With Barkha Dutt, @SagarikaGhose is the other Witch of the Indian Media.

With Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose is the other Witch of the Indian Media. This is what she had to say when @APJAbdulKalam became President of India. She is probably shedding crocodile tears now. Which one do you think is the worst???


6 responses to “With Barkha Dutt, @SagarikaGhose is the other Witch of the Indian Media.

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  3. This woman always spits venom on the Hindus and massacre their self-respect. If she were living in any other country especially an Islamic state, she would have been stoned to death for ridiculing the national culture. The Hindus are to be blamed because they do not instill in their children enough respect and awareness about dharma and the ideals of nationalism. Such children grow up like pigs finding merriment in anti-national activities and attitudes.

  4. Ashok Sharma

    You have the gurus and their sharp shooters both by pen and gun like safety circle of atanki boncers(we are gyms producing them) and politicians use them so also corporates ( private security guards) a big deal now its all viscious circle police use them as informers and army too is state sponcered? Why ganas dont save babas ?

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