@ShekharGupta & devious journalism (2)

look at that Shekhar Gupta​: the guy is a Hindu, only attacks harmless Hindus who do not kill anybody & not a word about Islamic terrorism that murders tens of thousands. Is nobody going to protest wit the India Today​ group, of which @ShekharGupta is the overall adviser/editor??? U can tweet your disagreement to him at @ShekharGupta or mail at sgupta@intoday.com, or post on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/IndiaToday

4 responses to “@ShekharGupta & devious journalism (2)

  1. I usually wonder, how they can survive inspite of the fact that most people don’t agree with their views.
    Unfortunately we are neither a democratic country nor a country that rewards merit. Like Robert Vadra said, we are a banana republic.

  2. That is why stopped watching and Reading all these Anti Indian, Anti Hindu News Paper. Magazines and T.V. Channels and what they Blabber nobody understand and also clearly shows their Motives behind their blabberings. That is the only way these channels / news paper & Magazines should have been handled. where their Loyalty had gone when Terrorist attacked Indian Cities and were still Targeting Innocent people why UPA was not charged IE reporting on Delhi winter Coup people like me will definitely Support the Government Decision to send a Notice to these Channels / News paper and Magazines. This no coverage in fact trying to Instigate violence and later blame center & state government of BJP. I don’t care what happened in other part of the world. When Media Giant Like Rupert Murdoch can be asked by the British Government to pack up in a Phone Tapping Charges why not all the Channels who were supporting Terrorist activities in India. we see only those G37 on these Channels debating and doing Monkey Balancing act. Government should take much more stronger steps against all these Anti National Channels. I don’t think These Presstitutes are the 4th Pillar of the Democracy . They are the Paid -Media when in Business they have no Right to go Behind the Burqa of Media, 4th Pillar of the Democracy.

  3. What about their Secular Brigade In Kerala a written by Sister Jisme AMEN and exposing the Sexual Harassment in Church, what About the Same Pseudo secular and Media was Covering Up the bengal 72 Years Nun Rape case. The Secular Media Darling (Nazrul,Mohammed Sikander Shaikh, And Juvenile in Delhi Rape case every secular was running to save those criminals). What About Tuk-Tuki Mondal in Kolkata who was abducted and raped. I can understand the Limitations of these Channels because all the Pseudo Secular will go behind the BURQA of secularism. What Shekhar Gupta is Talking about the Media 4th Pillar of Democracy we have seen how the Entire Media (Except one or two Newspaper) were crawling when asked to Bend during EMERGENCY. I FIND A INDIVIDUAL LIKE SINGER KISHORE KUMAR HAD THE GUTS TO STAND UP TO IG’S EMERGENCY. YES THESE BABAS ARE ONLY GOING TO WAR TORN IRAQ, SYRIA, and Drama at Night in Ramlila Ground in Delhi going after Baba Ramdev, by SG’s TYAG KI DEVI SONIA GANDHI (WHO IS FULLY EXPOSED BY NAMO IN THIS MONSOON SESSION OF PARLIAMENT AND HER SON “POWER IS POISON” PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY GO IN FOREIGN COUNTRY WHETHER HAD A DEAL WITH LALIT MODI. WHY THERE IS NO CHARGE SHEET AFTER 6 YEARS IN “SAFFRON TERROR CONSPIRACY”. ALL THE SECULAR BRIGADE ARE FRUSTRATED AFTER 16TH MAY 2014. ALL THE PSEUDO SECULAR / PRESSTITUTES HAVE TO RUN TO ONLY ONE PERSON AND THAT IS OSAMAJI, & HAFIZ SAHEB” FAME DIGVIJAY SINGH. LOOK AT THE MENTAL STATUS OF A FORMER INDIAN FOREIGN MINISTER NATWAR SINGH “I CAN’T GO AGAINST THIS FAMILY BECAUSE OF THEIR FAVORS IN WHEN CONGRESS PARTY NAME CROPT UP IN VOLCKER COMMITTEE REPORT ON IRAQ OIL-FOR- FOOD SCAM”. WE PEOPLE OF INDIA WANT TO KNOW WHETHER HE WAS A MEA OF INDIA OR 10 JANPATH. WHY THERE WAS NO NEWS ABOUT THE KILLERS OF SWAMI LAKSHMANAD. VATICAN WHISTLE BLOWER PAOLO GABRELE.NOT TO FORGET JIMMY SAVILE.

  4. Ashok sharma

    Money and more money but we have God who gave us you FG dr ak 74

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