This report claims that Barkha Dutt​  was married twice to Kashmiri Muslims. Normally, one’s personal life should be kept private. But not only Barkha Dutt​ is a public personality, but she has had no qualms in delving in others’ personal lives, in attacking Hindu gurus,, in endangering lives by her reckless reporting during Kargil or the Mumbai terrorist attacks, and generally being perceived as anti-Hindu, though both her parents were Hindus. Moreover, the Radia tapes have proved beyond a doubt that she was ready to money her proximity to the Congress and she and NDTV​ went (and still do) all out against Narendra Modi​, while favoring the Indian National Congress​ & Sonia Gandhi (Soniya Gandhi)​. Yet, she is still there ate the top, and even Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)​ leaders rush to be interviewed by her. What do you think is he reason for that?


5 responses to “@BDUTT & MARRIAGE

  1. Please keep exposing such anti-nationals and anti-Hindus.
    our own journalists are busy in digging stories against Namo.

  2. Arun Jaitley is the son-in-law of a J&K politician – the late Mr. Dogra – as we all know now from NaMo’s recent heralding! Could this be the Kashmiri connection that you are looking for – for all the BJP leaders shamefully rushing to be interviewed by BD?

  3. Ashok sharma

    Hindus are jai hands pritvi raj Cohan repeate and boneless veg ahi ask ,get generated easily

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