@Narendra Modi: do not repeat the mistakes of Prithviraj Chauhan !

I know that the #BJP used it, but this disrupting of the most sacred tool of democracy, the Indian Lok Sabha, is extremely detrimental do the interests of the people of #India, as no serious business is conducted and these worthless MP’s who spend on each other hundreds of crores of the taxpayers’ money, just sit idle. Also, for those who have watched it, its a disgrace, worth than a fish market, where at least some business is conducted. I do not understand also why @NarendraModi greets #Congress President @SoniaGandhi in Parliament. Mr Modi must have read the story of Prithviraj Chauhan who forgave invader Muhammad Ghori three times and was eventually beaten by Ghori, blinded and later executed with great cost for India’s integrity. The tolerance of #Hindus should have a limit.

4 responses to “@Narendra Modi: do not repeat the mistakes of Prithviraj Chauhan !

  1. Many have come to believe that there’s no real difference between the Congress and the BJP

  2. Ashok Sharma

    Yes sir God help you our voice

  3. Gauthier is absolutely correct. I think Hindus do not have the courage to give the final blow to their enemy. It is not that they feel sorry for the other. They just don’t have the guts. That was true with Prithviraj Chouhan and the same is true with Modi.
    Hindus expected Modi Govt to looked the corruption of Congress ministers beginning with Sonia, Rahul and Robert Verda. However, Modi Govt. is having cold foot. The Italian woman tried everything she can to put Modi in jail or to have him assassinated, and when she comes back to power, she will continue to do the same. We, Hindus have gutless leaders. What a shame.

  4. gp.srinivasan

    Modiji, are you listening? How are you going to save India from these evil minded foreigners?

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