As the #NSAtalks hang in balance, #Pakistan has played its usual game of bullying #India

As the #NSAtalks hang in balance & while #Pakistan has played its usual game of bullying Delhi by shelling on the Line of Control, it’s unsettling to see on the Social Media how much support Islamabad is getting from the Indian Kashmiri Muslims.


Sri Aurobindo wrote in 1940: “in Kashmir, the Hindus had all the monopoly. Now if the Muslim demands are acceded to, the Hindus will be wiped out again.” (India’s Rebirth, p. 220) How prophetic ! Today, if a Hindu wants to undertake a pilgrimage to one of the most ancient shrines in the history of Hinduism, Amarnath, he must do it under heavy police and army protection, and at the risk of his life. It is as if, not only he is going to a foreign country, but also to a hostile foreign country.

The frightening thing is that the writ of the Central Government is gone in Kashmir; all the national newspapers and television channels only employ Kashmiri Muslim correspondents, as no Hindu journalist is willing to go an risk his or her life in Srinagar. Thus, always beware when you read a newspaper report or see a television news broadcast from the Valley of Kashmir, for it is bound to be a distorted picture. Nowadays, every TV footage shows crowds waving Pakistani or even ISIS flags and nobody objects. Do you know that Kashmir is the most subsidized state in India? That every time a PM goes there, whether from the Congress, or the BJP, thousands of crores of subsidies are announced? Since 1989, all government officials in the Valley of Kashmir, while they hardly work in the year because of strikes and curfews, get their pay checks? It makes no difference to the fact that if a referendum was conducted, at least 85% of the Valley of Kashmir would opt to be attached to Pakistan.

When I was covering Kashmir in the 90’s, the army was already living in fortified camps in the valley of Kashmir and would never go out unless it was in heavily armed convoys. I remember flying by helicopter from the famed army camp in Srinagar with the then commanding general in JK, to the Chrar-e-Sharif, the last sufi mosque in the valley of Kashmir, which was beautifully carved of wood and burnt down to the ground, by militants, we ascended straight up from the camp in small circles, so as not to be hit by enemy fire- and landed the same way in an army camp near Chrar-e-Sharif. The truth is that India is slowly losing its grip on Kashmir and that – at least under Sonia Gandhi, the ground was being slowly prepared for an agreement brokered by the US, which would give de facto independence to the Valley of Kashmir, under the guise of ‘autonomy’… Unfortunately, in Delhi amongst journalists and intellectual, you will find many who will say: “so what? India is a big country, we can do without Kashmir”.

This is why @narendraModi must have carefully thought on why is it important that India retains Kashmir:
The most obvious reason is that Kashmir is of extreme strategic importance to India. If Kashmir would fall out of India’s hands, New Delhi would be surrounded by three hostile nations who strategically could swoop down from a height: Tibet, which was once the peace buffer between India & China; Nepal, which is de facto fallen in hostile hands: and Kashmir, the gateway between the Middle East and Asia.

Secondly if India allow Kashmir to go, why not Manipur, why not Tripura, or even Tamil Nadu, which has Dravidian aspirations? Many countries in the world face separatism problems, whether France with Corsica, or even Britain with the Falklands, which are thousand of miles away. Why should India let go of Kashmir, which has been culturally, and physically part of its body for at least 5000 years?

Finally, Kashmir is the cradle of Shivaism, thousands of yogis, gurus, sannyasins, have prayed meditated, performed tapasaya in this holy land and for that reason only, it should be sacred to India.

Part of the blame for the present apathy of Indians for the deteriorating situation in Kashmir, must fall on the Press, particularly the western media, which has always maintained that Kashmir was a “disputed” territory. Many of us journalists know that since the mid-eighties Pakistan encouraged, financed, trained and armed Kashmiri separatism. But Mark Tully, for instance, who is revered in India for his ‘fair’ reporting always made it a point to say: “India accuses Pakistan to foster separatism in Kashmir”; or :”elections are being held in Indian- held Kashmir”; or “Kashmir militants ” have attacked an army post, instead of “terrorists”. All the other foreign journalists, yesterday and today have followed the BBC’s benchmarks.

It is not he only the 400.000 Hindus from Kashmir who had to flee their own homeland, who are under threat. It is not only the pilgrims of Amarnath, today every Hindu who goes to Kashmir in search of its famed beauty, which is much overrated, does it at the risk of his or her own life


4 responses to “As the #NSAtalks hang in balance, #Pakistan has played its usual game of bullying #India

  1. Dear Mr. Gautier:

    India has lost the war in Kashmir.

    This realization came upon me yesterday while I was watching the usual verbal fireworks between Indian and Pakistani worthies about the Doval-Aziz talks that now stand cancelled.

    The reason is as follows: the Pakistanis are more united, resolute, and clear in their approach that the Indians ever were, and the Pakistanis are steadily ratcheting up the ante.

    In India’s case, the nation is now a carcass that has been eaten hollow by the termites of corruption; casteism; and Congress “sickularism,” sychophancy, and shabbiness. Add to this mix the spineless and clueless Indian Foreign Service, the sycophantic Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service, the brown sahibs of the defense forces, and unlearned and unwashed political leaders, and you have the ingredients for a catastrophic implosion.

    There is no concept of the nation; people belong to their families, castes, languages, and religion, in that order. There is precious little left for any other kind of association.

    Have you heard the story of the Brahmins who were so blinded by their own learning that they resurrected a dead tiger despite the opposition of their unlearned friend and were ultimately devoured by the beast? Well, the nation has had to suffer many such pompous Brahmins, both living and deceased. The learning in this case is Nehruvian economics and “sickularism” and Marxist history.

    Once Kashmir goes, it is only a matter of time before the entire North East, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu secede from the country. What is left may fragment further, and Hindus will be back to their favorite place: at the receiving end of Western and Central Asian barbarians.

    One Modi cannot change anything.

  2. Ashok Sharma

    Dharam guru mataji said it will solve as part of India and does 5000 yrs of rihis tapas failed Hinduism? Is there God?

  3. Ashok Sharma

    H is veg gazar mooli no guts to bycot jaichands galore ?

  4. Pakistan also stuck to its decision to invite Hurriyat leaders to meet Aziz, saying it was “very much in keeping with the practice and tradition of the past many years” as the separatists are “genuine stakeholders” in the Kashmir issue. Indian government sources clarified New Delhi would not call off the talks and it was for Pakistan to respect what was agreed on between the Prime Ministers in Russia.

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