Sonia Gandhi & Accountability

This lady brought the Indian Congress parry to his lowest tally in 125 years. Her Government was racked by so many corruption scandals that it stopped functioning, long before it was voted out. Although she was just an elected MP like 500 others, she ruled India as an empress for ten years, over the head of Manmohan Singh, who (was) a respected leader. Her son Rahul, has even been ridiculed by the Media, which is generally pro-Congress. She has only 44 MP’s in the parliament, but she has stalled the democratic process of the entire system and is on the verge of nullifying many of the economic progresses done in one year and of blocking urgent reforms that are needed if India wants to move on the world scene. You, girls and buys have elected this new Government. Are you going to allow this lady to ruin it al??? FG

4 responses to “Sonia Gandhi & Accountability

  1. no we dont want to ruin this at all but what is the way out for Modi Govt

  2. WE need to ensure that congress tally reduces to single digit in d next elections. Also BJP and PM now has to move forward on d various corruption allegations made against various congress leaders.

  3. There’s a saying “strike when the iron is hot “. I suppose PM Modi missed it. It may come back to haunt him.

  4. Ashok sharma

    Today fg got the answer and he should be like mmsingh Mon silent and read abc baba

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