@NDTV & @Ajtaknews​, of the @IndiaToday​ Group, to pay for their sins?

At last the Government is showing some muscle against @NDTV & Ajtak news​, the India Today​ TV Channel, two anti Government, anti national TV Channels, who have shown disrespect to the Government and the judiciary when #YakubMemon was hanged. Do you know the story of Barkha Dutt​ in Kargil? The army had asked her not to use her cell phone, so as not give the position of #India’s troops to the Pakistanis, but nevertheless she used it. Do you think @NarendraModi​ & PMO India​ will really take action against NDTV​ & @IndiaToday??? There is also a huge scam scandal pending against NDTV’s neck… FG

2 responses to “@NDTV & @Ajtaknews​, of the @IndiaToday​ Group, to pay for their sins?

  1. Honestly – it is quite frustrating that in spite of 15 months in the saddle there is not even an hint that NaMo will lead us to a Congress Mukht Bharat – a promise based on which most of us voted for him. When he has not even lifted his little finger against them, is it not too much to expect that he would act against these biased media? Poor Swamy soldiers on – without much help.
    I still wish and hope that Modi takes cognizance of the efforts of S Gurumurthy in cataloging the sins of NDTV and the efforts of Srivastav, the IT Commissioner, whom PC got certified as mentally unstable. I wish to see NDTV fold up and Prannoy James Roy, Arun Poorie and PC lodged in Tihar. Wishful thinking – as long as Jaitley is around???

  2. Media loves criminal only way to handle the Paid / Pressitiute / Private Channels to stop watching and stop buying the Products these Channels advertised. And also stop watching the Movies which are Anti National Anti Hindu Like PK why spend your hard earned money on these crooks. Never watched PK. Like every Channel was discussing and asking whether people questioning had watched the Movie. I asked all the Channels and Newspaper editors whether they Studied VEDAS, UPNISHAD, KAUTALIYA ARTHSHASTRA, AYURVEDA, SANSKRIT WHICH NOW SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN MOST FRIENDLY LANGUAGE TO COMPUTER SCIENCE, VIMAAN SHATRA, EVEN J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER QUOTED FROM BHAGVAD GITA.

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