Though I often talk about #Pakistan and the horrors of Islamic terrorism, I believe that #China is India’s most deadly enemy. Pakistan and radical Islam, have unleashed forces that are already coming back to them in the form of Sunni-Shia deadly clashes, or radical Muslims against less radical ones which we are witnessing in Syria.  Islam thinks it can take the whole world, but it’s a huge mistake that Hitler did before them – and unless Islam reforms itself, it is going towards self- destruction. China,on the other hand, has encircled India in a deadly grip, which Mr #NarendraModi is trying to loosen at the moment. But it’s going to be a tough task: Chinese submarines are docking everywhere, from Sri Lanka, to Burma, to Karachi. Beijing has constructed the highest airports in the world in Tibet and even built a train that can bring troops right to the Indian border of Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese are a very intelligent and deadly enemy, as the article below illustrates and if there is a war in South Asia, contrary to what the #USA and #Europe thinks, it will not be between Pakistan and #India, but between China and India. FG


  1. China is not exepmpt from MAD

  2. China was once the most powerful country of the world, and the wheel of life turning back. india is not a threat, it is America, newly established states that feel threatened

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