THE TRAGEDY OF #KASHMIR Let us remember Kashmir and not forget that India is the only nation in the world


Let us remember Kashmir and not forget that India is the only nation in the world where a group of people have become refugees in their own country.
Having covered Kashmir for so long and having got a first look at the suffering of the Kashmiri Hindus – I saw their leaders murdered, people I had interviewed and come to respect – and having witnessed the exodus of 400.000 Kashmir Hindus who fled their ancestral homeland under terror, without firing a shot in self defense, I have often tried to understand why? Why this suffering of a basically peaceful and harmless community? And why is this suffering still going on?

Of course, for a westerner, a Christian who believes in only one life, there is no explanation, only total injustice.
But as someone who has soaked in this Knowledge that props-up Hinduism from behind, I know that there is something called ‘Karma’ and that there is NO absolute injustice in the world. Whatever action your perform has a consequence, in this life or the next.

I will keep on defending the Kashmiri Pandits. Our Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History ( has the only exhibition in the world that shows the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. But if there is one karma that they paid and are still paying today, it is their DISUNITY. Kashmiri Pandits are today splintered in many different groups, that are often in competition with each other. Often when you meet Pandits, they want something for themselves, not for the welfare of their community. And when they come to power, like for instance Sanjay Kachroo (@Kachroosanjay), who is a personal assistant to the Human Resources Minister, Mrs Smirit Irani, they seem to forget about their lost tribe (I asked Mrs Irani, via Sanjay, to inaugurate our updated Kashmiri Pandit exhibition ( ) in Delhi, but never got an answer).
Cry O my Beloved India, see what thy children are doing to Thee. FG

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