The problem is that Muslims have multiplied so fast in India, that in many places their votes can elect or defeat someone

. So even ‘good’ politicians go out of their way to woo them. The Congress had mastered this art of getting elected again and again on Muslims votes, till they shifted their allegiance to other parties such as the Aam party. But the fact remains that if all Hindus in India voted in a more united manner, as happened in the last general elections, this Muslim vote bank would lose much of its power. Unfortunately politicians have divided the Hindu vote, by pitting Dalit against Brahmin (as seen n in Maharashtra), Dravidians against Aryans (in Tamil Nadu), North against South. Cry O my beloved India, see what Thy children are doing to Thee. FG

3 responses to “The problem is that Muslims have multiplied so fast in India, that in many places their votes can elect or defeat someone

  1. What a shame by Jayalalitha and TamilNadu govt. Temples are robbed from the revenues from temple lands, jewels stolen, temple cows milked and sent to politicians and temple care takers are left to beg with people for their own food (as govt does not pay them) and for temple needs – daily lamp oil requirements, clothes for gods and other temple upkeep. And irrespective of where it is robbed from, the stamp of green jayalalitha photo is imprinted in everything. Gods are silent as every Hindu has lost touch with the dharma sastram, vedas. Things will only improve when Hindus return to the path of sastras and leave doing anything and everything to make money.

  2. I feel that more than Muslims, it is the Vaticanized Churches (non-Catholic churches too) are the biggest threat to India. I can see the transformation of my Christian Friends- rather former friends. Some of my friends became stronger Evangelists, and they found I cannot be converted, they started distancing from me. Another Christian friend (an atheist) told me that, there is a lot of pressure from the priests, Bishops and foreign contributors to convert Hindus. Other than that, Churches control huge properties in India. They also control Media. In Kerala, the education, health, media all controlled by Church.

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