For those who have attended Parliament, or even those who live in Delhi, this will not come as a surprise. One of the most poisoned parting gifts of the British, which Nehru adopted wholly and foolishly, is their democratic parliamentary system, which functions all right in Great Britain a small nation, where people do not starve, but which in India produced immense power in the hands of very few. People who were often uneducated, came from a poor background which in turn generated an unending greediness – and thus the rot of corruption which affects India today. But most of all, it produced the Great Parasite MP, who sits in Delhi like an uncrowned king with luxurious bungalows, cars, bodyguards, endless sycophants, and most of all, lots and lots of people who come – not to work or offer their services – but for favors. The vicious circle of Delhi VIP culture, which goes unabated, even now that the BJP is in power. FG…/fe…/the-cost-of-indias-mps.html

2 responses to “THE COST OF INDIA’S MP’S

  1. Ashok Sharma

    There are threats you emphasise the genocide for 1000 yrs FG so cost is on jobs and not on atanki army for kafirs?

  2. Culling of the MP herd is long overdue….80 % them deserve it. The Italian family for sure needs it . Delhi, through the ages is a cursed city. When the accumulated sin of its corrupt forces far exceeds that of its righteous forces, it invites scourage. It has from time to time ( MahaBharta, Timur Lame, Nadir Shah, 1857) needed a thorough clean up. The next one could be of the nuke type……

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