What do you think of #China going down, Mr Narendra Modi​?

I am celebrating too – but not for the same reasons. China is an a-dharmic country, that has evil intentions on India. It gave Pakistan the know-how to manufacture its nuclear bombs, it has encircled India in an iron grip from Burma to Nepal, it is claiming an entire state, that of Arunachal Pradesh, it humiliated India in 1962 and kept a huge chunk of Indian territory and it is India’s main economic competitor in Asia. hHen #China goes down, #India automatically comes-up. What do you think, Mr Narendra Modi​?


3 responses to “What do you think of #China going down, Mr Narendra Modi​?

  1. Ashok Sharma

    Yes was sufferer in china war joining Army through IMA ddn was on road as vet doctor have world wide travel and say you are right plus pak scored by joining usa and we ussr ?Dr ak

  2. Ashok Sharma

    India lost due to upa / nehru close to ussr/ a real royal cloths washed in peris? Chins left ussr to join usa see the bamboo curtain? Its nver too late if now they wake up and work in unison upa & nda find no difference minus nepotism and rasism eco rules same dr ak 74

  3. francois gautier deserves a padmashree award honestly, if foreigners are allowed to be conferred padmashree. i dont know francois’s nationality, probably french, but always think of him as Indian.
    he has done a great service by opening our eyes to greatness to greatness of our country

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