The first leaders of pre-independent India took some disastrous decisions, and the worst of them was to allow the division of their own country on religious lines. And today, the consequences of this partition are still felt : Kashmir is the most visible of them; but you also have Ayodhya, Kargil, the nuclear bomb, the Bombay or Udhampur attacks – and above all, the self-negation of a nation which is not whole, which has lost some of its most precious limbs in 1947. Yes, it is true, the British used to the hilt the existing divide between Hindus and Muslims; yes, the Congress was weak : it accepted what was forced down its throat by Jinnah and Mountbatten, even though many of its leaders, and a few moderate Muslims, disagreed with the principle of partition; it was also Gandhi’s policy of non-violence and gratifying the fanatical Muslim minority, in the hope that it would see the light, which did tremendous harm to India and encouraged Jinnah to harden his demands. But ultimately, one has to go back to the roots, to the beginning of it all, in order to understand Partition. One has to travel back in history to get a clear overall picture. This is why memory is essential, this is why Holocausts should never be forgotten.
For Jinnah was only the vehicle, the instrument, the avatar, the latest reincarnation of the medieval Muslims coming down to rape and loot and plunder the land of Bharat. He was the true son of Mahmud Ghaznavi, of Muhammed Ghasi, of Aurangzeb. He took up again the work left unfinished by the last Mughal two centuries earlier: ‘Dar-ul-Islam’, the House of Islam. The Hindu-Muslim question is an old one – but is it really a Muslim-Hindu question, or just plainly a Muslim obsession, their hatred of the Hindu pagans, their contempt for this polytheist religion? This obsession, this hate, is as old as the first invasion of India by the Arabs in 650. After independence, nothing has changed: the sword of Allah is still as much ready to strike the Kafirs, the idolaters of many Gods. The Muslims invaded this country, conquered it, looted it, razed its temples, humiliated its Hindu leaders, killed its Brahmins, converted its weaker sections. True, it was all done in the name of Allah and many of its chiefs were sincere in thinking they were doing their duty by hunting down the Infidel. So how could they accept on 15th August 1947 to share power on an equal basis with those who were their subjects for thirteen centuries? “Either the sole power for ourselves, and our rule over the Hindus as it is our sovereign right, we the adorers of the one and only true God – Or we quit India and establish our own nation, a Muslim nation, of the true faith, where we will live amongst ourselves”.
Thus there is no place for idolaters in this country, this great nation of Pakistan; they can at best be ‘tolerated’ as second-class citizens. Hence the near total exodus of Hindus from Pakistan, whereas more than half the Muslim population in India, chose to stay, knowing full well that they would get the freedom to be and to practice their own religion. In passing, the Muslims took their pound of flesh from the Hindus – once more – by indulging in terrible massacres, which were followed by retaliations from Sikhs and hard core Hindus, the ultimate horror. Partition triggered one of the most terrible exodus in the history of humanity. And this exodus has not ended: they still come by hundreds of thousand every year from Bangladesh, fleeing poverty, flooding India with problems, when the country has already so many of her own.
For French historian Alain Danielou, the division of India was on the human level as well as on the political one, a great mistake : “It added to the Middle East an unstable state, Pakistan, and burdened India which already had serious problems”. And he adds: “India whose ancient borders stretched until Afghanistan, lost with the country of seven rivers (the Indus Valley), the historical centre of her civilisation. At a time when the Muslim invaders seemed to have lost some of their extremism and were ready to assimilate themselves to other populations of India, the European conquerors, before returning home, surrendered once more the cradle of Hindu civilisation to Muslim fanaticism.” (Histoire de l’Inde, p.355)
Pakistanis will argue, as Pakistan National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz may have, before cancelling the talks with @AjitDoval, that the valley of Kashmir, which has a Muslim majority, should have gone to Pakistan – and in the mad logic of partition they are not totally wrong. It is because Nehru and Gandhi accepted this logic, which was tremendously stupid, that India is suffering so much today. Of course, we cannot go back, History has been made : Pakistan has become an independent country and it is a “fait accompli”. But if you go to Pakistan today, you will notice that its Punjabis look exactly the same as Indian Punjabis : they have the same mannerisms, eat the same food, dress similarly, speak the same language… Everything unites them, except religion. And this is what Sri Aurobindo kept saying in 1947 : ” India is free, but she has not achieved unity, only a fissured and broken freedom…The whole communal division into Hindu and Muslim seems to have hardened into the figure of a permanent political division of the country. It is to be hoped that the Congress and the Nation will not accept the settled fact as for ever settled, or as anything more than a temporary expedient. For if it lasts, India may be seriously weakened, even crippled; civil strife may remain always possible, possible even a new invasion and foreign conquest. The partition of the country must go…For without it the destiny of India might be seriously impaired and frustrated. That must not be.” (Message of Sri Aurobindo on the 15th of August 1947).
It is only when the subcontinent will be whole again and the scars on both sides have been healed, that a Greater India will regain some of the self-pride gone with Partition.

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  1. Ashok Sharma

    Mandela didnt win how babu baap? No it was INA Atlee said Netaji made silo?

  2. What happened to India and Hindus, happened to Middle Eastern and North African populations first. Same MO. It is not a fight between Muslims, converted Muslims and Hindus. It has always been a fight between Islam and everyone who is not a Muslim wherever they are. See this example of the forced conversion of Egyptian Christians http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/259965/how-islamic-world-was-forged-exercise-common-sense-raymond-ibrahim

  3. Suicidal Europe. Want India to be just as suicidal.

    “The Hungarian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002, now directs sharp criticism of the Western establishment’s decision to allow Europe to change its population through mass immigration from Third World countries.

    In his book The Last Refuge (ISBN: 9789187347948) Kertész chooses to strongly condemn what those in power are currently doing to Europe.

    In his book, Kertész, who at age 15 was transferred to Auschwitz but survived and began a writing career, criticizes the Left-Liberal attempt to replace European culture with mass immigration, particularly from Muslim cultures from the Third World.

    “Europe will soon go under because of its previous liberalism which has proven childish and suicidal. Europe produced Hitler, and after Hitler there stands a continent with no arguments: the doors are wide open for Islam; no longer does anyone dare talk about race and religion, while at the same time Islam only knows the language of hatred against all foreign races and religions,” writes Kertész in his book, according to a summary by the blogger Thomas Nydahl.

    The 85-year-old Nobel laureate continues:

    “I should say a few words about politics too… Then I would talk about how Muslims are flooding, occupying, in no uncertain terms, destroying Europe; about how Europe relates to this, about the suicidal liberalism and the stupid democracy… It always ends the same way: civilization reaches a stage of maturation where it is not only unable to defend itself, but where it in a seemingly incomprehensible manner worships its own enemy.” http://www.friatider.se/nobelpristagare-i-litteratur-muslimerna-versv-mmar-ockupererar-och-f-rst-r-europa


    In retrospect,there is 1 evidence of the genius of Jinnah, which is providentially proven by the Hindoo Nazis.

    Jinnah – is the only sentient,ever,who sensed the evil of the Hindoo and the Indian vermin, and placed it on documentary record.This is inspite of the fact, that he was surrounded by Hindoo liberals and philosophers,and so called liberals.He saw through the mist, for 100 years into the future.

    He saw that Nehru and Gandhi would die and be killed soon and the nation of the Hindoos,would be overrun by the Hindoo Nazis,as it was, in 2014.The Dialectics of History !

    It is a simple deconstructed fact of history.The largest extermination in Human history was that of the Buddhists and Buddhism – by the Hindoos,and the philosophy of the Hindoo Pope – Adi Shankara and his litter of impotenticas .And Jinnah read history.

    The dubious “Indian Muslims” who are basically the lower caste Hindoos,who converted,are numb nuts and dumb shits (still enslaved to upper caste Hindoos) – who believed the secular nation theory,and the bunk of the Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati Culture ! There are 200 million of these dumb shits ! It is no wonder that these numb nuts did not create a new Pakistan or join Pakistan !

    They are lower caste Hindus who tolerated Hindoo evil for 5000 years – with not a single record of insurrection !

    Those who left India in 1947 – did not have the “Indian DNA” – they were not the lower caste hindoos who converted to Islam

    Even the Prophet of Islam,did not sense the evil of the Hindoo vermin – although there were several Hindoo vermin, in Mecca,then.The Prophet is supposed to have made statements on the cool winds of Hind and the Prophet-hood of Krishna – which are dubious and meaningless Hadeeths.The Hindoo vermin say that Ramadan is Rama-adan and the “Indian Muslims” say that Rama is a Imam ! This is the Harry Potter tale !

    Ghazwa-E-Hind is a prophecy of eventuality (like those of Nostradamus) – not a statement of evil !dindooohindoo

    Do these “Indian Muslims” deserve doom ? After 80 years of cinderella and Harry Potter tales,the dubious “Indian Muslims” still do not get it ! These fools believe in the Hindoo Constitution and Judiciary !


    And Jinnah saw it in 1930-47 ! The man from London ! There was another genius from London – called – Churchill – who said “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”

    There is something about London – the air,weather,wine and women !

    And Jinnah’s example,is w/o any peer in human history – wherein, a warrior,king or saint has made a nation by extricating itself from the pits of evil,sensing evil and documenting evil,and then,being proven right,in a span of 80 years.

    Jinnah – the genius – the man’s trajectory from wine,pork,cigars,pipes and women to the Qaid !

    This is E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N !

    The 1 flaw in Jinnah – minutae of intellectual discrimination ! Never eat from the hands of a Kaffir or allow the human body to be touched by a kaffir ! He was poisoned by a Hindoo – just like the Prophet was poisoned by a Jew-ess ! dindooohindoo

  5. samir sardana

    Solution to Manufacturing in Pakistan

    Some people lament the “lack of manufacturing capacities” in Pakistan.Had the Pakistan state pushed for manufacturing capacities a few decades ago – it would have had the “NPA disaster of the Hindoo Nation”.The Aggregate of the NPA in the Banking,NBFC,CHit fund,Co-operatives and Unorganised sector,in Hindoosthan,would be around USD 300 billion USD (at the minimum) – which is enough to destroy Hindoosthan. An Oil shock or a 15 day full-scale conventional war,will destroy Hindoosthan – simply by the “geometric expansion of NPAs” and the “physical annihilation of manufacturing”,in North Western Hindooosthan.dindooohindoo


    There was no point in manufacturing in SAARC, a few decades ago, as everything was being sold by PRC,at half the total cost of the importing nation,and there was no skilled labour and management expertise in nations like Pakistan,at that point of time.The costs in PRC have now matured and stabilised and the tastes of the Pakistani consumer have stabilised and matured.

    Current Tenor

    The situation is ripe for manufacturing in the current times – with the benefit of obviating FX outflows and smuggling and boosting indirect tax revenue.

    Exanple of “As-Is” Import

    Let us assume that a product is being imported at a cost of USD 1000/piece or per ton CIF,with the Tariff rate of say 35% – wherein the actual compliance with duty,is only 10%.In this case,the profit which accrues to the trader or maker o/s Pakistan is not taxable in Pakistan,and the same applies to the sea freight and the freight forwarder’s commission.Since, the CIF cargo is misdeclared at Port Qasim – it is obvious that the sale of the said item,in the wholesale and retail market,would be w/o tax.

    Exanple of “Proposed” Manufacture – Case 1

    If the said item is made in Pakistan, the Marginal cost would be say,650 USD and the Total cost (including non cash and amortised costs) would be around USD 900. However, the manufacturer would need to import the materials or the item/component in CKD/SKD condition.Since,this will be a bulk import,in industrial packaging,it would be at a lower cost,and the importer would pay the merit duty applicable – as there will be no duty evasion,no smuggling, no corruption, no hawala and the
    USD outflow can be deferred.

    The indigenous cost in Pakistan such as salaries,purchases and power – would be subject to indirect and direct tax (and TDS) which cannot be avoided.In addition,the power consumption will provide a proximate estimate of the actual production of the factory.

    If the manufacturer has paid the import duty on material imports and has no captive DG set for power – then the sales of the products will have to be on record.Let us say that this factory is in State X , and he sells to a dealer in state X at the 1st point.Ideally the states should have a 1st point tax – and then all sales in the same state of the “said invoice” (of the 1st point of sale) will be exempt from indirect tax.If tax is at the last point – then that last point will never come and the Revenue deptt will keep on doing reconciliations.If there is a multi-point tax,there will be avoidance (as no one will pay tax on financial value addition),and the state will have to prove the sale at each
    point.So full indirect tax revenue will be realised on the mode of “1st point tax”.In any case, the factory will have all the data w.r.t the last point retailer as part of its CRM and its Dealer/Retailer incentives and Dealer management plans

    Exanple of “Proposed” Manufacture – Case 2

    If the manufacturer decides not to import the materials and purchases the same from local sources (who are the illegal importers) and does not use Grid Power or does not use metered Grid Power – the he would sell the products “off the record/books”.However,in this case, there will at least be some manufacturing in the state and the FX outflow would be “far lesser than before”.

    Fiscal Levy Model in Exanple of “Proposed” Manufacture – Case 1

    In the 1st case, the state should levy the import duty on the material or component imports,in a manner,such that the total taxes accrued to the state,across the supply chain of the manufacture for the unit,and its extended supply chain and staff = 35% (which was the original import duty on the finished product)

    In other words,the aggregate of the understated components, as under:

    Import duty on material/component import
    Tax of staff salaries of factory
    Indirect tax on local purchases
    Cess and Duties on SEB power purchases
    Tax on sale of Products
    Profit tax on producer and supplier of local purchases
    Cross Subsidy benefits to state on SEB purchases

    Should be around 35% of the finished goods price (NSR),which was the original import duty on the finished product

    Fiscal Levy Model in Exanple of “Proposed” Manufacture – Case 2

    In this case,for those products where there is no “on record manufacturing” in the nation, an import duty on materials equal to current deemed duty (hawala charges bribes and the actual duty paid) plus a small premium,can be imposed, to bring the downstream sales of the finished products into the indirect tax net (on the mode of the 1st point sales tax).Once the imported materials are “on record”,then the “downstream production” will also be on record.

    However,if the production is viable only by power theft,avoiding pollution taxes,doing hazardous manufacturing and evading the indirect taxes on sale of finished products – then the said production can be shut down – by licensing the production to the original manufacturers on a sole license basis with direct tax holidays.

    Alt Manufacturing Strategy

    In the Alt, based on import data from Pakistani ports and the export data from load ports, if the overseas manufacturers or traders are offered “sole manufacturing and sales rights”, in Pakistan or parts of Pakistan (by law or by banning imports or charging high duties/TBT etc.), the overseas suppliers will be glad to set up or partner with,local partners to set up manufacturing capacities,for all types of consumer goods (at the minimum)

    In addition, there will be several types of manufacturing which overseas suppliers/bankers/ entrepreneurs will be glad to outsource to Pakistan on account of pollution effluents, environmental issues,hazardous chemicals,requirements of water,obsolete or phased out technologies in USA/EU,labour intensive technology,2nd hand machinery on the books of cash strapped banks etc – who will be glad to relocate to Pakistan.

    Export Interface

    It would be reasonable to assume that the “VA norms” of various trade treaties applicable to Pakistan,would qualify the COO of these manufactured products,as Pakistani and thus,would qualify as “Nil Duty/Concessional Duty access” to export markets (even ignoring, the financial value addition)

    The manufacturing hubs of the abovesaid products can be located near Ports and also near the SEZ/EOU and within the DTA of the EOU (to lower logistics costs) – so that the manufacturers can offload excess capacities to SEZ and EOU on CMT/Job work or where the suppliers manufacture semi-finished products which are sold to SEZ and then exported – and this is treated as a Deemed/Physical export for the DTA Manufacturer

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