@NarendraModi & the Made in India Mantra

Narendra Modi’s motto of “Made in India” is crucial: Japan and now China, became superpowers, because they started manufacturing everything in their country – first by copying what was done in the West – and then by improving upon these products. If India wants to compete with China and the West, it NEEDS to follow suit. Please forward this to all your industrialists friends. It is a shame that Indian software engineers are the best in the world (and export themselves: 60% of Silicon Valley is of Indian origin), but that India produces NO computer hardware worth the name. India which was one the leader in mathematics and technology till the first invasions, is lagging far behind in research, because under the Nehruvian system, Indians have lost the power of innovation and invention, from bureaucracy to banks (see @HDFC_bank, a private bank, but worse than State Bank of India), where everybody is scared to take a decision and waits for one’s superior to do it. FG`

2 responses to “@NarendraModi & the Made in India Mantra

  1. Right on dot!!! Prof !!! Plus, Make In India failed to give oxygen to SMEs. Banks dont take correct decisions to fund even 30% of genuine SMEs which are in debt spiral….Modi Govt does not understand this aspect to take adequate steps. If our own indigenous industry does not work in small & medium enterprises, how can large mega companies survive? On doles from foreign banks?! No, we dont agree!!!!

  2. Ashok Sharma

    You must be a great Indian in your last bith bro FG bless you Dr ak 74

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