When will the hate @NarendraModi​ campaign ever stop in the West?

When will the hate Narendra Modi​ campaign ever stop in the West? Mind you, these people do harm, because westerners are very ignorant about India, so they just repeat second hand what these so called experts say. A Wendy Doniger is just a Hindu hater, but she is a westerner. What about all these Indian academics, such as Partha Chatterjee, who is a professor of anthropology in the prestigious Columbia university and who is one of the sponsors of the petition against Narendra Modi’s visit to California? He is a Hindu and a traitor to his own country. He should be taken to task. Why don’t you all send him an email, telling him what YOU think: pc281@columbia.edu


5 responses to “When will the hate @NarendraModi​ campaign ever stop in the West?

  1. Your article is an eye opener about the so called experts in the Indian soil working against the interest of the mother land. They are traitors in the guise of experts. Would like to see more such articles exposing them.

  2. girish deshmukh

    may be some effort from common indians help in correcting this anomaly

  3. & Ms. Ania Loomba who spearheaded the do not give Modi a visa campaign …?

  4. I sent an email to Partha Banerjee and included a link to Minhaz Merchant’s blog in DailyÓ’ – where he has presented a para-by-para rebuttal to the points raised by these sepoys.

  5. Please see this article on academe blog by Vamsee Juluri. There was a petition started in protest against this letter.

    Oppose Prejudice and Fear-Mongering in the ‘Faculty Statement on Narendra Modi’s Visit’ http://academeblog.org/2015/09/05/oppose-prejudice-and-fear-mongering-in-the-faculty-statement-on-narendra-modis-visit/

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