And, this policy continued for many centuries, by the new Muslim rulers of Iran, until the coming of Reza Shah Pahlavi, who introduced reforms to modernize Iran. But, the Islamic Revolution brought an end to the reforms. What the Muslims claim as Islamic Culture was mostly the sophisticated pre-Islamic Iranian culture, because the Arab invaders had the tribal desert culture of Arabia, before invading Iran.

    The 4500 year old, one-God religion, of Iranian Prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroaster) which was the majority religion of Persian empires for over a 1000 years, was reduced to a small minority, humiliated, and suppressed, Some Zarathushtis (Zoroastrians) miigrated to India where the Hindu king welcomed them, and where they prospered and later contributed to India.

    Wars do not solve problems, because there are cycles of reprisals. Instead we should all consider each other as children of one God, and have mutual respect for each other and live in peace. Cultures may be different in different countries, but love, kindness, charity, truth, justice, and non-violence can be practiced by all of us regardless of religion. That is what should unite us, not any particular religion which we should be free to choose and practice.

  16. What a useless silly article. It’s yoga an international product launching by RSS … Why you want Muslim to be a part of this … As we know that this is the monnth of fasting the month of Ramadan … And we don’t want to b a part of this product that’s it… Then u this Ram or Bavaria comes in yoga.. Not worth reading and wastage of time.

  17. Very well said it’s a international product

    By the way it’s Ram and babar..
    but they both comes here in yoga it’s such a funny topic …

  18. Brother ok as you said we are comes from out side … “You said” then how come this country is first… As per your comment

    Brother this is not the issue the issue is prayers to other god “who doesn’t exist”
    this country is Always the first for every one… As we know our Islam the. country is first ….

  19. I attend a seminar… There is some debate going on in Islam and art of living, Mr. Sri Sri Ravi shankar and Dr. Zakir Nayak is participating… Mr. Shankar gift a book to Mr. Zakir it’s published by art of living and print a wrong concept Mr shankar as I assumed that he is a qualified but he didn’t he still don’t know about his religion… After 2 3 questions he just runaway… The book title page bong to Muslim and print a green flag with moon n star…. He said this is the symbol of Islam… Then Dr. Zakir laughs and told him that this is the flag of Pakistan not the symbol of Islam… And also Mr. Shankar speech about living all of sudden he just forgot the name of his god … That’s a amazing 1to 1 …

    Now they launched this product

  20. Yeah I had watched that a year’s back on peace tv
    I don’t understand if sri Sri Ravi shankar don’t know about his religion then why he come to debate with this scholar??
    Atleast he have to answered some questions or stay
    As I feel he came to promote his newly published so called art of living book.

    Mr. Sri Ravi Shankar why you just run away???

  21. Rajive… Yours points are valid… Now this is BJP Govt. I mean kattarwadi Hindu govt
    Now you don’t worry your dreams will comes true.

  22. Shubhangi Raykar

    I have heard Zakir Naik. He is a wily propagator and a distortionist. He utters some mantras from the vedas and the Upanishads out of context and creates an impression that he knows Sanskrit. The Hindu anglophiles, the journos sitting there are impressed by this fake display because most of them are convent educated ignoramuses.

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