Nobody seems to have noticed, but in the last six years, a subtle, gradual, but nevertheless drastic moral censorship, which sometimes reeks of prudishness and a ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude, is taking over many areas of Indian life and culture.
The Mumbai police rounding up 40 couples from hotel rooms and booking them for ‘public indecency’, is one more example of the absurdity of this moral censorship, Their crime? They were young and had checked into various hotels, Yet, this is pretty tame compared to some of the dancing scenes in Hindi movies, which are highly suggestive, to the point of crass vulgarity.

One first noticed this phenomenon nearly five years ago in Lodhi garden. On Sundays, plainclothes policemen started ferreting out young couples from the bushes. A funny and sad sight if there is one. And those of you who have been to Lodhi garden know that the necking of couples there is pretty harmless, compared to western standards.

Have you noticed also how all-bad words are blanked out by most TV Channels ? Surely a (Congress) Government’s directive, which must be costing TV’s a lot of money and man-hours. Of course, any degree of skin exposure is banned (electronically hazed-out) and it goes sometimes to ridiculous extremes, like blanking out a nude painting by a great artist. What a paradox in the land of Khajurao and the Kama- sutra, where sex is not associated with guiltiness, which leads to over-indulging, like in the West ! BJP’s Sushma Swaraj, also attempted some kind of moral censorship during her tenure, as Broadcasting minister…

There is also a censorship on gurus. Obviously, the Media does not have too much sympathy for Hindu holy men. Attacks under one form or the other on the Shankaracharya, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri and others, have taken an unprecedented turn, with the connivance of some of India’s intellectuals . NDTV​’s Barkha Dutt​ does regular programs to ridicule gurus, which are total set-ups and one sided. Shekhar Gupta​ recently twitted against “fraud TV babas, sadhvis and quacks being an awful scourge”, but he, Barkha Dutt, & rat of Media do not have the guts to say anything against Bishops and even less to Imams, for fear of retribution.

Please read and interpret again Hindu scriptures: neither do them prohibit sex, nor do they encourage them, yet sex was celebrated in India like nowhere else in the world.

François Gautier


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    Thanks fg you steal my words bishop,imam we’ll done bless you dr ak 74yr

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