#YakubHanged. One of the big questions of this century is: “what does the immense silent majority of Muslims think”,

every time one of theirs blows himself up amongst innocent, or a journalist is decapitated live, or a family of Indian Muslims, with the help of Pakistan, plants bombs in the heart of Mumbai and kills hundreds, just because a disused mosque standing on of the remains of one the most sacred Hindu temples, is razed without taking anybody’s life? The usual candle marches for ‘communal harmony’ or the protests that Islam is a religion of peace and that these murders are only work of a few fanatics, who are desecrating the spirit of Islam.,  have been repeated too many times to fully convince us. Photos floating on the Net of Muslims gathering in Mumbai near the house of Yakub Memom may give us some clues.


3 responses to “#YakubHanged. One of the big questions of this century is: “what does the immense silent majority of Muslims think”,

  1. Essentially, these people are condoning the murder of 250 innocent people by one of their own. Koran in cites violence against non Muslims.

  2. According to Islamic laws, a Muslim who kills non-believers, especially for the causes of religion, is not doing a crime, but a virtuous action. Islam is a closed religion and cannot tolerate any other faiths. However, Prophet Mohammad took sword for the freedom to practice and propagate his new creed among an idolatrous society, which vehemently opposed his views.He crushed them by force and wiped out all idols from Arabia during his lifetime itself. But immediately after his death, there was a power struggle and all 72 members of Prophet’s family were butchered by the more fanatical Sunnis, who opposed the moderate views of Shias. Ali, the paternal cousin of Prophet Mohammad and the first one to accept the faith of Islam was also murdered. The Shias believe in the medium of Gurus (Imams) and also agree that the teachings of Koran could be re-interpreted suitably to the age. The sin of wiping out the family of a great prophet continues to haunt the Islamic parampara. Islamic bloodshed is nothing but the work of Satanic forces and it should be opposed and crushed at all costs for the peaceful survival of humanity. The history of Islam teaches the lesson that converting spiritually unripe tribes using violence and bloodshed is not going to bring any real spiritual transformation of the people so converted.Spiritual transformation can take place only through a rational understanding of the nature of divinity, spiritual evolution of the soul through various incarnations through the medium of enlightened spiritual masters who appear from time to time, as envisioned by the principles of Sanatana Dharma.

  3. Ashok sharma

    Chanel’s must be censored for spreading venoms by debates / I have travelled all over the world only Indian TV does this pl don’t kill like they are doing all over genocide will hit back dr ak

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