#India’s generosity and the ungratefulness of minorities

India gives refuge to persecuted minorities and then they bite the hands that fed them. Did you know that there were Arab merchants prior to the Muslim invasions, who had freedom of movement and worship and that they sided with the first Muslim invaders? Or that India is the first country that gave refuge to persecuted Christians from Arab counties, and they too sided with the Portuguese and helped to persecute Hindus? Today @JohnDayal​ or Saint Stephen’s College in Delhi, which has churned out generations of anti-Hindu intellectuals, such as Barkha Dutt​, or Ramachandra Guha​, or Valson Thampu​, are the most bitter enemies of Narendra Modi​
Luckily, there are the Parsis, the Jews and the Tibetans, who were ever grateful for the freedom they got and integrated as Indians. FG


2 responses to “#India’s generosity and the ungratefulness of minorities

  1. Ashok sharma

    Thanks fg you are the gift of God a real angel bless you dr ak

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  2. Ashok sharma

    If bible is true Hindus have better life after life ?

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