It is not so much the hating of Mr @NarendraModi, it is the hate turned towards Hindus for centuries- spewed by the British,

Muslim invaders, Christian missionaries & Indian Marxists, who all understood, consciously or unconsciously, that #Hindus were the recipients and carries of an ancient Knowledge, that was the principal obstacle to their conquering India and the minds of Indians.
It is sad today that Indian intellectuals have taken up that hatred, blindly, without understanding that they are just clever monkeys, harming their own country and unique inheritance. It is even sadder that magazines like @IndiaToday, who used to have a balanced view of the #BJP; have taken-up, this hateful cry. Maybe it is due to the appointment of @ShekharGupta as the editor, which is the main cause of it, as he did the same thing when he was at the Indian Express. Since coming to power #narendramodi has been extremely careful to distance himself from his image of a Hindu hardliner and has shown balance and commitment to all communities, including Christians and Muslims. But did it make any difference to #ShekharGupta, Bharka Dutt @BDUTT and others? Not all. These journalists do not mind lying, deceiving, twisting the truth and falsifying facts.
We saw how a few incidents in Delhi churches, that were proven to be unconnected to any Hindu groups, were whipped up by the Indian Media so much that Indian Christians were able to show to the world that they were persecuted by Hindus, a total lie which caught on in the world till the Vatican.
Dear Mr Modi, beware: how good you strive to be, how much secular you show yourself, it makes no difference to your enemies. It would be better that you be yourself. at least they would have some reason to write badly about you. And remember this: the hatred against Hindus is totally IRRATIONAL, for no community in the world like the Hindus has tolerated so much the others and in return has been so much persecuted. FG

3 responses to “It is not so much the hating of Mr @NarendraModi, it is the hate turned towards Hindus for centuries- spewed by the British,

  1. Shrinivas Bhat

    Thousand years of foreign invasions on India and 500 years of foreign rule, was only possible because of the welcoming attitude of Hindus. You don’t find this in any part of the world, even today. Scotland trying to move away from England is similar to the fight between Iraqi Sunnis & Shias, is not understood here in India!
    Although divided in caste and communities, Indians have remained together. Indians desire for living in peace is probably interpreted elsewhere as cowardice.
    A Century ago the methods used by Mahatma Gandhi confused the world rulers. However, today it is gaining popularity. Gautier is an old resident of India, and when you live here and travel around India you learn so much about Indians that truth does hits you hard and honesty makes you say it. Modi is a manifestation of national frustration over 30 years. Rampant corruption resulting in continued poverty brought change in many States of India and finally in the Central Govt. Democracy is a wonder that reflects the moods of the People, in India every 5 years. Fortunately for India the roots seem to be deep for Democratic Institutions to remain strong in the near future.

  2. The British only looked down upon Hindus as subject people,but never hated then religious grounds.They never demolished a single temple.Compre them with the fanatical Catholics from Portugal who indulged in worst kind of desruction of Hindu temples and subjecting them to the cruel inquisition.Today,Hindus have brought upon themselves a fanatical Catholic Sonia,her son Rahul,and a rabidly anti-Hindu Priyanka.Have you ever read that Sonia has no objection and supports Yoga Day?Already the Catholic Church in India has objected to Yoga Day by saying that Sunday is their sacred day,meant for prayers at Churches.The blame is on Hindus themselves who treat Sonia as their natural ruler,because she is European.

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